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As per the news papers today (TOI and HT) the Delhi Metro is coming to Noida Extension as early as 2014. A special loop has been created to cater to people of Noida Extension.

Hope this will bring about a huge change in the realty sector in NE and will push up the prices slowly and will help the demand to go up after all that has been happening in the past few days.

Hindusthan Times:

The Noida authority board on Monday approved four new Metro lines. These four lines are in addition to the already proposed Noida to Greater Noida line. All the routes put together will improve connectivity between the twin cities and make travel to and from Delhi smoother, besides allowing people to move within Noida and Greater Noida in a much better way.
The new routes are:
From City Centre to NH-24 via Sector 71 (covering a major part of the city), from Sector 71 to Bodaki in Greater Noida via Sector 121 (this covers the Noida Extension area), from Kalindi Kunj to Botanical Garden (connecting Noida to South Delhi) and from Sector 94/124 to Sector 142 via Sector 44 (allowing Greater Noida residents to go to South Delhi without coming to Noida).

Though Metro has proved to be a great relief, intra-city connectivity continues to be a problem. A city of more than 150 sectors, there are only six stations in Noida, catering only to nine immediate and as many adjoining sectors.
The Noida board has also approved a direct Metro link between Noida and Delhi’s Sarita Vihar. It’s a 3.76-km Metro route between Noida’s Botanical Garden and Kalindi Kunj near Sarita Vihar.
The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has submitted a detailed project report (DPR) which puts the total cost at Rs 786 crore.
This 3.76-km line will be part of DMRC’s larger plan to link Jahangirpuri and Kalindi Kunj. A DPR for the entire plans has been prepared too.
4 new Metro lines approved - Hindustan Times

Times of India

The Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway authorities on Monday have planned for large scale infrastructure development across Gautam Budh Nagar district. In a joint board meeting, the major focus of the Authorities remained on providing connectivity within the district as well as with Delhi. "In the next four years, Rs 20,000 crore will be spent on the projects," said Mohinder Singh, chairman of the Authorities.

To begin with, the authorities have approved a major detailed extension of the Metro route connecting almost all of Noida and Greater Noida at a cost of Rs 10,000 crores, covering a total of 86 km. The route is estimated to be ready in the next three years.

Besides extending the existing city centre Metro route connecting Kalindi Kunj and Botanical Garden, a new line from the City Centre station in sector 32 to sector 62, touching NH-24, was also approved. This new 6-km route will be via sector 71 crossing and will provide connectivity to sectors 32, 34, 35, Hoshiarpur, sectors 51, 52, 71, Greater Noida Extension Marg, Sarfabad, sectors 60, 61, 62, 63 and NH 24.

A new loop from sector 71 via sector 121 will then join the Greater Noida route between the City Centre and Bodaki railway station in Greater Noida. This route will be from City Centre along the Greater Noida Expressway, touching Knowledge Park 4 via Pari Chowk and will finally end at Bodaki. The new loop has been added mainly to connect Noida extension that falls near sector 121 with Noida as well as with Greater Noida.

"With the Metro extension, most sectors will be within walking distance from the stations. Connectivity to Greater Noida will also improve tremendously," Singh said.

To smoothen chaotic traffic, the Noida Authority has approved construction of a 5.8 km elevated road parallel to the Shahdara drain. Starting from sectors 14 and 14 A onto sector 95 and Kalindi Kunj, the stretch costing Rs 525 crores will be of four lanes. This route will provide an alternate route between Kalindi Kunj and Noida, thus easing traffic congestion on the expressway.

In the meeting, the Authorities also approved the draft master plan for Greater Noida. As per the 2031 Master Plan, a total of 5,04,000 hectares will be developed. Of this, 27.6 per cent area will be reserved for residential development, while 24.2 per cent will be developed as green area. The approved master plan includes six expressways, overbridges, flyovers, warehouses and godowns, besides several residential, educational, industrial and commercial hubs.

According to the Authority chairperson, development of these 5,04,000 hectares is crucial as it falls between two major hubs of commercial activity, the eastern freight corridor between Ludhiana and Kolkata and the western freight corridor between Dadri and

A state-of-the-art Buddhist museum and a research centre sprawling across 25 acres within the Gautam Budh University campus was also approved in the Monday board meeting. Estimated to cost Rs 84 crores, the project will house art galleries and sculpture sections and various cultural workshops will also be held there.

For entertainment and leisure of residents, the Authority plans to construct a modern Laser Park in sector 91. Measuring 29 acres, this park will cost Rs 20 crores and will be the first of its kind in the NCR. It will boast a 3-acre artificial water body, computerized lighting systems besides musical fountains, an amusement area, a marine aquarium, open theatres and walking pathways.

Authorities to spend Rs 20,000 crore on Noida projects - The Times of India

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  • I have had enough reading all that.
  • i think they are just makin a fool of ppl to make sm more money before elections.

    Disclaimer - This is my understanding and i am not an expert.
  • So now Noida Extension has become an official area. This is a hoax written all over it!
  • I think Builder should launch apartments where there is provision for Delhi Metro inside the socitey on 3rd Floor...... what do you say guys?????????
    I am just enjoying these carps
  • Originally Posted by cookie
    I think Builder should launch apartments where there is provision for Delhi Metro inside the socitey on 3rd Floor...... what do you say guys?????????
    I am just enjoying these carps

    What about Metro Station on 60th Floor of Supertech's North Eye?
  • There will be no lifts, metro will go to each and every floor. If you pay 100 psf more then there will be dedicated metro line to ur apartment :)
  • Originally Posted by vkumar1
    What about Metro Station on 60th Floor of Supertech's North Eye?

    Metro routes are one of the most interesting joke on UP side of NCR.
    Today again few new routes have been planted .This ritual happens every 6 months like navratras.
    But the beauty of yeaterday's announcement is that few new routes have been created which are not there in the NOIDA MASTER P 2031.and the one which is there thru sec 82 and sec.137 is nowhere to bee seen.
    Dear Investor... decipher if there is some new barren land pockets available where soon some golf village be announced.HURRY HURRY HURRY.
    Ab tera kya hoga 3C.
  • Guys Make sure your Society has Delhi Metro Connection like PNG connection in every Kitchen before buying your flats......... :D:D:D:D:D
  • Metro ka to mazaak bnaa diya hai Govt. ne... :)
  • Originally Posted by chirag999
    Metro ka to mazaak bnaa diya hai Govt. ne... :)

    Mazak mazak mai hi sahi Consumer enjoy toh kar reha hai :bab (35): lolx
  • I want to buy one metro station and 1 metro train for personal use :)
  • PLC for Metro

    How about builders asking for PLC for "Metro Station Facing"?:bab (4):
  • As per News, Metro doesnt seem like entering inside the Noida Ext.

    Just Still passing from some distance on its way ...

    So its not walking distance but actually looks Driving distance . lol :bab (38):
  • Metro to NOIDA-Ext

    If Metro will flourish this way in NOIDA/Greater NOIDA (including so called NOIDA-Ext) one day people will charter entire Metro train for marriages, party, functions etc.!
  • Metro will reach to all rooms of all resident of Noida /G.Noida /YEIDA as per decision taken in joint meeting between officials of all three Authority Noida /G.Noida /YEIDA

    :bab (4):

    Please not leak this news to anyone because Mayawati gi make announcement for this:bab (5):