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Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment


Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

Last updated: December 14 2018
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  • Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment


    This is about Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell Private Limited.

    Till now, lots of chat has happened in closed group, now I wanted bring few issues with the project and builder.

    1. The builder is purely irresponsible, meaning;

    The Project:

    a.) In the night, if someone visits them, you will find the campus is surrounded with totally dark, no light is in the gate. whoever is passing to gate, no one can see.

    b.) Only lights are their in the inner roads. No lights in the building. only in the few flats, which are occupied by residents, are lighted by their own light.

    c.) No SECUTIRY measures, all the rejected security guards are hired.

    d.) No CCTV in the complex.

    e.) We have gotten the possession with out COMPLETION CERTIFICATE. means you don't have any green area. no allotted parking space.

    f.) The project is divided into two phases, but anyone can come-go from phase 1 to phase 2.

    g.) No proper gate, nothing is planned as per the residents in the complex, but as per the builder's own interest

    Now comes to builder:

    a.) Slowest possible builder in any work, I have ever seen.

    b.) If you raise your voice, you can be threaten by them. here is a link for this Fraud by techman buildwell pvt. ltd | Complaint Box India

    c.) Always confuse you, no solid planning, they all ONLY think about there profit.

    d.) Systematically stopped paying EMI (NO EMI TILL POSSESSION), without having any completion certificates.

    e.) No facility standards; I know this is for middle income group, but other societies with same range, in that are far far better than this.

    f.) I have been into reality sector since past 13 years in Delhi NCR, but no proper work force in the office. Everybody is there to fool you.

    I know, they will try to find who is writing and all, might be possible they will approach and harass me. But I was not having any other medium other than this.

    I'd suggest builder to see the reason behind it rather chasing here and there. The image they have can only be corrected with the correct action for them selves. This was the open opinion/feedback rather than any allegation.

    Lesson: Always purchase property from experienced people, not by words and promises.

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    Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

    I am Rahul; I have flat in ‘C’ block Moti Residency. There are teething problems at the time of possession in every Group Housing Society which, might be here also.
    But more important is the intention of the developer and Techman has shown their good intention by giving us beyond doubts a very good construction quality and also that the staff is very receptive to customer’s problems.
    Also I Know that presently they are not charging any maintenance charge from the customers. I advise you to first contact Techman for redressal of your problems.


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      Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

      Thanks for the guidance Mr Rahul.

      Teething and Intention, both will not do any thing if some thing will miss-happen to residents family, kids.

      I have stated the problems and out of those 70% issues like CCTV, Rejected Gaurds, Lighting and etc will not wait for any miss-happening out there. Basically these are primary and as important as fundamental of the complex. (How can lighting few bulbs at the gate is teething issue? it must not need any readressal)

      Also, phase 1 to phase 2, anybody can come and go, are you taking as teething issues? Gentleman, this is not teething problem, this is serious security breach.

      This is not builder house, This is huge complex and that too without any CCTV, CCTV is installed in small Barber shops, Baniya shops, why not to this complex. Again, this can not be considered as teething issue.

      The residents are living there since past 5-6 months, and these basic security needs are not there, I am sorry my dear friend, but I can not take this as INTENTION of the builder.

      I am leaving rest on your good self.

      But again : my family's security matters a lot to me.

      Also, not charging maintenance should not be bring to focus, where 90% of the flats are not occupied because of the builder slowness, the free maintenance does not mean anything to anybody.

      By mentioning free things, we should not forget the main stream issues.


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        Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

        Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A waste investment

        Dear Rahul,

        I totally agree with Manjha ji.

        There are some fundamental necessities which needs to be provided to residents. The problems what Manjha ji reported are not TEETHING its builder fault.


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          Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment


          I am not trying say this is the fault (and lest not use this kind terms), rather I wanted to share the feedback for the Moti Residency.

          I am not sure, how and whats the plan of the builder, I asked dozen of times from the staff their, they all say only owner knows whats going to happen. What kind of plan in future they have, we should all try to find out.

          One most important thing, we should ask for the TIME-LINE from the builder (regarding the rest of the things, which makes the society "a society"), because small work can take months.

          Let me Address on very valid point of Mr Rahul, build really imposes the Good quality standard on the structure, and flat also.

          ("Intentions are good but implementation is slowest", same as "justice delayed is justice denied")

          I'll come back with the issues very soon.
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            Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

            Hnbl debaters,

            I am agree with points stated in Manjha ji comments and some what with Rahul ji's comment.

            I have visited their recently, true the these guys are not professional, but they are listening to issue very carefully, BUT THEY DONT ACT ON ISSUES MOSTLY.

            Right now the possession is not possession in practical.

            I dont know but not sure how much time will take to this.

            Approach road is gotten worst, and when I aske them they said its not in our hand.

            My only point is the points stated by Mr Manjha are for which other are resposible, not GDA OR other builder.

            The promisses they did are implemented 20%

            few small improvement, like gate, CCTV good gaurds can make difference to residents occupation and investers too.
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              Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

              But Suggest how to deal this situations?? this is a problem in moti residency and I am not seeing any solution atleast for internal connecting roads, other leavable conditions for next 3 years atleast. Senior members can say something. Is there any solution other than moving to court?


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                Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

                I understand your point, but moving to court because of internal roads need huge number support, and rest of the societies like midows and etc.

                My point is to fight from this situation, we have to present our issue in front of rest of the world.

                Try to spread awareness about our situation. And let next one beware from this scenario.

                I am going to present this infront of huge people and then let them decide if they want to be victim or NOT!!!!


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                  Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

                  Pls post pics that supports techman's true work and intensions as claimed above.

                  Video is also welcomed

                  I'll post tomorrow.

                  Phase one is surrounded with huge worst equipments like cement


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                    Re : Moti Residency by Techman Buildwell - A Waste Investment

                    They have intension to fullfill bare minimum requirement not more than that.

                    Pls beware before investing!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?