What would you suggest from a 5 year horizon - a plot in greater noida around pari chowk at around 25k or a plot in tdi kundli at around 20 k in one of the better blocks ?

Suggestions welcome.
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  • ghrondabhai,
    Thanks for the list of companies that shifted to NOida Expressway. Any idea about the companies that are planning to shift in near future (say next 5 years)?
  • Since some of the arrows are pointed towards me, let me address that.

    1. Some people like Fritolay, Saurabh, Cookies, etc proved their credibility beyond doubt and I do not hesitate to say my heart felt "Thank You" to them. Instead of complaining on that, better prove your knowledge or credibility and be assured that I will be one of the first to appreciate you.

    2. If you think people are attacking you, just open your mind a little bit and you will realise that other people may think the same about you too. If I go through this thread itself, I do not find YOU are better than rest in anyway.

    3. There are many and many newbies who came here with the POSITIVE mindset and learned immensely. In fact I and rest of the people here were a newbie one day.

    The key is your mindset .. we look the same thing differently. And trust me, you are burning now but I do not have any negative feeling about you.

    Come with positive mindset and you will find everyone here as your friends ... or else you will keep on complaining.

    :bab (48):
  • :D jaki. Rahi bhavana jaisi.
    Prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi .."

    Do gooD with proper research
    and feaR no one ..

    and mujhe kbi kisi se koi gila
    Shikva nhi hoti but auron ka pata ni (it hardly matters to me) ..

    Dudh ka jala chach bi fuk kr peeta
    Hai. Thats why i guess most of gnoida investors
    Ya brokers ko baki log bi brokers lagte hain ..
    :bab (59): . Nothing offensive or peronal just my POV .
  • a fair comparision.

    positives :
    Greater noida : less dense , well planned , good infra , f1 , yamuna expressway , many hotels along expressway , proximity to express way jobs , affordable for service class ..

    Kundli : proximity to delhi , education city , kmp expressway , location bang on nh1 , toll free , good infra in place and also basic amenties like drinking water is sufficient , monorail (RRTS connecting it with delhi 15 min distance , connected through railway network , easier drive till airport after kmp , among the most affordable option ..

    negatives :
    greater noida : very low population , land scams , goveranance problem , jobs not of its own , mostly infra things are on the paper and projects like airport , metro ,FNG have been stalled ..

    Kundli : has become part of NCR as per 2021 masterplan ( late to take off ) .. Infra projects are on paper , work going slow on kmp , education as compared to dead line .. IT jobs ..

    Conclusion : greater noida : good for a person working on expressway for end use but should not expect any much appreciation as first the expressway way price would rise then the time would come for gnoida .. A person who has a habit of living in a metro city cannot adjust in there .. Good for service class with low budget ..

    Kundli : good for business person having their unit in north or west delhi ( as total of 60,000) are to shift to north delhi industrial areas like bawana with in 2-3 years ) .. But not many options to chose from , still very much affordable one can buy his dream home here ..
    but would be liveable completely after 2-3 years .. Also good for investment because of being most affordable ..
  • some more positives about GN
    knowledge park 1,2,3 more the 80 collage and 4 university's
    30 min drive from ISBT only single read light and tool free
    3 time time sweet water supply from authority
    very well planned , around 20 good school
    many MNC Wipro ,NIIT,LG,,honda ,Yamaha,STMicroelectronics,new holland ,videocone ,moser baer etc
    very good internal roads as compare to any city in NCR
  • infra. Includes all that but the point is it is good for the service class person only who can not afford a property at Noida expressway
  • or it is good as tourist destination , good for having a holiday home here ( for people with deeper pockets ) ..
  • yes same as Kundli
    one more point GN in NCR as compare to Kundli
  • but far off areas like palwal , bhiwadi , greater noida , rohtak should be avoided by investor stay within 15km of delhi border .. palwal , gnoida , bhiwadi are desserted region and even dont deserve to be a part of NCR .. !!
    while kundli s just 2 km from delhi border just like noida and gurgaon .. :p !!
  • pls calculate distance from central delhi like CP or india gate
    as per ur logic bhadurghrd is best NCR city 0 KM from delhi border
  • Originally Posted by rajesh_vsworx
    pls calculate distance from central delhi like CP or india gate
    as per ur logic bhadurghrd is best NCR city 0 KM from delhi border

    yah even bahadurgarh is better than greater noida for investment and atleast this place is liveable and people already living there .. although it has not taken off due to bad infra ..
    but yah when after 5,6 sonipat-kundli region would stand beside noida and gurgaon in development ..
    than greater noida would be compared to panipat ( although panipat is 85 km while gnoida is 60 km ) but even panipat has a very good infra and good builders are there ..
    then it would be fair comparision because a person who can go 60 km away from delhi he would not mind going another 20 mins further for a place which is more liveable .. and also monorail coming till there ..
    even in that battle panipat would win !!
  • and forget to mention thaty buddhe international circuit is 10-11 km far away from parichowk .. one has to go through a desserted road to go there so the amenties that greater noida project builder mentions are 11-12 km away from their project ..
    while from rohini buddh international circuit is 78 km away check this link ..:
  • from pitam pura it is 72 km , so i think even panipat would be better than gnoida for north and west delhi persons ..check this link :
    Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi to Buddh International Circuit - Google Maps

    while see this that kundli is just 22 km aWay from pitampura check this link :

    while from rohini kundli is 18 km : check this link :

  • pls calculate distance from central delhi like CP or india gate
    pitam pura is not only delhi

    Kundli from india gate 32.9 km, 54 mins
    GN from from india gate 40 km, 37 mins

    Pls pls use some common sense