Looking to invest in this project. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Originally Posted by chopramanan7
    not reliable builder be very frank

    Your first post here. Please share your thought too, not just a one-liner.
  • Originally Posted by ondabhai
    The said plot is not conveniently located, the approach road is a dampener ... but if they manage to build a bridge there and connect directly then the place will be so close to Pari Chowk.

    I can find many negative reviews abt this project..

    i am getting a resale flat here

    1035 sq ft- 23 lacs all inclusive

    should i go for this?? possession is supposed to begin in dec 2013...which was 2011 previously
  • why the prices are still low?

    By common consensus, the location is great. And it's quoting a price around the 2200 mark which is the same for a not-so-good location like Zeta. Even Sigma 4 has a higher rate. Is there any serious issue related to QUALITY or some LEGAL panga?
  • The rates were 2200 in DP 2 months back. When I last went to see (exactly a month back), no low rise options were available. Rates for high rise was around 2450+Extracharges. The construction progress is slow.
  • Originally Posted by nishant2hit
    The rates were 2200 in DP 2 months back. When I last went to see (exactly a month back), no low rise options were available. Rates for high rise was around 2450+Extracharges. The construction progress is slow.

    So no quality issues like pointed out by a member. Somebody also wrote that the water level was found at higher levels while excavation...
  • Kya loading hai!!!!!

    SUPER AREA: 1035

    BUILT UP AREA: Less than 540

    Carpet Area: LoL

    the second Bedroom size in a 2bhk of 1000 + is 10x10 and MB
  • Details of the built up area for 1035 sq. ft. flat:


    = 611 sq.ft.

    Loading is on the higher side and it seems thats where they are compensating for low rates.
  • This builder is focusing on their Ridge Residency project and Kings Park is very much in back burner.... in last one year, they are able to add only 3 completed floors!!

    Where as NRI and Sigma had done significant progress in last 1 year.
  • Gharonda bhai, my worry is not their speed or the inordinately high loading. It's the water level they found higher up. How is it going to affect the safety of the towers? Would it lead to seepage or something even more calamitous? Bhai, how can this be verified. I serious like the location and the price. And again, doubt arises because of this only.
  • I visited their site last year and water issue was there. They were pumping out water to the nearby canal.

    Water in foundation is an issue. What they told that time is, they are using some marine grade cement ya something like that. I have no idea how good or bad that is.

    On positive side, there are Parvsnath and Eldeco in similar location .. on negative side, Today is not Parvsnath and Eldeco.

    It is a close call and I guess some Engineer should share their views.
  • Out of the three projects in Greater Noida that I had talked about many a times ..

    Only Stellar Sigma has an construction status update.

    Both NRI Residency and Kings Park surprisingly has no project progress update.
  • Some of our Engineer members please stand up
  • Who says there is no work at site

    I was there in Gnoida yesterday and took a good round of city...

    1. NRI on at good pace

    2. Todays kings on at decent pace

    3. Stellar on at good pace

    4. Vardhaman all commercial projects.....nearly Stalled

    5. chi V projects....few projects having some activity...i saw from yamuna cant pin point on which builder....but progress was not at good pace over all...
    But let me tell u...the view these flats facing the expressway will be Too good !!!

    6. OCP....Bullshit progress....eyewash...

    7. GV....fairly good progress

    8. IT parks near sharda...hardly any progress

    9. Jaypee Gnoida...Decent pace..

    10. Ansal API..megapolis...eyewash...bullshit progress
  • I can not comment about the other projects but definitely second the following three

    1. NRI on at good pace

    Yes, surprisingly and luckily election result not yet affected anything on the ground.

    2. Todays kings on at decent pace

    Surprisingly, added few floors in the high rise section, low rise section is still slow. Overall, not too bad as expectation itself was LOW from this builder.

    3. Stellar on at good pace

    As always, this project is in a good hand and hence in a good health as always. Will be ready for delivery soon but the question is, are you ready to take possession at the moment?
  • hi gharondabhai, how many floors have the high rises in kings park reached to?
    i checked with the builder, everything available in resale. r they just holding back sale due to some reason?