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Can any one has any experience about Ansal API builder or has any feedback on their project Sushant Aquapolis opposite Crossing Republik?
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  • Originally Posted by t5590ag
    Sorry for you man..i am on the same boat about la casa but i see some construction has progressed at least for la casa. i hope some other buyers join this forum too. although i am following up for a refund too - ST.

    yeah...they were offerings me flat in la casa but this is again mired in approvals. they want to construct 29 floors bt ansal had approval only for 22 floors.

    till now they completed 11 floors bt works is very slow. i visited la casa project 2 times. one more this that this building will be covered from all sides, they don't show the building which is coming left to thier site office.

    thats why i did not accept offer of la casa.
    final forforced them to pay entire refund and they have paid full after much head ache...

    i feel relived that i got the money back at least otherwise it was in the drain only..thier flora casa project may or may not come up...They r getting bankrupt in this project...ansal is not supporting them once they sold the tower...
  • How can I pursue the complete refund for LaCasa project, they are offering refund but only after deduction of service tax.
  • Originally Posted by rastogax
    How can I pursue the complete refund for LaCasa project, they are offering refund but only after deduction of service tax.

    bhai that is good enough..service tax is not big amount . .just 3%...

    they won't agree on full refund...i had to put outside pressure on them to agree to it...then they paid without deduction...

    They were insisting on booking in la casa bt i didn't like their progress as this project is completely surrounded by other building...won't look good once all buildings hv come up..

    so if u feel insecure then draw ur money n invest in some better projects ...
    • harshm447911 months ago
      Hi... can you plz help me with the refund process. Lot of my money is blocked since long and now I am in need. Request for you help.
  • Even I also have a flat in s3b, can I have your contact so that we can be touch? Ansal Aquapolis, Ghaziabad - Crossing Republic - anybody from s3b tower (1 BHK flat)? I have query regarding its possession time. They are saying that they will give possession in 1.5 years but I don't think they will, as per their previous work and delay in projects.
  • i also invested in la casa but there is no construction progress yet , i am also asking for refund lets go together .
    • harshm447911 months ago
      Hi Rahul.. dis u get the refund. I have invested in flora casa and want to go for refund as it will obviously not get contructed.
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    • agarg200710 months ago
      I have invested in aquapolis in 2007 but after 10 years the whole township is incomplete except few towers.amongst plots only 4-5 villas constructed.after every 5-6 months I visit there is hardly any additional construction seen.with lot of dust in the air due to massive construction still going on,it is difficult to live there.A big 1490 sq.ft. 2bhk is giving hardly 6000 rs. rental d/t poor construction status.clearly builder has taken us for a ride.they have registered there project with RERA on 29th july 2017.why can't we group together and file mass complaints with RERA.suggestions invited