I'm arun and this is my first thread here. Actually i'm planning to buy a constructed property in Sec 45 Faridabad. Its a 60sq yd (2.5 floor constructed corner property) And dealer is asking for 55 lakh (negotiable). But i have following doubts regarding this sec like:

1) 45 Sec is not having any market, people use either 46 or 21c mkt. From where could i know the exact details for sec 45 mkt. coz local guys say "pichle 4 saal se to kuch nhi hua".

2) Sec 45 nd Sec 46 rate more or less same but still sec 45 not progressed like 46?

3) Is it good for both residential or investment ? The reason why i'm interested here is "LOCATION".
a) purposed metro station(mevla maharajpur) i guess approx 1.5 km.
b) after completion of underpass distance from NH2 would be 1.5 km.
c) area is peacefull, full of greenary and pollution free.
d) Schools nd Institute and hospitals easily approachable.
e) Noida, ggn and delhi all are at equal distance.

4) i've never been to Greenfields Colony but people prefer GC rather than Sec 45. Dont know Why?

In Summary, why this sec is still not progressed nd is it good for both residential nd investment. I would be very thankful if anyone can help me in sorting out things.

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  • Arun , I am living in Delhi & invested in GFC 3 years back , having known about issues related to Greenfield but one need to see long term.
    What I believe is that faridabad today is what Delhi was 20 years back , issues related to bijli sadak paani ...
    I am not advertising for GFC but if you see its touching South Delhi , gentry is not typical Faridabadi , power situation is better , connectivity will improve on both sides , be it Surajkund road ongoing widening or NH2 six lane with proposed flyover over NHPC chowk .
    Single unit is fine or own plot a bonus . Roads is major concern but I have visited so called posh areas of faridabad & even places like NIT etc but believe we they stand no where even in comparison to NCR towns like Noida & Gurgaon or even Ghaziabad leave alone national capital Delhi . So more you go inside more village touch is there plus deteriorating gentry . Regarding Naalapar I am not sure if one should even think about it as there are millions of issues existing there as many of friends are still crying having invested there 5 years back .
  • @aniket15
    your Grace :) But i have a doubt, GFC is next to Sec 45 (if u look into the Faridabad map) it means all the toppings like surajkund road, NH2, and south delhi touch (more or less same) are same for both localities (GFC and sec 45) then why sec 45 is still not progressed. I dnt have issue with GFC, the point is why sec 45 never been a preferred sec. :P or m i missing something ?
    PS: Naalapar = NeharPar ??? Right??
  • Ha ha yes my frustrated invested friends call it naalapar ..
    For sec 45 I cant comment much may be u need to see the surroundings , ask people
    living there & take wise decision as here in this forum i have seen Faridabadi people making dinge of so called localities like sec 15 16 37 or neharpar but actual situation is quite different like sarai village area around 37 , posh sectors is as per local standards not delhi , ggn or noida .
    Neharpar struggling for last 5-10 yrs but still not popular investment destination for NCR people.
  • lol naalapar, m also not interested in that area. Anyways i had conversation with local people (sec 45) and they told me as there was no underpass (connecting to NH2) thats why area didnt progress accordingly. But trust me i cant digest this single reason and thats why i'm confused huh. Also it seems here in this forum, lot of guys dont know about this area. So its a request to admin or any other experience guy of this forum that from where i can get exact details of any proposed or delayed things (any website link) of sec 45.
  • Hey ArunTR,

    Did you finally move to Sec45.

    I am in same dilemma right now. What are you reviews for the place now.