I am starting this new tread since a number of projects in CR are approaching the final 6 months of completion. Mahagaun recently paid penalty cheques to all the owners in Mascot for any delay .

Dumping ground issue is out of Dundaheda now and this has come in several news papers now .
NH 24 widening is sanctioned and tender is floated.Does any one have any thing to add .

I am an owner in Mahagun mascot project and am an end user. Would like to see a useful flow in information in this thread for the benefit of all .

Happy threading :)
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  • copy from existed thread and deleted thread

    Dharna at proposed Dumping Ground on 15th April'12 (Your participation is requested)
    Dear Fellow Residents,

    Greetings of the day !!

    As you may already be aware of the proposed Dumping Ground right in front of our beautiful township across the nallah. Some construction work is already in progress and if at all it becomes a reality, it will be a nightmare for all the residents of entire Crossings Republik township irrespective of their societies. There have been various incidences in the past when we came together and observed a Dharna at the said site., however as there were very little residents staying all across, the representation obviously was not that impactful. But today the situation is entirely different. Now there are more than 1600 families staying in the township and that by any means is a HUGE NUMBER.

    To demand a clean ambiance and surroundings, fresh air to breath, an atmosphere free of diseases, a place where we could live with peace and pride, Team CROMA has decided to organise a Dharna on the proposed site on 15th April (Sunday) at 9 AM. It is now or never situation as until we come out and raise our concerns together, we will not be heard and expecting any justice would be a mere day-dreaming. Let's come out in large numbers with our better halves too. Let this day, purely because of the participation from a never such large group, be heard loud and clear by the civic bodies, town planning authorities, administrative bodies and all the authorities concerned with this.

    We shall gather at the main Glass Gate, Crossings Republik on 15th April, 2012 at 9 AM. Procession will start with "Nare Baaji" from Crossings Infrastructure Office at Glass Gate. Then we will march from Glass Gate to NH-24. We will try to call all media channels and news paper about construction activity despite matter pending in supreme court.

    Request : All of you would have few of your friends / relatives / colleagues / acquaintances
    who may have bought a flat in Crossings Republik but have not shifted still, if you
    can inform them and ask them to be a part of this demonstration in the mutual
    interest, it will be great.

    Realtors believe that improvement in connectivity, resolving electricity and water issues and proper waste-management practices in Crossings Republic, an area on NH-24, will lure more customers to this locality.

    Also, a serious concern is the poor waste-management practice which the government needs to address. The government should move the garbage dump to some far-flung area where it would not affect residents. The narrow NH-24 is another problem that results in inconvenience.

    As per data, the capital value of multistorey apartments ranges from Rs 2,200 to 2,500 per sq ft depending on the area, location, age of the property, developer, typology and other attributes of the property. The locality has seen a rise of 3% in values in the October to December period, compared to the July to September period.

    The expected demand during the festive season did not happen as people started looking at Noida and Greater Noida over Ghaziabad. The success of the Formula 1 event in Noida may have something to do with this, some experts believe.

    Property owners in Crossings Republik believe that if construction at the projects will be completed according to plan, Crossings will be a self-sufficient place to live, in the next two years. It is an affordable locality for rentals and being one of the largest townships in India, benefits of living here include proximity to facilities like good schools, colleges in neighbouring Noida, and Greater Noida.

    Realtors also believe that there is a potential in the growth of this area. Pushpraj Sharma of Wealth Plus Realty Pvt Ltd says that most of the builders, including Saviour Builders, have started construction of projects here. "By the time possession starts, facilities like clubs, malls, schools and hospitals will be rolled out here," he said.

    Other positive factors driving demand in Crossings Republik are a pollution-free environment with open spaces and wide, open roads. Dheeraj Singh of Realty One Services says, "Considering the proximity to Noida, IGI airport, road and rail terminals, government offices and commercial complexes, Crossings Republik is a haven for people who want to settle in the NCR or are looking for an investment option in real estate."

    — Team




  • I don't think dumping yard will come in this area see the Ghaziabad Master plan 2021 issued by GDA (follow link - http://gdaghaziabad.com/images/mp/gda_big.jpg)...... the proposed land is shown as residential area............

