What would you suggest from a 5 year horizon - a plot in greater noida around pari chowk at around 25k or a plot in tdi kundli at around 20 k in one of the better blocks ?

Suggestions welcome.
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  • Purple bhai, investors in Greater Noida have big fear of promises broken and dreams shattered., so their reasoning that Rajiv Gandhi education city might not come or KMP expressway will never be finished or monorail will be just an eyewash is quite genuine. If I were in their , I would think the same way. Its not easy to trust government after so much cheating and eyewash.

    Read this post by so much knowledgeable Zohaib Bhai and see how many of promises were finally delivered:

    Noida and Greater Noida authority which started off as Industrial development authorities and did a pretty decent job till 2005-06..suddenly due to excesssive GREED (Commission baazi by BSP govt, Builders and Land Sharks operating in region) became NOTHING BUT Agents of Builders and used everything possible to fool buyers to get attracted in this region.

    Noida , Gnoida and Yamuna expressway ARE NO.1 Regions Talked about in Media...which is 100% Paid..right from TOI, ET to HT....all have a price Tag
    and Noida and Gnoida authority have become their regular Customers

    The People on this Forum are Educated and IT savvy but choose to close their eyes when such topics are discussed.
    But the fact remains....This region has fallen back very badly in past 4-5 years...the reason....Authorities are ONLY interested in Commission and helping Builders.....and to fool buyers....they will use media.

    While Proposals of Thousands of Crores are talked about...but in reality..they dont even have enough money to pay farmers their compensation.


    If you are Buying a House in this region....EVALUATE Its Ground Realities and pay more attention to Builder track record, past projects, development which is on going...rather than some Multi million PROPOSAL which will not see any progress for many many years and will be used as carrot by these Greedy authorities to Fool Buyers to help the Builders

    POSTING LINKS BELOW (Read them along with their PUBLISHED DATES !!!)

    Speedy Patel nod for Noida airport - Home - livemint.com

    The Hindu : Front Page : Delhi Metro map to cover Greater Noida

    Greater Noida CEO Rama Raman on Greater Noida Metro - YouTube

    Night safari in Noida soon - Times Of India

    Noida set to get own transport hub - Indian Express

    Major transport hub likely in G Noida - Times Of India

    'Bridges in every 5-6 km to link NH-2 with Yamuna Expressway' - Economic Times

    Noida gets 5,000 crore for infra development - Times Of India

    Fortis medicity in Ansal township - Economic Times

    Government plans three special 'cities' in Noida - Times Of India

    9. IT CITY, BIO TECH CITY NOIDA Government plans three special 'cities' in Noida - Times Of India

    Noida to rope in private players to deal with garbage | TwoCircles.net

    Ghaziabad's two steps for better connectivity - Times Of India

    An imminent destination - Indian Express

    Departments must work in sync for improving quality of roads - Times Of India

    Rs 380-crore security plan for Noida to check crime graph
  • Originally Posted by purple
    and jo aap Gn ki growth ke liye noida expressway ki jobs ki duhai dete ho than you should know these jobs are only a small fraction as compared to gurgaon or even delhi .
    And i have asked this question many times that to own a property in Gn ( even a flat)
    One should have a minimum salary of 1 lakh in hand ( means 15-16 lacs per annum package and then tax ) . How many IT people got this much payscale . ?
    You people are not able to realize that this is the reason why Gn property market is not picking up because even a guy wants to buy property he is not able to do so because of artifically inflated price . And that is why there is a major slump in demand

    par Saurav bhai Kundli ke rates bhi to badte ja rahe hain GN ki tarah. One day even Kundli will be only for high salary ppl, no?!
  • I hope both Kundli and GN do well!

    I struggle to understand why this comparison is becomong so toxic.

    Why just Kundli vs GN, why not compare it with other towns like Fbd, Manesar.
    Kundli should be compared with Fbd as well as both are on major highways, are in the same state, have educational institutes and have industries.

    GN should be measured against Manesar as both are smaller satellites of much bigger cities which started of as satellites themselves.

    I don't know the entire history of this seemingly endless debate but find arguements that investment in Haryana to be better than UP to be in bad taste.

    I have lived long enough in Delhi to know that there is no difference between Noida and GGN law and order. I don't know what happens in Gorahkpur or Meham and am not interested as this not concern me.

    Kundli will always have buyers from North Delhi and those who have businesses in the vicinity. Some of the stuff about new universities seems to be irrational exuberance ( especially about new medical colleges being opened).

