Considering that 25 lacs deposited in Corporate/Bank FD, Will become 40 lacs in 3 years, Is it advisable to invest 25 lac today in NOIDA EXTENSION FLATS????

If I dont invest in Noida Extension today and keep it in Bank FD for 3 years and after 3 years when most of the projects will be near completion, would the prices of a 25 lac flat(now) have escalated to more than 40 lac??? This is the question to answer.

SAy if I invest 25 lac in Noida Extension and after 3 years I get the Possession, but the flat cost has increased from 25 to 30 lac in 3years (considering supply is more than demand) theN I am at a loss sinve Bank/Corporate FD after 3 years will fetch 40 lac, and I can buy a flat in NE after 3 years. So I have earned an interest of 10 lac.

Views invited as this seems to be a debatable topic
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    Before invest in NE , PLEASE VISIT ATLEAST ONCE OR TWICE TO CROSSING REPLUBLIC GHZ AND RESEARCH . Launch price , year, today rate , appericiation , delievery ,availability ,occupancy etc. may b Same happen to NE IN FUTURE.
  • Originally Posted by Kaashvi
    And If I am buying a flat for end use, is it advisable to put in the money now or wait for 3 years???

    What is the approximate per year that NE flat will give if I invest 25 lac now??? Any guesses??? or Estimates???

    Buying a flat for end use is an expenditure, not an investment. You are spending the next 15 years rent at one go, hoping to break even or even be ahead - but whether you are ahead or behind is irrelevant since you will continue to live in the flat.

    People buy a flat is a good location when they have a need for repeated relocation, so they selll and buy elsewhere, that is all.

    For RE location is everything and as many have pointed out, NE is a poor location for own use and investment. Good only for poor people who cannot afford better.

    For RE investment, plot is always best. For own use, location is everything - buy where you will be comfortable.

    Chandra, corporate bonds fetching 14% from JP infratech? Are you sure? This is actually bad news about JP's credit worthiness.

    As for Unitech, I would not give them my money under any circumstances. I have no "interest" in losing my capital.

    Tata motors yes, but I doubt over 10%. Why take so much trouble, just buy an FMP and be done with it.

    Remember, there is always a reason why a company is paying higher interest rate and that is the risk of default.
  • Buying pre-launch or under construction project in Noida is a risky affair. U dont know what you will get, and when you will get . It is riskier than investing in Corporate FD, Indian stocks and other risky assets.
    Do you think buying at Rs3K today and selling at Rs4K is a profit...No. Its a loss....

    Any return expectations less than 15%-16%/yearonyear is not a good deal. Its a LOSS. And if have invested taking loan, expecting gain lower than 20% YOY should not be considered as a WIN.

    Few bunch of people are thinking that ATS sells at 6.5K today. So, ATS price after 3 years would be atleast 8K. So, other projects when completed after 2-3 years would also sell at a minimum Rs6K. So, investing in Noida RE today is a low risk, high profit business.
  • //nE is what

    both Noida extention and Noida Expressway are NE
  • NE-Noida extn in 3 years will not be ready to live. I saw the sites last week and there is hardly any construction i saw. Gaur city 1 and Mahagun mywoods seems to be the best bet for a booking as of now in case someone wants to stay after 5 yrs, but from an investment point of view NE is not lucrative.
    Noida or Gurgaon are far better.