  • Originally Posted by MANISH1982
    Builders in crossing republic are quoting 3000-3200 Rs/sqft for their inventries. Depending on the development going in and around township, I think this rate will touch 4000 in dipawali

    4000 seems to be on higher side ...IMHO rates here will follow the rates of Noida extension (once it opens)
  • Golf course facing flat

    Is any one interestred in selling his 2 bed room lower floor Golf Course facing flat in Crossings Republik?

    If yes, kindly PM me.
  • Originally Posted by piluooo
    With the view to explore an investment option, I gave a visit to CR today. Instead of going via NH24, i chose to reach CR via Noida sector 18....Flex crossings....sai mandir...hindon bridge....shahberi village and into CR.

    If the price is Rs 2500 (all inclusive)

    Distance: It took almost 25 minutes to reach CR from Sector 18 Noida and the distance covered was almost 18 Kms. Investment will be Good.

    Road and Connectivity: It was a smooth ride uptill Shaberi Village, but the strech of road that passed through the village was rough (wonder why this has not been repaired!!) . From the volume of traffic on this strech, it appeared that lot of people coming from Ghaziabad side (through NH24) use this very strech to go towards G Noida. A small old pulia (needs immediate widening) separates CR and Shahberi village. As told by local brokers, work on connectivity of CR with Noida Extension is already on and will be operational within next 6 months (i.e. one will not be required to cross through Shaberi village to reach CR). Road beyond the pulia uptill NH24 has been newly constructed. Considering that some sort of road construction is on it appears that authorities have some sort of awareness about this area. Investment might be good.

    CR itself: Most of the roads inside CR were newly constructed.

    Golf Course in CR was spectacular. On making some random enquiries in the area, I was told that this is only 70% of the Golf Course that has been developed. The part of the Golf Course that touches "Fountain Chowk" (opposit Ajnara Gen X) is under some sort of litigation and is the precise spot where CR Club is suposed to come up. However another logic that was given was that since the projects opposite this undeveloped piece of Golf Course are still under construction, the same development of this part of Golf Course will start in a few months time.

    Besides the huge number of residential flats in the area, what was visible is the vast number of shops that has been constructed. Market by the name of Galleria is already operational. Ground Floor of Panchsheel Wellington is all commercial (whole of the market over looks Golf Course!!) . Ajnara is coming up with 6 storey commercial facing "fountain chowk". Clarks Inn chain of Hotels construction was there and was told by the brokers that will be operational by December'12 (though December'13 appeared to be more correct).

    I observed few shops being constructed inside the Golf Course itself. What is the reason /logic/purpose of this was not clear.
    As far as I know the fountain, malls and golf course will be connected together underground and will house commercial facilities ..... check crossing presentation on you tube.... :-).....

    Was told that almost 2000 families have already shifted in CR. Considering that people move into new properties at such time that the first festival should be Diwali and not Holi, the number of residents is expected to go up exponentially. SBI Banks branch is operational, SAFAL/Mother Dairy outlet is operational, was told that buses of all prominent Schools in vicinity ply through CR. Cooking Gas agency, Broadband servies of all major brands etc are in place. Also saw that lot of greenery is being planted and maintained inside CR.

    On seeing the interiors of CR investment option does appears to be a big YES!!

    Issue of DG: Also came to know about a strong residents association by the name of CROMA is in place and is working to fight the issue of Dumping Ground. To me DG issue did not appeared to be logical.....considering the particular spot where it was shown to me that DG might come up is surrounded by Ansal API's Aquapolis Project, Shahberi Village, Noida Extension, CR and ABES Engineering College. The spot appeared to be more appropriate for some sort of a public utility place like a central park or some thing but definitely not a dumping ground. To me it appeared that some one needs to send a video clip of the area to the persons fighting in the courts for / against the DG enabling them to take a practical view rather that some theoritical view.

    Investment with DG in mind appears to be may be needs caution.

    Road and Connectivity: Returning back to Delhi via NH24 was a nightmare. As was told by brokers, widening of NH24 has not started at any of the spots on NH24. It is only that part of NH24, falling within the limits of Delhi that has been widened. I assume widening of NH24 is long over due and is a matter of time that it will have to be widened.