    Ground reality is that if the forum is to be believed ( I have no reason to disbelieve) then prices have run up pretty smartly....... This is precisely something that savy investers should note because the same scenario was being played out 5-6 yrs ago in GN ( and look what happened sincethen).

    Delhi is a huge city and needs many suburbs .... so far there was a gap for the North Delhi market and Kundli will fill this gap.

    IMHO GN is a few years ahead of Kundli in the development curve and will have more white collar jobs than Kundli in the future.
  • Actually cyclist bhai, you are absolutely right that there is no reason to compare Greater Noida and Kundli as both are in different suburbs of Delhi and has different catch population. The reason it got started was because of some intrusions from insecure Greater Noida investors who made a habit to bash Kundli as every possible opportunity and in the process started misrepresenting facts that Kundli is not a part of NCR, no development has taken place, no projects are coming and all are on papers. Having tolerated that Kundli supporters came out loud and open stating Greater Noida projects which never came into existence and hence started YUDHH between Kundli and Greater Noida, two distant regions in two different states.

    Well, one fact I am little unconvinced what you said was Rajiv Gandhi education city. Well, this is going to be the major driver of this belt and atleast 50 different universities will come under it. In phase I, 12 universities are being opened in same campus.

    So, not only medical college (which you mentioned) but also law schools, management schools, research centers, engineering colleges, aviation college, hotel management, college of fine arts, genetic labs, nanotechnology, human resources etc will come under one roof and same campus.

    Even Oxford and Cambridge have shown interest to acquire a piece of land in the campus. Out of 31 applications, recieved in phase I, only 9 universities were given the permit.

    Having said that Greater Noida is a great township in making and along with Kundli within few upcoming years will be among most liveable place in NCR region.
  • Ajay Bhai my intention was not to belittle the proposed universities. It is just that most people don't realise that good educational facilities have a long gestational period. GN has GB university which has a great campus but I am not sure if it has good academic credentials.
    India needs many more quality educational institutions and this sector is poised for a lot of growth, if Rajiv Gandhi University does well it will be good not just for NCR but all of North India.
  • For a university campus to flourish, it needs student population and connectivity. And university takes time to gain recognition and all this take a length of time. So, do not expect things to happen overnight.

    I cannot comment about GB university as I am not much aware about its potential/ courses and premises but Rajiv Gandhi education city will be a government run University which will have great connectivity. RRTS (Monorail) will have a station at this University, thus opening gates for students of Delhi, Sonepat, Panipat which is a 90 km stretch. Also, KMP expressway will bring it closer to other regions along its route.

    But bottomline is it will take minimum 5 years for Kundli region to sustain itself if Haryana government is quite proactive in its mega projects such as RRTS/ KMP and this education city.

  • Haryana to develop Gur, Faridabad, Sonipat in NCR

    New Delhi: Haryana plans to develop other towns like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bahadurgarh and Sonipat on par with Delhi under its sub-regional plan of the National Capital Region (NCR).

    This was stated by Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda at the second meeting of the sub-committee of National Development Council (NDC) on urbanisation at Vigyan Bhawan, here on Monday.

    Hooda said the draft report proposes strategies for balanced development of the NCR so as to enable economic development of the central NCR towns on par with Delhi.

    "Haryana Government accords high priority to urban development and as such the budget provision for Urban Sector has been increased from Rs 4,434 crore in 2010-11 to Rs 6,917 crore in 2011-12," Hooda said.

    He also said that Haryana government agrees with most of the recommendations of the NDC Sub-Committee on Urbanisation.

    However, in the formulation of Model Municipal Law, devolution of powers, responsibilities and functions to the local governments and communities should be left to state governments, as the local issues of every state and urban local bodies are different.

    Haryana, he said, has already prepared City Development Plans (CDP) for 74 towns of Haryana but sought Centre's help to cover the needs of infrastructure, including roads, drains, water supply, sewerage etc., which required a huge investment of Rs 12,346 crore.

    Hooda said that Haryana Government has already notified Policy on Public Private Partnership (PPP).

    One of the key features of this policy is to establish "Haryana Infrastructure Fund" for building the required infrastructure, he said, adding that the Centre may make adequate provisions in the 12th Five Year Plan for providing Viability Gap Funding (VGF) for PPP projects. He also sought enhancement in the VGF ceiling of 20 per cent.

