Looking to invest in this project. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Hi members any update on this project are they on track ? What is the existing rate?
  • The construction pics for december are available on the site.
    One should prefer the low rise flats which are better located in front of the layout.
  • Hi I have bought unit in E tower I had discussion with sales team recently & seems project is going to be delayed further till dec 2015 thats also not sure.
    So hoping to make a community of kings park buyer as seems just waiting doesn't seems to be provide any solution so anyone you know or you have invested in project pls private message me your details.

    Hoping to make community very soon & can meet site to discuss further.

  • To me, they seem to be finishing up towers from the right in descending order, as they have almost completed the external plastering for the towers facing Parsavnath the more your tower is towards tower A, the more delayed it could get....

    By the way , who from the sales team informed you of this delay ??? and did they mention the reason for the delay ????
  • i have been alloted flat in h tower(towards parsavnath side). yes right side towers are bit advanced than left side.
    this was due to different contractors on both side, they had to change contractor on the left side, but work is going on at good rate
    on both side.
    dec2015 date was given to me for right side of project by sales team in their noida office. I think left side may be delayed further 6 months.

    when did u guys book the flats. i booked on march,
    pls post updates if you happen to visit site( work completion and site activity)
  • I got the information from Sales Team don't remember the exact name.They were telling very casually that it will delayed till next year end.
  • ...btw i stay in Raksha Enclave (Army Villas adjoining the Kings Park site on the left side(road view)...Parsavnath being on the right side (road view) of the construction site)....have been staying here for over 3 years now and have had the luxury of witnessing the speed of their construction work personally everyday :p.... surprisingly around diwali i did see that the pace had picked up in towers on left comparison to the right wing, which over Q1-Q2 had picked up significant pace, however since the external plastering that was done across Q2-Q3, there hasnt been much progress visibly externally...infact some towers at the back facing AWHO 29 storeys are yet to complete their brickwork for some of its top floors...when i had met the Today Home Site Service incharge "Utkarsh Mallik" sometime in Q3, he said that the project will get delayed till next year end and they are not looking at giving possession by tower but the project as a considering that and seeing the speed of their work i personally feel that it will extend late into 2016 even....pleasantly during diwali, there was some fence painting done...any idea what will be the inventory status in this project ??...
  • Today Kings Park: Aggrieved Buyers

    Friends Today group is taking their customers for granted. i booked one unit in 2011 and was assured for completion latest by 2013. However till now there is no clarity and the work progress is at snails pace and the possession date is still not clear.

    In view of the past and the uncertainty at hand i request all buyers to come together and hold a protest at their noida office.
  • I have heard that today's have given possession in ridge residency in noda expressway.
    What is the status of kings park, do any body have update
    My flat is in "H" tower
  • What is the future of today's Kings park, seniors please please advice
  • Senior members
    Cookie Ji and zohib Ji please guide about today's kings park future
  • Originally Posted by good advice
    Senior members
    Cookie Ji and zohib Ji please guide about today's kings park future

    Location is very good in very much develop sector.

    Metro is coming near Pari chowk.

    Not bad if you are an end-user.

    External pasture was going on...
  • Hi Friends,

    I along with some other friends have booked the flats in Kings Park in 2011. At the time of booking they said to complete the project by dec2013. Now they r telling to complete this by dec 2015, and some of them are even saying to complete this by dec 2016. There is no clarity and one of my friends visited the site recently and he was told by some sales persons there that construction is stopped for the last 3 months.

    There marketing managers dont pick up the phone and if they pick up by mistake they always say "I am in meeting, Talk to some other person(i dont remember his name).

    There is something seriously wrong in this project, The builder does not seem to have any intentions of completing this project and this builder is taking all of us for a ride for sure.

    If somebody has latest update on this then please share.
  • I have sent you an email with my mobile number. Can you please include me in the whatsapp group?
  • Very Slow pace of construction

    Whatever I have come to know about this project, the construct has really slowed down and there is no visible progress in the last 6 months.

    Anybody know the real reason? whats going on?