What would you suggest from a 5 year horizon - a plot in greater noida around pari chowk at around 25k or a plot in tdi kundli at around 20 k in one of the better blocks ?

Suggestions welcome.
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  • Hello purple and Ajay

    Question from my Thread
    i had plan for last week
    but due to some urgent work i was not able to go

    Can u guide me

    i think i need to a look at kundly also
    it very near my exists(keshav puram ) house
    can any one guide me for kundly township or sector

  • Hi Blueteeth,

    Keshavpuram is around 30 minutes from Kundli. Township/ Sector depends on your budget mainly. If you have budget, I would say TDI and Ansals are the best and developed. If interested in villas, Jindals and Eldeco are best. If interested in current booking, then only Jindal is the choice as all other projects are 100% sold out and only available in resale.

    For more information, please have a look at this thread. I hope you will find all the answers. If not, post your query here or on that thread.

  • Hello purple
    i think u r good person from kundly region

    pari chock is only around 20 KM from my office
    but i am not getting 200 meter plot in my budget
    in Swarn nagri broker asking 85 L in good block 200 plot
    and in P3 as avg sec min rate 75 L for 200 meter CC plot
    so i want to look kundly before increase my budget for greater noida

    can u suggest me good township in kundly

  • 90 Lacs is a decent budget for Kundli region:

    You have following options to choose from:

    TDI: 250 to 350 sq yard plot depending on blocks.

    Ansals: 250 sq yard plot

    Jindal: villa options

    Parker apartments: 80-85 lacs

    Omaxe: 350-400 sq yards plot

    Eldeco: Few villa options

    TDI kingsbury or Ansal apartments: Choose any option you want. Will easily fit your budget.

    Except for Parsavnath and Express city or TDI L block, choose anything that suits your budget and liking.
  • thx ajay

    i will may be visit to kundly by tomorrow
  • Great, do share your experience with everyone. Good luck with exploration.
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  • just back from kundly

    my parents reject kundly after looking ansal and TDI
    there are only vacant plots
    yes have good road but not like
    GN clean and green roads
    mostly thing under construction in kundky
    broker asking rate for ansal plot 35 to 45
    and he said FRA only 1.25 %

    i think p3 200 meter with rate 35 K to 40 K meter , 1.75 FAR , more then 70% occupy rate is much much batter for me
    i think kundly need min 5 year to become livable

    thx purple and ajay for ur help
  • i have also visited both place
    there are much much difference between both GN and kundly

    kundly need 10 year to become livable not 5
  • thx purple

    yes some sector have crowd issue
    some sector have many CC plot
    and there are some labour class crowd leaving in cc plot

    crowd issue only where occupy rate low
    gamma,beta,alpha,delta,p3 have more then 70% occupy rate
    so there is not any crowd issue
    and my parents like very much greater noida

    i am not getting 200 meter good location plot less then 35 k meter
  • Kundli is such a worse place that government took measures to invest thousands of crores in mega projects like World's largest education city, to bring in KMP and KGP expressways, to bring in India's first monorail project, to get world class vegetable market and world's bank interest in the region.

    Greater Noida on contrary is so much developed that government even cancelled Metro, Airport, other big projects.

    Brokers have high contacts in Kundli with Haryana and Cental government to get thousands of crores fund for this region.
  • purple/ajay33,

    i have visited GN but not kundli.. but still i agree GN shud have made lots of progress by now but it didnt....

    having said that the way u r supporting Kundli and ur biased approach, ur credentials as investors are highly susceptible.... :bab (63):

    i know u people wud cme bck 2 me like nythng so wud not b responding now...

    wish u luck in ur endeavour of misguiding people...
  • One question I would like to ask people:

    Do you guys make an online deal before investing 1-2 crore rupees?

    If I have shared wrong information with you guys, will you buy the news without testing.

    I am sure you will visit the place, have a feel, understand the prospects and then compare it with other places. That is what a sensible person would do.

    I have posted links/ real pictures/ news of what all is happening in Kundli. Those links are created by me. Those mega universities are not inaugurated by me. I am not alloting 6000 crores for KMP/ KGP expressways.

    If you feel, I/ Purple are misguiding people with those official links/ maps/ googlemaps/ real images, I am sorry I will continue to do it.
  • An article about Greater Noida which is eye opener and scary Purple bhai!
  • Thx for ur concern purple

    i will be increase my budget (increase my loan part)
    in Gn power cut only 4 hour, i will manage through inverter
    three time sweet water supply from GNA
    in GN gov sector much more planed and green an clean as compare to
    kunldly private township

    currently kunldly have not basic infra

    pls check kunldly private township TDI
    Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!

    GN gov sector

    Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!

    Originally Posted by purple
    you think with 90 lac budget you will be able to construct a good house ? If plots alone with cost you 75 lacs ? You will spend on construction only 15 lacs ? you were talking about 1.75 FAR which means if you want to construct as per FAR then you have to construct 4000sqfeet which take take 45-50 lacs to make it a liveable and look like a good house which means 75+45 = 1.2 crore (even then bana bi loge toh woh good ambience and neighbours kahan se laoge ? Woh society wala feel ? Woh planned greenery , power back up ? And what about the security which is a big issue in these govt sectors . Even after spending 1.2 crores you wont get an ideal home . assuming that you are not buying a 200mt plot just to construct one or two kamras (rooms) .!