I am starting this new tread since a number of projects in CR are approaching the final 6 months of completion. Mahagaun recently paid penalty cheques to all the owners in Mascot for any delay .

Dumping ground issue is out of Dundaheda now and this has come in several news papers now .
NH 24 widening is sanctioned and tender is floated.Does any one have any thing to add .

I am an owner in Mahagun mascot project and am an end user. Would like to see a useful flow in information in this thread for the benefit of all .

Happy threading :)
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  • Crossing is charging additional prepaid 100 Rs Per day as society charges but this charges only for guards & lift maintanance. is this true?
  • Originally Posted by bindaasnoida
    Crossing is charging additional prepaid 100 Rs Per day as society charges but this charges only for guards & lift maintanance. is this true?

    In some society Maintenance is charged on daily basis on prepaid basis. 100 Rs. daily comes to Rs. 3000.

    We have also paid Rs. 3000 monthly in advance for 1700 SqFt size flat. Rs.1.70/SqFt + Service Tax which is inclusive of township maintenance charge.
  • Originally Posted by nealigarh
    I just want to know - What would be our action plan if SC gives judgment in favor of GNN?

    Public protest and appeal to National Green Tribunal
  • Work started on traffic signal at cr entry on nh-24 side.

    Roads are also being altered somewhat by altering the central divider.

    Looks all part oh nh-24 widenening plan
  • Ha ha ha good to know nh24 widening that's too from CR it has started
  • Hi please sign the petition and support the cause to stop the construction of Solid Waste Management Plant in Crossing Republik. i dont know if i am allowed to paste the link of change pettition...

  • Originally Posted by sepulchar
    Ha ha ha good to know nh24 widening that's too from CR it has started

    Arre aapne hame seriously le liya aur has bhi diya.

    Der saver nh-24 has to widen..wanna bet?
  • Tambola evening is being organised this week end in golf course.

    Food stalls and other stalls will also b there.

    Crossings looking like a unified family.
  • Originally Posted by dkppatiala
    Tambola evening is being organised this week end in golf course.

    Food stalls and other stalls will also b there.

    Crossings looking like a unified family.

    Is this open for all? ....frinds pls also sign the petition in my previous post
  • Originally Posted by dkppatiala
    I personally feel that on this thread there is a clear cut conspiracy to derail the good talks and indulge only on in loose talks.

    On one are we residents who bring up the latest developments and also talk about solutions to the existing issues. All can easilY make out who are these people.

    Then we have old hate mongers who inspite of several reprimands are not ready to improve and are hell bent upon to spread useless negativity about cr.

    The above situation was manageable as atleast it was real.now we have fake ids of probably 2-3 people who first said good things about cr.then they also shifted to cr or are dying to shift.now the shifted ones have settled so much in 3 days that they have started seeing all the negativity.some are indulging in language that is best avoaidable.

    In short what is happening here is total hijack of thread.

    Mods please intervene.

    These people are nothing but paid agents/broker young lads who have the motive to deteriorate the thread nd CR's image.. wenever people come to buy in noida extension they always look beyond the farms of noida extension nd ask wat are those tall standing towers i.e crossing republik wich looks more promising than N.E nd to avoid their attention they keep repeating the jargon..THEY MIGHT ALSO TALK RUBBISH ABOUT CR IN DREAMS... abhi bohot flats hai noida ext aur aas pas k area me nd CR giv them a good competition on present day... Builder lobby is like this only..dats why I urge people not to indulge wid these paid brokers.. post updates nd pictures of CR nd avoid them.
  • Originally Posted by SurajBisht
    You are right, figures are absolutely correct, also underground water is very hard hence can't drink directly. Ghaziabad underground water in CR is still good but direct consumption is not good. But you know all workers are drinking this water directly and they are still healthy :)
    Regarding ATS, i heard they have some common filter process before supply to resident.


    Can I request Mods to look into it and Bisht ,kindly dont give such comments,i know u live in area but hard water is unhealthy for body , it can be cancerous, uric acidcontent can beincreased etc etc ...........ur this statement appears either mocking those poor workers (who cant afford or provided with atleast drinking water)or mocking of urself.

    I fail to understand, we all love our places but commenting something like this is TOO MUCH

    secondly Bisht ji as your name suggest You seems from Hilly areas of Uttrakhand,where drinking water is probelm ,and many world bank funded pojects working in state for providing clean drinking water..as u mentioned about workers in CR arenot unhealthy afterconsuming that unfit for drinking water, Let me tell u , those effects will come at later stage, and thus weshould not promoting it, and challanging WHO and IMA standereds.....at least.A request
  • My first week in CR :)

    The week was good in CR, however heatwave is spoilsport. evening i walk along the GC, the galleria, are the best places in CR. Milkman,Washerman,Car cleaning, blah blah all is available in CR. NH24 has good connectivity atleast 24x7 what i feels.

    I tried to see, the black particles are due to surrounding houses effect, some village guys on Hindon side burnt 'bhusa' ,with air it went off to other places.

    I personally feels that with time things will improve like noticed someone was drinking in central galleria in nite times. CROMA should curb it
  • Originally Posted by bindaasnoida
    Govt CANNOT build a dumping ground near a densely residential place having schools colleages and homes. This was just a result of some misleading information originally in the master plan which was signed off by GDA in the first place. This is not the mistake of the common man who wanted a good place to live after all.

    So I strongly feel that the dumping gound will have to shift from there to some other place. Who knows that this may be a GREAT TIME and PLACE to invest now beacuse of the risk people see today : )

    You are partly right, asper law DG should be away from Abadi.

    But in CR , the land for DG earmarked in 1990s, construction stated in 2005.meanwhle builders purchased barren land and build CR here......which in fact some of builders buildon DG land itself.


    Govt is certainly not ,its builders andGDA, Ghaziabad is known for its waste mismangement ,this DG will help to provide relief to 16 lacs of ghaziabad population if build. Thats why Allahabad high court put stay and allowed it.

    On other hand if Govt allowed CR kind of things to happen,than where Govt be able to build it and other things, but builders will know purposed land k pass, kaudion k daam zameen kharido and later court jao aur stay le aao.

    I think this practice should be curbed now,and builders should be punished. my heart goes with CR guys,whos ashiana is made by builders 'knowingly' near Dumping Ground. BUt law is law,,,,what i believe strongly
  • Originally Posted by cookie
    no Bhai

    next time see again.
    it will be demolish if it doesn't get the approval .

    all projects in Ghaziabad are stuck since then including CR projects.

    Beware byuers in CR there is major JHOL JHAAL ....with regard to leaglisedfloors..apart fromDG andother issues
  • No responses........everyone is busy in oneupmanship...........senior members please take some time out.........knowledge only increases with sharing