Dear fellow members,

After waiting for a good 4 years i finally recd some information from Uppal-Chaddha developers and it seems the project is finally on track... I had booked my 250 yards plot in 2006 and the project got stuck into land acquisition and litigation issues with no end in sight... seems the allotments are being done now..

Also learnt that the other Hitech city projects like Nitishree and Suncity have been scrapped and in this also, Uppals have withdrwan their stake. The project will now only be done by Chaddha group and known as Wave city

I would appreciate inputs from other member specially those in India and near the project site for any further information and updates they can provide...
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  • What is the exact location of ths project on NH-24 ? How far away in kms it is from Noida Sector 63 - Indirapuram crossing ?
  • It is 10-12kms from Noida sec62, sec63. I think lot of other project also going near that place Mahagunpuram, Landcraft GolfLink and couple more. Also as Nh24 widening is about to start or might have started (as it was to start from Jan2011) there will be good appreciation in these project.
  • If its 10-12 kms from Noida sec 62 and on NH-24, then i don't think its such a good idea.

    Let me compare with Rajnagar Extension (RNE) and tell you why:

    RNE is 10 kms away from Sec 62 crossing. But the clincher here is the NH-24 to NH-58 link road the construction of which has started and will complete in 2 years. Now someone coming from RNE will travel 3.5 kms on signal free 6 lane road till Meerut Tiraha - NH58, take the link road which will be further 3.5 kms till Pratap Vihar NH-24 which will again be signal free, and then take 2 kms on NH-24 to reach sec 63 Noida.

    Obviously due to major portion of journey on signal free roads, the travel time will be less, whereas the distance will be marginally lower than that between Hitech and Sec 63 crossing.

    Another reason is that NH-24 towards Dasna/Hapur is known to be not so good when it comes to crime rates.

    Moreover, the RNE has already had lot of development which has taken place with respect to roads, sewarge, electricity and ofcourse the intro of high speed rails will narrow down distance to ISBT Delhi as well.

    I don't intend to bring down this area in any way but just want to suggest you that do take a close look and think from all possible angles before making investment here.
  • I beileve This was launched Long Back... Please correct me...

    Originally Posted by Yamban
    Wave Infratech presents Wave City, experience the wave of trust. Wave City NH-24 Ghaziabad is a self sufficient city with the First phase spreading over 1671 acres.

    Designed by the world renowned city planners, Bentel Associates from South Africa, It is a new age city, which appeals to every aspect of urban design principles. This ultra modern city has been meticulously planned with emphasis on open areas and ambience that would pamper your senses and bring you all the leisure’s of the urban life.

    With more than 200 acres of greens, wide congestion free roads, Hi Tech Garbage Control system and SRTP (Systematic Road Transport Plan), Wave City, is a city full of vigor and vitality, designed to take care and bring smiles to all its citizens. The landscaping for this extravagant city has been done by world class landscape planners, as they gave shapes to your dreams.
  • Originally Posted by Yamban
    As part of its commitment towards timely start and delivery of residential and commercial projects, Wave Infratech Pvt Ltd, part of Rs 2,500-crore industrial conglomerate Wave Inc (the erstwhile Chadha Group), has announced the commencement of the allotment of the first batch of applicants of its Wave Hi-Tech City, a high-tech township in Ghaziabad. The company will start making the initial allotments and is expected to be completed by April’11.

    The construction and development of the township is underway and its phase-I is expected to be completed by the middle of 2013. Wave Hi-Tech City, Ghaziabad, is a township with features such as a pollution-free transport system, high security, proposed scientific disposal of solid waste and wi-fi internet connectivity throughout the city.

    Wave Hi-Tech City, the Group’s self-sustainable integrated township, is among the largest integrated city development projects being developed in the NCR region. It will span more than 4,500 acres with all the modern infrastructure and lifestyle facilities. The project will be a self-sustainable town having public places like a 70-acre park with lake for outings and picnics, and a sports complex to cater to the needs of children and young ones.

    The First Phase of the project will involve investments of approx. Rs 3,500 crore for developing 1,671 acres of land consisting of about 7,500 plots and is envisaged to be completed in 30 months.


    Nice talk about a dream township. Coming to reality, how much acres the builder currently owns and is in possession?
  • i was told that they have given possession to some 750 plots from the original allottees booked years back... Also 400 new plots have been launched

    So I hope that land is definitely is in their possession?

    Originally Posted by Basant
    Nice talk about a dream township. Coming to reality, how much acres the builder currently owns and is in possession?
  • Getting launched on April 14 acc to brokers

    Originally Posted by Yamban
    Any news on this project? Members please Update if anyone from that area... thanks
  • I have heard that Wave Hitech has also purchased the land from Suncity Hitech. In that case will the Wave Hitech honour the bookings of Suncity Also or not? Anybody having update on this ??
  • I also heard about this Suncity/Uppal merger but no confirmations.... and I dont trust the brokers anyways for their words have no meaning
    • atulkrgupta3 years ago
      gr88 news for wave city investor...
  • New date of launch is 29th April. lets see if they launch !
  • What is the use of posting all these big ads in this thread. Post the links if you want to and let us know if you have anything of value to add.
  • Wasting server space !

    But I am actually thinking, with so many launches - all of plots- so much productive capital is going to get locked into unproductive land.... :bab (38):
  • Is this project also effected still with farmers disputes? Its already been delayed.......

    Any idea if the reslae/ new sale is picking up?
  • Is this project selling?

    I saw many ads in newspapers for plots, but whats the actual situation and price?

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi,

    looks like that the land acquision of majority of the first phase is over, however the second phase is still ON... If they could deliver even 70% of what they are saying, it would be a nice place to live...

    Visited the Site, the civil work is going on at fast face...Roads and Sever lines i mean... The sales staff showed us the area too in scorpio.. However was highly disappointed with the kind of sales people who have been put up there.... Talking all in air, highly unconvincing... Rattling Metro, NH-24, eastern peripheral and all future infrastructure plans as if they are already there and not even accepting that they are still very far from being true..Only a fool and ignorant guy will get convinced with their sales pitch...

    The price i would say is OK...

    The builder is cash rich, politically if he can do all the essential acquision stuff in the next 10-11 months , could be great. you never know what happens after election...
    After the Noida city centre deal worth many thousands of crore, the builder couldnt be said as so much cash rich though...

    However Few Negatives:

    Plots are being launched first, which will get delivered after 2 years, however commercials, schools, parks and all show-shaw(proposed) will not be ready for a very very long time...many years, i should say...

    Distance from Noida would be approx 14-15 Km itself through highly congested and choked NH-24..With Crossings nearing possession and other societies on NH-24 coming, it would become almost impossible to travel on NH-24... No Clear solution also in sight for widening as lot of unauthorized colonies and vote bank in the way...However if someone has to live in GZB with very little contact with Noida and delhi, then OK..

    i wish UP Govt could do something with NH-24...

    Originally Posted by Magadh_Pride
    Is this project selling?

    I saw many ads in newspapers for plots, but whats the actual situation and price?

    Thanks in advance