I am starting this new tread since a number of projects in CR are approaching the final 6 months of completion. Mahagaun recently paid penalty cheques to all the owners in Mascot for any delay .

Dumping ground issue is out of Dundaheda now and this has come in several news papers now .
NH 24 widening is sanctioned and tender is floated.Does any one have any thing to add .

I am an owner in Mahagun mascot project and am an end user. Would like to see a useful flow in information in this thread for the benefit of all .

Happy threading :)
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  • i don't understand koi kuch karta kyun nahn? koi awaaz kyun nahn uthata he?

    if every CR flat owner can contribute at least 100 Rs each tab bhi shaberi road theek ho sakti he. i am sure builder ya authority to kabhi iss road ko pakka nahn karne wali.

    feeling trapped now. i really curse myself when drive on shaberi that why the hell i booked a flat in CR.
  • CR flat owners, please raise your voices against this builder authority politics.
  • CR is a best place to live for every end user.... one should take views from the people residing over there rather than just giving views out of there assumption...

    in this heavy rain period also there is no water logging observed in entire CR however at the same time entire NCR is suffering from the same, I agree connectivity is the however this will be sorted out soon...
  • Appreciate comment of Sunny...This is heaven in NCR.
  • Ok, so when do you think the Shaberi road will get repaired permanently? Is it soon or never? I can bet never.
  • M answer is soon. People are fighting for their rights.

    We are all here and will witness the change.
  • Mr Piku .....

    Very good suggestion rs 100 per flat can fix this but the qus is who will take the lead and collect these 100 rs per flat then who will hire a contractor to get it done?

    Someone need to take a lead here only cribbing about it is not going to work .....

    just an FYI ... ppls are already trying to have a discussion with GN Authorities as this road come under GN Would like to request you to please join them and strengthen them.

  • Originally Posted by Sunny1982
    my answer is soon... people are fighting for their rights...

    we all here and will witness the change...

    what is definition of soon? For brokers 100 years is soon. for end users 6 months is too late. How can you assure that it wiil be repaired soon?
  • i can assure this as have closely seen progress in this entire region... earlier shahberi pulia was also a dream but due to great efforts of residents it is now reality.....
  • Originally Posted by Sunny1982
    i can assure this as have closely seen progress in this entire region... earlier shahberi pulia was also a dream but due to great efforts of residents it is now reality.....

    Is that pulia is done by CR' residents.
  • Originally Posted by ragh_ideal
    Is that pulia is done by CR' residents.

    No not literally!
    But because of rigourous efforts and putting pressure on authorities.

  • Are 50 rs 100 rs Kya baat lad rahe ho ghar me road banaoge Kay...who wil provide approval...will villagers allow to do that?think of it..
  • Finally after 3 years of wait kingswood court crossing Republik is offering possession. Can members suggest me what all papers certificate do I need to check before taking possession. There are some scenarios which I'm thinking :

    1. Incase swimming pool, club is not complete, shall I take the possession ?

    2. Incase some flats in my own tower are still pending for finishing work and my flat has been made ready by the builder, in such case construction work would still be continued in the society. And is this normal thing to give possession for respective flat owners ?

    3. What should be checked during possession, only my flat or the whole society, parking and amenities ? And incase whole society isn't ready and I don't take possession, will builder be able to charge penalty for not taking possession ?

    4. Kingswood court builder is asking for two different types of maintenance charges one at the rate of rs 2.10 per square feet and other charges for machinery, intercom, lift repairs if any. members please enlighten the current maintenance charge rates in crossing Republik.

    I don't live in delhi so I can't see the current state of my property. So will be visiting in next 10 days. As I'm preoccupied with such scenarios to occur. Need your sincere reply.
  • I am sure possession is being offered without club, swimming pool or any such common facility being in place. If I am not wrong only half of the project is done and one this set of towers are sold, only then next set (infront of these) would begin. This means at least 2-3 years of additional construction.

    Maintenance charges should be single as is in other societies and even 2.10 looks on higher side given common facilities would be missing in initial years. Rest possession is generally given phase wise these days and the very flat is made ready for which you are taking possession while the remaining would still wait for they being completed, however only internal works remains in these cases.

    Not sure if completion certificates could be made available in these cases or not where complete project is not being handed over
  • Crossing Republik has been relaunched as Dream City, but the reality is much different than what we assume.