I am getting a deal for 2BHK flat in Neelpadam kunj - Vaishali fro 40 lacs Could anyone suggest me how is it in terms of investment and for residential purpose as well ? How is the location and what could be the possible average rental income from this flat?

Any pros/corns of this option.

One question that is bugging me a lot is the reason why is it so cheap in comparison with other society flats in nearby proximity?

In nut shell, is it really worth it ?

Your response would be much appreciated !!!!!!!
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  • its very old building. poor maintenance.
  • Anuj ji
    Area kitna hai?
  • 950 sq ft approx. Also, it is a leasehold property.

    * Could i convert it to free hold?
    * What are the challenges and disadvantages of purchasing this property?

    Expert advice would be much appreciated.
  • Hello Anuj jee,

    I think you should convert it to free hold. For the challenges, Mostly it is paper work and lease terms. Are you getting this deal through Dealer or directly from seller(specific person who own the flat)?
  • Getting it directly through the owner (no dealer involved). Are there any challenges in making it free hold. If so please let me know.

    Also, what would be the process to do so ?