    Hooda stressed on the need to constitute an Urban Management Transport Authority for NCR so as to ensure an integrated transport planning. Haryana, he said, is the first state in the country to implement a metro project in Gurgaon through private investment.
  • Article says all about Kundli and Sonepat:

    11th February, 2012 Source:The Times of India

    The Times Of India

    The rapid development of KMP Expressway has acted as a catalyst in transforming the realty scene in the Kundli-Sonipat-Panipat belt, says A K TIWARY

    Property in Kundli, Sonipat and Panipat is a money-spinning affair, as it offers options in all segments of realty like residential, commercial and industrial.

    The rapid development of KMP (Kundli-Manesar-Palwal) Expressway has acted as a catalyst for the progress of these areas. With the fast-paced infrastructure development, Kundli, Sonipat and Panipat are today considered the best investment destinations in NCR.

    A plan for an orbital rail corridor along the KMP Expressway, the Rajiv Gandhi Education Centre, a 250-acre food processing SEZ (special economic zone), major industrial parks, and an industrial hub for petrochemicals, are the locational advantages of Kundli, Sonipat and Panipat.

    Why have these areas emerged as a favourite destination for developers and investors? Prices are already high in the other parts of the NCR. These regions, therefore, do not offer much scope for appreciation, whereas, in Kundli, Sonipat and Panipat, prices are still low, and investors can hope to make quick profits. The KMP Expressway, nearing completion, will provide faster access to the international airport and facilitate the development of a new economic corridor.

    Kundli is about 25km from Pitampura. Sonipat is 50km away. And, Panipat is 90km from Delhi. Thus, these areas enjoy the convenience of easy accessibility with Delhi on NH-1. While people living in South Delhi prefer to invest in Gurgaon, and those living in East Delhi prefer to invest in Noida and Greater Noida, those living in North and West Delhi are now investing in the Kundli-Sonipat-Panipat belt.

    Kundli On a 15-minute drive from the posh and upmarket residential hubs of North and Northwest Delhi like Pitampura, Rohini and Punjabi Bagh, Kundli is now one of the best investment destinations in the NCR, after the NH-1 became signal-free recently.

    This developing area is a hot destination for investment in property. Kundli's property market is now recording greater turnover and the rapid development of infrastructural facilities here is attracting end users and investors to its residential and commercial properties.

    Kundli will have an exclusive station for the proposed Rapid Rail Transport System, which will reduce travel time from ISBT to Sonipat to just 20 minutes. There is also a plan to connect the place with a Metro line. The area is adjacent to the KGP and KMP expressways, which are at advanced stages of completion.

    Almost all the major developers of Delhi have land parcels here.TDI is the largest developer in the region with 1,250 acres. Others like TDI, Parsvnath Developers, Ansal Properties, Omaxe, Parker, Raheja Malls, Eldeco County, Anant Raj, Tulip Infrastructure, Collage Group, Eros Group, AJS Builders, Divine, Big Jos, Vardhman, Jindal Greens, etc, have also launched their projects here.

    TDI Group is developing the TDI City, a residential township on 1,250 acres. The township has plots in varying sizes like 250, 350, 500 and 700 sq yards, with approximately 8 acres of frontage and 2 entries and exits. The township will have luxurious, independent bungalows and beautifully designed villas, to be built in the second phase of expansion. Apart from residential townships, the group has retail and commercial developments like the just completed TDI Mall, with a grand 650 sq ft frontage and 5.5 lakh sq ft of retail space.

    The TDI Mall is the longest and biggest mall on NH-1. The mall has been designed as a modernistic shopping complex offering high class retailcum-entertainment facilities to suit the diverse tastes of customers. The mall has been conceptualized not only as a shoppers' paradise but also as a complete entertainment destination where one can hangout for the whole day, Ravinder Taneja, vice-chairman of TDI Group, says.

    Kamal Taneja, the managing director of TDI Group, says: "The infrastructural developments taking place in Kundli are poised to convert the region into another Gurgaon. With the coming of the KMP and the KGP Expressways, connectivity of Kundli will be its USP. The rise in developmental activities will increase demand for residential, commercial and retail real estate. With this enhanced growth potential, Kundli will truly become the next NCR destination."

    Ravinder Taneja says: "We have consistently set quality benchmarks in property development by creating selfintegrated townships in prime locations across North India - in Kundli, Panipat, Mohali, Meerut, Moradabad, Agra and Indore. The TDI City, Kundli, is the biggest residential project of TDI spread over 1,250 acres."


