Govindpuram and Shastri Nagar is the future of Ghaziabad .
Both colony are well developed and less crowded .There are few high rise available building . Most people prefer there independent house .
Independent house will cost around 60-70 lakh ( 90 sqm ) .

Metro : 6 Km approx proposed bass adda metro station redline .
NH24 : 1 KM NH24 is going to widened to 16 lanes means 15 min drive to delhi Ghazipur .

Merrut Highway : Proposed highway is also going through here .

In total it is better option to invest money and better than RNE or any area in Ghaziabad .

There had been significant investment in Govindpuram at the time of slowdown .
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  • What's the going rate in Govindpuram and Swaranjayanti Puram?
  • Price has not increasead since demonization between 60-70 k per sqm for GDA colony .

    15-30 K for freehold societies .
  • NH24 widening near Govindpuram is about to start .
    Brokers already appreciated prices nearby .

    Distance to Ghazipur delhi 15 minutes
  • What is current rate in C Block for 80 Gaj plot ?
  • I see in recent GDA auction the show the price starting by 25k/gaj.

    But not sure on what is actual rate of selling for those plots. If some senior can shed some light.
  • Hi Seniors,

    Please help me with GDA auctioning process.

    What i already know

    We need to fill some forms.

    A demand draft before going to the auction.

    And then go through the auctioning process.

    But we need to confirm details of plot and other things ourselves.

    Seniors please help me on below

    The starting price for bidding is 25k, but to what extent it goes generally for govindpuram?

    Please help me with the average price per sq yard in the auctioned plots.

    If you have gone through the process and if you do not bid the highest would the amount of demand draft be gone or you can refund?

    Is it like a fee non refundable just to sit for the auction process.

    And if we go in multiple auction we need to everytime have Demand Draft and in one auction if am bidding for 2 plots then do i need to submit 2 demand drafs each for one bid on one plot.

    Also based on your experience is it like many people bidding on same plot? or you can sit and wait and see which plot is getting lowest attraction then you can place your bid accordingly.

    Krishna Kunj, Balaji Enclave selling freehold plots on name of govindpuram? are those approved? what care should we take to proceed with those type of investments.

    Would be grateful if you can help me with this info, am sure it will help many new bees like me.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Any idea what's the prevailing rate for GDA plots (not private property) in Govindpuram as well as Swaran Jayanti Puram?
    • jaijai4 months ago
      For GDA plots in Swarn Jayanti, what's the rate in resale market?
  • not sure of resale price