Friends, I intend to initiate this new threat as most threads on BBA on other city forums are almost dead.

As I understand that many of the forum members have signed BBA or in process of signing it.. I have few doubts.

1. I have heard that BBA is signed on stamp paper of Rs 100 judicial paper and attached is the builders brousher with terms and conditions.
Question: I would like to know that terms and condition is printed on attached paper (non judicial) or its a builder brousher.

2. As per one builder, future price escalation of project is dependent on Cost Index of CPWD. If it increases by 7.5%, builder will increase cost.
Question: What is the current CPWD Cost Index and what is the trend of it increasing in last 6 years.

3. Covered car parking comes with separate registry.
Question: Is covered car parking included in service Tax and what are the registry charges (same as unit charges of 7%).

4. Builder may increase price or delay project by virtue of "Force Majeure".
Question: I understand the term, however please provide the examples of "Force Majeure".

5. Builder has included EDC, IDC charges in basic cost package (as per 30th June 2011).
Question: What is the current value of EDC, IDC and has it increased in last couple of years.

6. Builder holds all the rights on the flat till the flat is not registered in Buyer's name.
Question: Does it hold true even if buyer has paid all the dues and issued possession letter. Can he evacuate the buyer or cancel his flat?

I know, all BBAs are biased and in favour of builder, does it add any value to get BBA registered (additional cost 2%). Any draw backs ??

Appreciate any response to above questions.

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  • I am waiting for the reply, Sr members please assist..