    Residential property in Sonipat has become a favorite with many, when compared to its commercial and retail segment. Sonipat is fast emerging as an excellent residential and investment destination owing to the extensive availability of land and low property prices.

    There is a plan to connect the industrial areas of Sonipat, Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar and Palwal through an eight-lane express highway. Many corporate groups have shown interest in developing the SEZ around the expressway.

    The Rajiv Gandhi Education City, over in 2,500 acres, is being designed as a world-class education hub, in which several foreign universities are expected to open their institutes. Work on this project is going on at a fast pace. This educational hub in itself is expected to act as a catalyst in boosting realty development in the area; nine educational institutions have already been allotted land in this education city.

    The major names with residential and commercial projects here include Landmark Group, Mapsko Builders, Eros Group, TDI, Parsvnath, Ansals, Omaxe, Eldeco, Tulip, and Jindal Greens. The land rates have already seen an average appreciation of almost 100-150% over the last couple of years.

    Rohtas Goyal, the chairman and managing director of Omaxe Group, says: "Our projects are rising magnificently on the skyline - Omaxe City, a world-class integrated township on NH-1 at Sonipat; Omaxe Heights, another luxurious project, are the first choice for customers looking for a grand lifestyle. A good illustration of advanced urban planning, the Omaxe Heights is tastefully created residential project."
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  • https://api.indianrealestateforum.com/api//v0/attachments/fetch-attachment?node_id=11168

    and before som1 blames me for defaming kindli,
    i wan to say this:
    सिर्फ हंगामा खड़ा करना मेरा मकसद नहीं
    मेरी कोशिश है की ये सूरत बदलनी चाहिए

    And this:
    I dont give a damn to what you think of me.
  • Mr. Purple in your above post your Greater Noida investor Mr A invested in a flat in greater Noida. Please do a small favour and suppose that Mr A also invested in a plot in Greater Noida and he also lived in a rented flat in the same society as Mr. B.

    Lets compare two similar products, the rate of plots two years back in greater Noida was approximately 15000/- per sq yard.Currently it is around 30000/- per sq yards in sectors like Swarn Nagri,CHI-Phi etc.

    The story then will be more impartial.
  • Originally Posted by purple
    as i said before on 260 acres land is under litigation only out of 5000 acres . And unlike NE this is a GOVT project and even land can be acquired for this kind of mega projects under emergency clause . Even if the farmers go to court the verdict would be in favour of the haryana Govt .
    So you need not to worry at all . Kyuki
    "manzil mil hi jayegi , thoda bhatak kar hi sahi
    Gumrah toh woh hain jo ghar se nikale hi nahi".

    Purple Bhai, you are absolutely right that government can acquire any land that comes in way of national development projects, be it a expressway, university or any other project which will benefit the society in a longer term.

    And again you are right that land under litigation is a small fraction of 280 (not 260) acres out of massive 5000 acres which accounts to 5.6% only.

    See article for farmers protest and government response to it and land under litigation.........


    I hope that would be reassuring to everyone.
  • Absolutely, no denial risk is definitely there. Is not it true everywhere in real estate or share market. Investing at 5-6 lacs/ sq yard in a posh colony is a big risk as well.

    Brother, Kundli already is an industrial area with small to medium size factories there. In addition it is squished between two cities Delhi and Sonepat which are both independent townships existing for centuries. KMP like you agree will be completed, Hooda is inaugurating Universities on June 10, so no stopping to that as well. Monorail is in final stage of approval and Kundli-Sonepat-Panipat is among the first 3 of 9 routes primarily suggested.

    Brother getting a 250 sq yard plot in 60-70 lacs is like a dream for such a prime location and that too 2.5 kms from Delhi Border and 20 minutes drive from colonies like Pitampura/ Shalimar Bagh.
  • And other fact, rates in Sonepat are 1-1.25 lacs/ sq yard which is 15 kms farther from Delhi, rates in Narela which is 5 kms from Kundli or say equidistant from Pitampura are 1-1.2 lac/ sq yard. So, once Kundli gets more densely inhabited, price will even out with its neighbouring areas. No rocket science needed for that.

    Lets Wait n Watch what time has in store for Kundli!
  • Absolutely true brother. These forums are just to give you an overview. Each person's perception of same place is different. Maybe place which I feel is best for my needs might not be worth a consideration for you or vice versa. So, go and explore around and no matter what your experience is, please share it for sake of other readers.