hello guys

i would like your answer regards what is your bsf rate in vasundara for builde flats and what is new and ongoing project in vasundara by developers where i can look for 2bhk flat ?
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  • Builder floor / Flat is not sold on Per square feet rate.
    It is on unit rate.
    Big bargain possible. Also to note that -- Make good survey. never take flat from Maheadeo Builders, Magadh builders is OK,
    Always Remember - Resale is far far cheaper that new/underconstruction Flat ===Enjoy this clue.

    For society Flats ==Plenty of options,
    JNC - Greenwoods in Sec-3
    Milan -Drone
    now, Ekdunt - Dronagiri

    Must visit all the fu*king agents / brokers/Dallas , see all the flats on their vehicle then come back to this IREF,
  • I liked the last line of your post :D
  • Thx for your valuable response.... as far as i know, JNC is slow builder and its being long time to them but still they are looking for customer for purchasing flats even that project is started same time when Gardenia Glamour was started... You are saying right, resale will be better option as now a days builders are taking much more time comparison to given possesion date.. Milan Dron and Ekdunt, are which sectors?
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    I liked the last line of your post :D

    That's why you are Kamdev.:D:D
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    That's why you are Kamdev.:D:D

    More Clarification / Confirmation needed,

    Only By Name or by......work too.
    If answer is yes, where is the cirtification?

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