    Investment with widening of NH24 in mind appears to be yes since NHAI has to make every NH in the country at least six laned and hence it is a mater of time that NH24 will be widened and with this in place the investment can give good returns.

    I made certain investments in Gurgaon in the past. Appreciation there is decent. It appeared CR was somehow at such a stage of development from where money invested can only go up. Prices here as compared to rest of Golf themed properties in NCR are abnormally low.

    Please add more pros and cons to the above. Prices are too attractive to let the option go!!

    Regards / Mohit

  • Originally Posted by MANISH1982
    CNG station is also going to be started soon.

    It means Auto /taxi will be plying soon in this area......
  • https://api.indianrealestateforum.com/api//v0/attachments/fetch-attachment?node_id=9181
  • what is current rate going in crossing republic
  • Originally Posted by MANISH1982
    what is current rate going in crossing republic

    One of my friends enquired in Saviour Greenisle 2 weeks back. He was finally offered 2200 psf (initially 2450 psf) all inclusive for Dec13 possession, 15 floor upwards. RTM should be at least 15% higher I guess, more like 2500 psf. He was offered RTM re-sale in Gaur at 2600 psf.
  • Hi Mayank,
    I think you are talking about Saviour Greenisle IRIS...i.e. Phase 2 of Saviour Greenisle..
    Any idea what are the prevailing rates in Saviour Greenisle Phase1 which is due for possession...
    Did you/your friend happen to look at the actual flat of Phase 1...
  • Yes, the rate is for the Dec13 possession flats - Phase II.

    Originally Posted by rupinagarwall
    Hi Mayank,
    I think you are talking about Saviour Greenisle IRIS...i.e. Phase 2 of Saviour Greenisle..
    Any idea what are the prevailing rates in Saviour Greenisle Phase1 which is due for possession...
    Did you/your friend happen to look at the actual flat of Phase 1...
  • No fire safty

    क्राॅसिंग रिपब्लिक में आग

    गाजियाबाद। विजयनगर स्थित क्रासिंग रिपब्लिक की एक निर्माणाधीन इमारत की 26वीं मंजिल पर अचानक लगी आग से हड़कंप मच गया। आग इमारत में लगी लकड़ी की सेटरिंग में लगी थी। पानी की धार 26वीं मंजिल पर नहीं पहुंच सकी आखिर में बाल्टी से पानी डालकर आग बुझानी पड़ी।

    क्रासिंग रिपब्लिक में कई बिल्डर्स इमारतें बना रहे हैं। एक बहुमंजिली इमारत की 26वीं मंजिल पर शनिवार तड़के करीब साढे़ तीन बजे अचानक आग लग गई। इससे इमारत में सो रहे मजदूरों में हड़कंप मच गया। सूचना पर अग्निशमन की दो गाड़ियां मौके पर पहुंचीं। हालांकि अग्निशमन कर्मचारी आग के सामने असहाय नजर आए। पानी की धार इतने ऊंचाई तक पहुंच ही नहीं सकी। दरअसल विभाग के पास हाईड्रोलिक प्लेटफार्म का अभाव होने के चलते कर्मचारी जीने के रास्ते ही 26वीं मंजिल तक पहुंचे। आग सेटरिंग की लकड़ियों में लगी थी। इसके बाद कर्मचारियों ने मजदूरों की सहायता से बाल्टी से पानी डालकर आग पर काबू पाया। आग लकड़ियों में कैसे लगी, इसका पता नहीं चल सका है।

    Amar Ujala


    1. Most of the properties in lower floors (particularly the Golf Course facing ones) in CR are available only in resale.

    If one has an option to wait for a year, will it be ecnomical to purchase an under construction property now (where interest payment starts immediately) or to purchase a RTM flat a year later?

    2. What will be the impact on CR prices if Noida Extension issue gets resolved?

    Please share your opinion in context of possible price movements in CR.

    Regards / Mohit
  • Originally Posted by piluooo

    2. What will be the impact on CR prices if Noida Extension issue gets resolved?

    NExtn is huge, there is acres and acres of land allocated to group housing projects. If NExtn is solved by Supreme Court, then it will bring unprecedented supply to Noida region in budget segment. Effectively stagnating the prices for years of all budget flats within 10-15 kms from NExtn.