Dear all I am starting this forum to invite suggestions of all senior members on the most imporatnt issue that is whether vaishali is better than indirapuram in terms of amenities, access and the gentry. And also when the metro is likely to start in vaishali.
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  • Originally Posted by cvs9903
    Indirapuram has changed a lot. 10 yeas back, we used to go to Delhi or Atta Market of NOIDA for major buys. Now every thing is available in Indirapuram itself. While comparing Vaishali to Indirapuram, one must remember that Indirapuram is much bigger, planned and populated than Vaishali. Valishali is highly dependant on Sector 4 market for its needs. That explains the rush in the market. But it was not built to cater to the present population of Vaishali. The drains overflow, you can't bear the stink near best bakery and road side eateries. We stopped visiting Sector 4 market due to this, though we do visit Mahagun Mall for Telugu movies and donuts.:D

    An apt analysis........