I had booked a flat in Paramount symphony in "Crossings republik" on NH-24 in September by giving a token money. Since then the markets crashed and now i am in double mind that considering the liquidity crunch, will the crossng republic project ever be completed. Pls guide urgently...if should i go ahead with deal or quit the idea of investing money in this project...

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  • Consumer panic trend

    Looks like the global trend dragging towards the panic of consumers!
    I agree there is liquidity crunch and most developed economies are running in negative GDP growth in future. But predicating with strong economic growth of india -there shouldnt be a price fall. Economic experts challenge the BRIC(Brazil,Russia,India and China) economies will drive the world in coming decades.Australia and Canada alone are riding back on China and Indian consumption of raw materials.When Australia opens its Uranium to India ,there will be vast development in Indian sectors driving along the strong Australian growth vice-versa/. Be Patient watch the trend at the start of Jan -2009! India has not felt the credit crunch widely and it will not.Sparkling news of stock come backs after Diwali ,interest cuts in major western countries, consumer confidence in UK every thing seems to be glossy.Dont worry about America,believe world can stand without US$$$$. and india will succeed.
  • It is very much advisable at these times not to enter new projects.

    If u want to have a house for ur living, but those projects which are ready to move today or may be in next 6 months.

    Wait for next 6 months and u will see Indirapuram prices declining.