Has anyone booked in this project?
I need to know which bank is providing loan for this.
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  • Originally Posted by Mirasanchit
    Thank you guys.

    Now if any one who bought from IITL-Nimbus, can you plz help on rest of the queries:

    a) Howz the construction quality of their 1st phase - express park view ?

    b) Howz the builder (IITL, Nimbus) is in terms of their reputation, customer orientation and payment demands ?

    I tried to search theirs financials - IITL performed in negatives last year.
    Source: IITL Projects Directors Report | IITL Projects Ltd Directors Report

    I can't afford purvanchal because of large sizes, any other builder if you say no to IITL-NIMBUS ?

    Please suggest.

    Hi Mirasanchit,

    I am also planning to buy a flat in Park view 1. I am getting a booking bsp of 3300. I also have similar questions in mind about the project.
    Assuming that you might have bought the property till now, can you help me with the answers to the various questions you yourself had asked and help me out with the pros and cons of this project which will help me in making a decision.
    Thanks in advance!
  • Hi,
    Any idea by when builder is going to give possession for Express View Park-1?

  • Originally Posted by ashutoshgoel
    Any idea by when builder is going to give possession for Express View Park-1?


    By the End of this year...
  • Originally Posted by ashutoshgoel
    Any idea by when builder is going to give possession for Express View Park-1?


    I was told in Oct'13 that possession of all towers would get completed by Mar'14. But till now not even one have been given for possession. Thankfully I didn't invest in them.
  • Hi Everyone,
    Possession letter for tower A is received and there are few issues prevailing to quality of work and final payment received. We all need to come together and plan for discussion with builder.
  • Hi Pankaj,

    What kind of quality issues are you facing in the construction. Are they below par?
  • Hello Mr. Pandey,
    Issues are many most of them related to finishing work e.g. high pressure pipe hanging out in living room, door quality, some sanitary fittings still missing, quality of white wash, landscaping not even 50% completed, entrance gate still under construction many more.

    If all this work is not completed on which basis builder has raised possession letter. Why will one pay if he/she is not able to access what actually they are receiving.

    Another major issue is of VAT. Is VAT applicable in Uttar Pradesh and that to under builder buyer agreement.

    Hope we will get the answer to all these queries and issues. Expert in the forum please help.
  • hiii pankaj,

    i have also got the final demand & possession letter for tower A, but want to share something with u all.

    i have visited to laxminagar office today to pay the final due amount but the ask me further to pay VAT charges and Rs. 55 per sq. feet extra charges to pay greater noida authority ie Rs. 55000/- in name of farmer (kishano ka haqq).

    Please everyone be unite in this matter if u all are getting the same letter from the builder side for these extra charges which was not mentioned in final demand letter.

    Please get in touch

    I am enclosing the the letter for u all which i got today from the Nimbus laxminager office

  • Epv

    Hi Rohan,

    As spoke over the phone that these charges are not part of the Demand letter so we will make a group and will speak to Builder about these charges and we can speak to some legal adviser and verify wether these charges are legal or not...

  • Rohang & Pravesh...pls start a new thread to cover this important issue
  • Originally Posted by rohang146
    Please share mobile nos. everyone, so that we all can talk on this matter......

    Please note -

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  • Dear All,
    Not only the charges which they have put forward are questionable but worst part is the quality they are offering. Things are in really bad frame and many things are below acceptable level. If anyone is making final payment without checking out the physical state, he is really taking high risk.

    For well being of every owner, some of us had a meeting with builder few days back and we have taken some rigid steps. We are again planning for meeting among buyers on site this sunday at 11am.

    Hope all those concerned will get in touch with us for more information.
  • Hi Rohan!

    We have approached many buyers and together we have decided not pay any amount till we get clarification on quality issues and extra charges applicable.
  • ok sure pankaj,

    n plse plan everyone to meet at nimbus office all together so that we can get clarification on these issues....

    i will visit the site this sunday n meet u all
  • Dear Rohan,

    We already had a meeting with builder 10days back. There were more than 10buyers in that meeting, we have submitted written application but there is no revert from builder side. So for further discussion we have called for a meeting on 27th July 11am at express park view.