Hello Members,

Has anyone heard of the new upcoming PROJECT of Mahagun in Noida Extention...?

Got this from one of my frd...the only thing which i know at this point is PRICE... that will be arnd 1880 in Flexi.. but not sure.

Guys pls let me know in anybody know more than this abt this PROJECT..?

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  • Do you have any update on MMW? When it is going to be sanctioned and other info?
  • Execution Of Allotment Letter

    Guys, I have my booking in rosewood and today I got a mail from Mahagun guys to come to there office for executing the Allotment letter.
    Can someone who have done this formality before please elaborate what is the process they would be doing altogether.

    Many Thanks in advance!!

  • this is basically allotment letter cum builder buyer agreement.Once this is over then nothing pending from builder side. you can get your loan disbursed after plan sanction which is expected by 1st week of Feb.
  • Thanks for the Info Dhanam

    Also came to know that 2 PSU banks are funding the project, BoB and Corporation bank.
    If anyone has approached/taken loan from them please update any contact details.
  • LIC Housing Finance is also funding the project...
  • I got the reply from Mahagun Office that MyWoods would get sanction by 15th Feb.
  • MMW have started distributing Allotment letters also.
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