Read Below 5 years before prediction in year 2006 by Worlds Top Most News Magazine Newsweek (USA) and analyze now that how prediction comes true after 5 years.

Ghaziabad is 'India's hottest city'! - Economic Times

Ghaziabad is 'India's hottest city'!
Neelam Raaj, Economictimes TNN , 12.00am IST

NEW DELHI: Believe it or not — and many inhabitants who have to battle pathetic infrastructure, chaotic traffic and soaring crime probably won't — Ghaziabad is in Newsweek's list of 10 most dynamic cities in the world. For good measure, it has also been billed ''India's hottest city''.

Top 10 dynamic cities
1. Las Vegas, US
2. Fukuoka, Japan
3. Toulouse, France
4. Nanchang, China
5. Moscow, Russia
6. Ghaziabad, India
7. Goyang, S Korea
8. Florianspolis, Brazil
9. Munich, Germany
10. London, UK

Based on an advance copy of the latest UN forecasts for cities with populations greater than 750,000, Newsweek's list encompasses the fastest-growing cities in each of the world's 10 most important economies. Only two major capitals — Moscow and London, which continue to outpace smaller rivals for unique national reasons — figure on it while the rest are aspiring middleweights like Toulouse, Munich and Las Vegas, or unknowns like Florianspolis (Brazil), Goyang (South Korea) and Fukuoka (Japan).

Sanjay Verma, joint managing director of Cushman & Wakefield, attributes the rapid growth to Ghaziabad's excellent connectivity with Delhi, which creates more new jobs per year than Bangalore and Hyderabad, as well as an established IT destination like Noida. ''It's very strategically located on the old Grand Trunk Road. Not only does it attract a sizeable IT/ITES workforce from Noida, it is affordable for those who can't afford Delhi prices,'' he says.

R C Mishra, Ghaziabad Development Authority secretary, doesn't deny that the rapid industrial development in Ghaziabad is the result of a spillover from Noida and Greater Noida. ''Sahibabad was conceived as an industrial estate but Ghaziabad's growth has been quite recent,'' he says. Today, the city has more than 14,000 small-scale industrial units and larger plants run by giants like Coca-Cola and ITC.

The Ten Most Dynamic Cities , Ghaziabad India at No. 6 - Newsweek

The Ten Most Dynamic Cities
The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company LLC

555 West 18th St.
New York, NY 10011

If America is the world capital of reinvention, then Las Vegas is its heart. Every year it attracts tens of thousands..... ............. a magnet for everyone from downsized industrial workers to retirees and Latino immigrants. But the city is increasingly drawing spinoff industries in high tech, finance and manufacturing, often lured to a little-known fringe benefit of . Thanks to the 24/7 needs of the s, Vegas boasts one of the best broadband- telecommunications networks in the United States.
............... to 50 percent of the businesses it has recruited in recent years relocated from California......... already attracted 15 new life-sciences companies to the Vegas area. A new science and tech park at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, aims to generate top tech talent.
Las Vegas has also moved beyond the Strip geographically. Bedroom communities like Henderson ho.............. ..

In old Ghaziabad--20 kilometers outside New Delhi in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh--ancient green-and-white three-wheeled Tempos that double as buses career alongside a tangle of bicycle rickshaws, buffalo-drawn wagons and pushcarts. Tiny, no-name manufacturers advertise rubber gaskets, gears, machine tools. You'd never guess Ghaziabad is India's hottest city.

But thanks to skyrocketing real-estate prices in the capital, Ghaziabad is emerging as the next popular address for Delhi-bound commuters. In residential pockets on the outskirts like Indirapuram, posh new developments are sold out. The largest developer, Shipra Estate Ltd., has built 7,000 two-, three- and four-bedroom flats, all of which are already occupied, says Vijay Sundar Raj, manager of sales and marketing. Many of the residents commute to IT jobs in neighboring Noida and Delhi.

Strategically located on the old Grand Trunk Road from Bangladesh to Afghanistan, Ghaziabad was targeted by the state for industrial development in the 1980s. Today the city is home to more than 14,000 small-scale industrial units and larger plants run by giants like Coca-Cola and the International Tobacco Co., which still provide most of the jobs in Ghaziabad proper. For all the new luxury high rises, Ghaziabad today is one of the most heavily industrialized cities in Uttar Pradesh.

The forecasts of rapid population growth, however, have more to do with New Delhi. Despite attempts to bar new industry within the capital, Delhi still creates more new jobs per year than the southern Indian IT centers of Bangalore and Hyderabad. "Delhi is a very big magnet," says S. K. Zaman, a top planner for Uttar Pradesh state, ruefully reflecting on the government's failure to contain the capital's population, which has grown by 50 percent every 10 years for the last half century, and now stands at around 14 million.

Authorities are having more success shifting at least some new growth to the outskirts. New roads, concessionary land prices and other schemes are drawing companies like Samsung, Honda and Siemens to satellite cities like Gurgaon and Noida.

With its excellent highway connections to Noida and Delhi, Ghaziabad is starting to reap the benefits. Though it still doesn't have the cachet of Noida, it boasts cheaper land, and the completion this summer of the controversial Tehri Dam should help prevent frequent water and electricity shortages. None too soon. The city is already building a village to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games. And plans for both a new expressway and a second Delhi international airport on the east side of the capital should help put the entire region, Ghaziabad included, on the global map.

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  • This is true - there is a perception problem - I stay in one of the most expensive localities in Gurgaon and inspite of this there was a murder in broad daylight a block away in a gated community with guards.

    Originally Posted by saurabh2011
    I can not understand whenever someone do not find anything more to criticize for any other NCR city then they simply say that CRIME is more there but reality is that CRIME is every where same in whole NCR and all know this fact very well. If in few weeks more rapid BAD news in any one NCR city then in next weeks in other NCR CITY. Let me show any single NCR area which have ZERO CRIME. For me and my lots of friends & family members are living in GZB from last 7 to 12 years but not face any issue related to crimes personally. Few of my friends even daily manage Gurgaon Jobs either by shared Company CAB or by METRO by traveling lots of KM daily and some time return even at 8 to 9 PM but no problem faced, even after 9 PM most of the GZB roads have good traffic and not a single feeling of insecurity.

    Can other members let me know few recent news article of comparison chart which really show any particular NCR city has more CRIME then others, so that only then we can say it with facts. When I found for this I got below links.

    Noida fast emerging as crime hub of NCR - India News - IBNLive

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