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I've booked a flat in Block-A of Gaur Valerio, Indirapuram.
I applied for home loan in HDFC Ltd. HDFC sanctioned my loan, but is not ready to disburse the money as it says that the builder has not submitted Building Plan for Block-A. HDFC also says that though other blocks (Block B, C, etc.) of the same property (Gaur Valerio) are approved by HDFC but Block-A is not approved because of non-submission of required documents by the builder.

Now i want to ensure whether Block-A is approved by GDA or not. though the builder says it is approved by GDA and the builder has submitted all the plans to HDFC as well.
Can anyone help in telling me how to ensure the approval of plan for Block-A from GDA or any other authority.
My life-long earnings are dependent on that.

Best Regards,
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  • Best way to be informed is to file RTI in GDA office
  • i have also bought flat in block A in gaur valerio please tell me if u r getting your loan approved from any other bank or not as i am hearing this thing for the first time.I thought that they have all the approvals in place as i didn't go for home loan i didn't know about this thing .please keep us updated about your loan.
  • builder says that axis bank is approving loans for Block-A. One of my colleagues has got his loan disbursed from axis bank for his flat in block-A.

    i've also applied in axis bank. but the doubt still remains - why builder has not submitted the building plan for block-A to hdfc. i hope everything is ok.

    anyways, as suggested by pulokito, i'll ask my query in rti to gda.
  • any one know what is the rates here in resale? I want to buy here
  • what size u r looking for
  • any new news regarding gaur valerio
  • Resale : Selling my 2bhk

    I want to sell off my 2bhk in Gaur Valerio . It is in Phase 1 and RTM. Let me know for any takers . PM me .
  • Originally Posted by gaussmatin
    everyone wants to sell valerio? kaunau paresaaani?

    paresaani to bhai gadhhan ki hai jee maan baaris ka paani bhar jaat hai .. sasur poora din gate ka baahar tiractor tralley khatar patar khatar patar ...humra to sujhav hai ek steamer aaoor ek naav laga di jaye ee sadak par .. awaa jaahi maa kaam aayi...
  • Gaur Valerio is located in Ahinsa Khand II which is probably the worst area of Indirapuram. Drinking water is not potable, most of the times roads are in pathetic state. There are a lot of projects coming in that area - Cloud 9, SVP Gulmohur Residency among others but beyond them is the undeveloped, maybe villages parts of Indirapuram.
  • they r finally giving possession but why they r not giving basement parking if any member can share there thought on this.