HI all,
First of all this is my first time using forum and i hope to really find good direction from here.

Currently i am in dilemma and i have thought this solution to my problem.

1. my parents are staying in under construction stalled house in vaishali from last 2 years. we need 30 lakhs to complete it. so i have this plan
2. I have house in pune, pashan area and i am looking thinking of selling it off @80L (Max it can go to 87L)
i have a outstanding loan of 10L. SO AMOUNT left is 70L.
3. i plan to use 30L for house construction. so left is 40L.
4. I wish to buy a house worth 40L here in ghaziabad near and around vaishali, vasundhara , indirapuram etc.
PL suggest if selling house will be worth. if and where should i buy another house.
hope to get real good response.
thanks in advance
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  • Stalled house is on a plot?
  • I would say don't sell your stalled house on the plot. Instead use your funds to construct a kothi on the Plot.

    Having plot in today's age is a blessing. Don't bother with apartments (and all the issues that come with it).

    P.S. Your question is a bit confusing. Are you lookin to sell both your Pune and Vaishali flat or only the Pune flat? Is the Pune one a flat or a house on Plot?