I want to buy a flat in Noida. My budget is not very high. I am looking for some good and reliable builder. I did lot of research on the net. To my dissappointment all the builders have flashy websites, so its difficult to decide whom to trust. There is a new builder called EARTHCON. Their projects are SANSKRITI AND CASA ROYALE, both in Noida. I like the price range and floorplan. My second option was AMRAPALI (La residentia). Please help me and let me know whether they are reliable or not. I am open for comments and suggestions if any. There are builders like mahagun, gaursons and lot others but most of them don't suit my budget.
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    Name of builder says all. CON on Earth. Do not go for earthcon's project. They do not deliver their projects on time. CASA ROYALE is delayed by yearssss and now they are out of fund now.
  • All builders and their agents remain in touch with each other regarding pricing discounts and how best to remain opaque so that they are collectively exploiting gullibles if you have seen how a group of sharks act in tandem to drove away mass of small fishes to a particular location and then devour them...
  • All prices are hyped n irreligiously jacked up. An Indian flat in a 25 storeyed congested buildings ,made to a perfect look of a concrete jungle with scarcity if green open spaces are no more worth than fifteen lacks. Its shall still be profitable to the builder.