Victory Infratech Pvt Ltd
Indirapuram Habitat Center, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Many of the cheated customers know about the Fraud and Fake Promises are being done by the Management of “Indirapuram Habitat Center”. In our opinion this is the top fraud “Lala” company in India.

They used to publish fake information on web site and broachers about their schemes. When you start paying them their demand change and they force you to pay 100%. Whereas, as per terms and conditions 10% of total cost, IFMS and Lease Rent should be demanded on Possession, which is expected after 3 Yrs.

After getting 100% payment they forget you. You have to run behind them to get assured rent / return. If you succeed in getting advance Cheques of assured return (after 100% payment only) they will bounce definitely. We have many cases where IHC has failed to complete their promises.
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  • There is 15days provision to be heard in court for these matters. In case you haven't signed any doc which says you are ok to meet their term and condition, You need not to pay a penny. On 10 rs Stamp paper you can trigger the procedure. However it will have its own side effects. Worst case scenario builder agrees to your term, it will force many other charges.

    I am not an expert, but my suggestion is to get details of more people who have been into the same mess from the same builder( project may vary) and you can jointly file an complaint, to get the money back. Which I guess is the easy way around.

    But think for the doc details you signed for the builder, before initiating anything.
  • Seniors Please DO NOT IGNORE and try to help whoever knows the process.

    It would take just 5 minute of yours to help him understand the process.We really need to help each others from these CHEATER BUILDERS.

    These are only 5% of the cases which comes out on forums like this.I am sure there would be plenty of others who are suffering and they have no idea what to do.And that is the reason people are afraid of investing in real estates.These builders have contacts they have knowledge in this field,they can easily play around with your money.

  • Is there any authentic onwers' group for Indirapuram Habitat Center wherein I can get the updates and get some help? My June assured rental cheque bounced and July cheque is still with me.

    Thank you.
    • Dkhandu1 years ago
      Situation really bad. Shopkeepers giving rent of around 2cr to GDA. We are real owners but we are not getting considered. We are 4 members presently who are trying to form group. Give your number
  • @Dkhandu Thanks for your reply. I am unable to send you personal message for sharing number. Please keep in touch through this forum. We already have 5 members group and want to add more members.

    As per IREF policy, we can't share number, email address in public forum.

    @Senior members - please help us with this. My PM option is not working.
    • schattop081 years ago
      @Dkhandu, Please contact Jitender and joined our group. We desperately need some numbers to check with Builder. Builder is not taking seriously individual investors and ignoring our queries.
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  • Latest update is one more Directory left Victory Group. I have sent email to account department for checking latest status and waiting for response. No one from Victory Group is picking calls and replying WhatsApp Messages/SMS . I 'll keep you posted about latest update. Overall situation is not good and I am worried about my investment.
  • Please note that no one from Victory Group picking our calls and no rsponse of emais sent by us. Situation has become worst now. We don't have any contact number in which we can call and check latest status. All contact numbers of Victory Groups are switched off now. The way things are moving they can lock their office anytime .

    It's high time to Visit corporate office of Victory Group and check latest status .

    Victory Group Office Address:

    D1, 1st Floor, Sector-3, Noida (U.P) 201301

    702-704, D-Mall, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034

    • schattop081 years ago
      @DKhandu, We are seriously thinking about this option and definitely want to contact all like minded people for this. First of all we need to take legal advise. Do you know any good lawyer? if yes, please discuss our case with lawyer.
  • One of my friends visited Victory Group office yesterday to check latest status of current situation.

    Here is the summary

    1. Victory Group hired property consultant to help them resolve this issue .

    2.Victory Group is no postion to pay us as they have to pay around 40 CR more to GDA.

    3.They need one more month to figure out how to resolve this issue

    Plese keep us updated if you guys have any update.

    • schattop081 years ago
      @Dkhandu, Victory Group management want to meet with our group representatives in next week. I 'll keep you posted. we are now 43 members team :-)
  • Here is the latest update about IHC current situation

    1.Situation is not completely resolved

    2.Bank account is opertaional now

    3.TDS for FY2017-2018 will be deposited next week

    4.Funds are the issue and managment team is trying to solve current situation

    5.GDA issue is not completely resolved and under negotation

    We are looking forward for our meeting with Victory Group managment next week. I 'll keep you posted about latest update .

    • schattop081 years ago
      @Dkhandu, We have not yet received confirmation from Victory Group Management. I 'll update you once we received confirmation. I 'll let you know venue, date and time for our meeting.
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    • schattop081 years ago
      @Moderator, I have already done more than 10 posts but still PM module has not been activated.Do I need to contact any support team for this?
  • Hi friends,

    Quick update about IHC latest situation.

    We are still waiting for confirmation from Victory Group higher managment about our meeting request with MD.

    At the mean time I came to know that Tata Westside shifted from IHC and Halidram replaced Tata Westside.

    I am not sure , what will be the impact of this shifting in our 15 years lease aggrement signed with builder.

    @Victory Infratech Managment, If any one is reading this posting , please reply our doubts and queries. It has been 2 months now and we are unable to deposit AR cheques given by you, at least we are expecting one official communcation from builder.

    Due to poor customer service and no communication from your side, we are posting our concerns and questions in online forums.

    Please start caring about your customer. We want to support you during this critical phase but at leaset you respect our concerns and improve your communication. Talk with us. You can't avoid your investors.

    • Vibsaf1 years ago
      I have requested multiple times for meeting with Mr.Goyal but so far no response. Trust me, they will not understand polite language.
  • @Victory Infratech Managment,

    I just wanted to inform Mr Goyal that whatever expense you will do for marketing for Phase 2 & 3 sales, try to invest only 5 % amount and your vaulable time for building good CRM team. Your existing investors will work as your indirect sales team and we will do the marketing for your project. You can receive lot of reference booking and repeat business from your existing customer. Please improve your CRM team, they are spoiling your brand name.

    Please note that we have full symapthy with your current temporary situation but the way your support staff avoided communcation with existing investors is damaging your brand name. If you have a time, please try to call your desk phone numbers to check how effectively your CRM team work. Please communicate with us.
  • Victory group has asked for time till 1 week of September. If they are unable to honour this time, may have to take legal course. Please let me know the venue of our meeting on 1st September.

    Also, please note, the cheques you are holding have validity for 3 months only. If 3 months are over, you can't file criminal case against the builder as per Section 138 of negotiable instrumental act. So don't waste your time, let us all join and if they fail to honour cheques by first week of September, let us go ahead and file criminal case. Victory will be ours as it is clear case of cheque bounce and if the defaulter fails to honour, bailable warrant will be issued on 2nd hearing.
    • ajayg2251 years ago
      Hi I would like to join your group also. I am facing the same problem last 2 cheques we couldn't deposit. I went to noida office also they said in September in will be settled down but still no progress
      . If possible we can meet in IHC. Kindly confirm .
  • Let us all meet at IHC on 1st Sept (10AM).
    • ajayg2251 years ago
      If possible meet today 2nd September at IHC.
  • Victory Infra ki Kahani Picture ki Jubani

    As I was unable to contact anyone from IHC, I visited builder's delhi office to discuss with MD and Higher Managments.

    After reaching below address, I saw one notice that office has been moved to some other address.

    702-704, D-Mall, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034