Crossings claimed first world city, is facing another threat due to greed of builders, The CR parts has been build on he area , which has underground Compressed natural Gas pipeline (CNG/PNG). Ideally as per standereds underground pipelines are buildon safe space. But in CR the pipeline land bought by builders and they build appartments over it, infact a CNG pump so near to residentail apartments is an alarm. CR which doesnt have much resources of own its own to deal with natural calamities. These combiatios can be deadly in future. There are several reports of such incedents across the golbe.

2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CNg pipes are everywhere in India and standered are not maintianed as per...... but in CR there is combo of pipe and CNG pump in small area with huge tal buildings
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  • wow dude ... you are really desperate
  • Originally Posted by sheeshu
    wow dude ... you are really desperate

    Desprate no mate, I would like to bring the black and white aspect of area. TeLl me underground pipeline in CR..... CNG pump next to underground passes and tall towers is not a threat, considring CR doesn't have good approach roads to fatsly reach rescue teams, no medical facilities, no plan in place in case of natural calamity, no checks to snsure it .

    And I didn't say anything wrong , CR is being build out of greed of builders, who build it next to dumping ground, industrial area, STP, slums etc and above all didn't even care about undeground pipes (its not routine one its heavy heavy duty pipe)

    Anyways its an negative point , all over world its seen as threat
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