We are planning to Buy aproperty in Pratap Vihar , Ghaziabad, Please suggest it would be worth to buy property there. we are planning to buy for living purpose . Me and my husband both are working professionals. what could be future price trends and property appreciation value in Pratap vihar.
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  • If you are planning to buy for "living purpose" why are you bothered about appreciation value?
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    We ar

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    If you are

    I talked to my mother in-law and she said,

    1. Property will never give you loss in long run.
    2. Land can be sick but never die -- Sometime some property value don't rise for long time then suddenly......
    3. Whenever / where ever you buy property -- It will look costly. (Either today or 40years back).
    4. Property on home loan ----Best choice and double return.
    5. Write pro & Cons ur targeted property (Budget, space in that budget, transportation linkage, Safety. etc)
    6. For any property, People have two views --- Positive views and negative views===U need to think what is good for you.
    7. Never delay in buying property. Specially now -- Prices are low even in resale.
    8. If thinking for flat --- Thaink for resale -- U may get 3/4 years old but more area in less price.
    9. Must do full home work . meet several brokers (Never rely on brokers. Brokers have born to cheat).
  • Kabhi girlfreind toh kabhi mother in law .... Discussion ko light kr dete ho planner ji..i like it