can any one tell me about the good projects in RN Ext. who can give possession in a year.i Need 2BHK around 1000sqft in 23lac max.

seniors plz give your input
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  • Follow Below Forum URLs you will get good required info, you budget is good for RTM 2 BHK , or just fine for under construction 3 BHK whose delivery is due after 3 years. Visit RNE and find in KDP , Ajanara , SG , SVP Krishana Garden , SG , Rivers Height (in resale) , Classic Residency , Devika , MCC , Signature , Satya Villa De All are providing 2 BHK RTM right now or with in 1 year.


  • As Saurabh mentioned, lots of socities are givign possesssion within the next 1 year.

    Some Actual flats are ready in SG, Classic, River, KDP, , so you can have a first hand feel of the quality and location.

    Best of luck !
  • coverd vs super area

    as far as my study is concerned about various projects,i found Ajnara & krishna garden are the best one in terms of covered area(floor plan).in ajnara 990sqft and in krishna garden 1000sqft are best floor plan.
    others offering almost same floor plan in appx 1150sqft(specially room size),while base price is low.
    but ajnara, SVP and even ashiana charge in other ways(club,parking....etc)
  • 45-Min Delhi to Meerut is something like Vision 2050 for Developed India. It'll happen 'someday' but noone knows when and how.