Hi Experts,

How is the Exotica as a builder, any track records or if anyone is owning one of thier built houses it will be great to know the feedback from you guys. I liked their layout and project is also small with nice layout of the houses, so just wanted to know if it will be wise to go for it ?

S Singh
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  • Cheaters in all faces. Told the total price later exceeded the price. Payment schedule was narrated at the time of booking of 10:80:10 but later increased to 10:85:5 on which they were applying late payment.

    From October 2016, I am waiting to give payment, but there is no one to collect the payment. No payment were told and on the excess payments levied no argument or customer care.

    With payments in hand there was no one to collect the payment They have taken 1,81,000 in excess and still wants to pay extra. EXTRA on want some is not notified. MOST EVER CRUEL REAL ESTATE COMPANY -- HIGH MISMANAGEMENT is none other than EXOTICA