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Gaur Cascades or Ashiana Palm Court in RNE, Ghaziabad


Gaur Cascades or Ashiana Palm Court in RNE, Ghaziabad

Last updated: January 24 2020
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  • Gaur Cascades or Ashiana Palm Court in RNE, Ghaziabad

    This is my first post on IREF. I am writing this to seek suggestions from the Ghaziabad forum members on a property purchase I am considering for living purposes in Rajnagar Extension (RNE).

    The apartment complexes I am considering are Gaur Cascades (GC) and Ashiana Palm Court (APC). The requirement is for a 2 BHK with Study apartment but currently it is not available at lower floors ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor) in either of these apartment complexes. Ashiana Palm Courts has a smaller 3 BHK, but again no availability at lower floors. I have following queries and it would be useful if the experienced members could offer their suggestions.

    1. I am keen on Ashiana Palm Court, and can wait for a couple of months to get the right floor. My only worry is that it is an older complex and that it will be difficult to sell these apartments after 6-8 years. May be my fear is unfouded.

    2. I am getting a 3 BHK in Gaurs Cascades, but then it will be a bit of stretch on my budget. I am not sure about the construction quality nor I am an expert on that, and I am also worried about the two empty plots on either side of Gaur Cascades. What if some commercial or other construction comes up in the future. My parents are going to live with me, and they don’t want to go with anything above 4 floors.

    I work in Central-South Delhi and mostly commute by Car. I had also thought about buying a house in AWHO Noida Sector 82, but again those are 17 year-old apartments. I moved towards RNE just because it is cheaper and also because in future the connectivity through high speed railway line will improve further. My parents do not drive and mostly use public transport.
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    Re : Gaur Cascades or Ashiana Palm Court in RNE, Ghaziabad

    Well, APC is one of the best societies in RNE as far as I know. Not lloking into it just because it happens to be 10 year old? Well eventually any apartment you decide will age. From what I have heard it has decent build quality and low density project compared to other projects there.

    DO you mind sharing the price at which it is gettable currently?


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