GREATER NOIDA: To ensure that no untreated municipal sewage and industrial effluent is drained into the Hindon, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority has proposed to install eight new sewage treatment plants (STP) with upgraded technology at various spots across the city.

The Authority has consulted IIT-Delhi for developing all the eight STPs and these will operate using the modern Sequencing Batch Reactor technology.

The installation of these state-of-the-art STPs would not only guarantee a clean environment, ensure better quality of treated water and stop the use of ground water for irrigation, but these will also prevent further pollution of the Hindon River to a great extent.

Although Greater Noida was formed in 1991, the city is yet to get a sewerage treatment plant. While till a few years back all untreated waste was being discharged into the river, the Authority has of late been treating this discharged waste with chemical oxidation which is an extremely slow process.

The Authority has now proposed to become a 'zero discharge city' by 2021 and has hence proposed to develop eight STPs of varied capacities. The first and the largest
STP with a capacity to treat 254 MLD will come up near Surajpur-Kasna road while another plant with a capacity to treat 137 MLD of waste is underway near Kasna nursery.

Six more STPs that will treat 72 MLD, 42 MLD, 12 MLD, 15 MLD, 158 MLD and 20 MLD of waste will come up at phase II, Ecotech 6, tech zone, Ecotech 2, sector 1 and Ecotech 3 respectively.

"The current population of Greater Noida is about two lakh, but it is constantly increasing. Besides the new land acquisitions and development will result in additional population and keeping in mind the same, the eight new STPs are being developed," said DCEO PC Gupta.

"The new plants will take care of the sewer problem of the city for the next 20 years and can serve a population of 25 lakh plus," said Gupta.

IIT-D to develop eight hi-tech STPs in Gr Noida - The Times of India
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  • Great news for GN...Lets see when it happens :bab (4):
  • I believe STP here stands for Sewage Treatment Plant ... not Technology Park

    STP nearby may or may not be a good news... depends!!
  • Originally Posted by ondabhai
    I believe STP here stands for Sewage Treatment Plant ... not Technology Park

    STP nearby may or may not be a good news... depends!!

    Agreed , the projects nearby to STP may not fetch good returns...but yes having STP in its city shows developement in the infrastructure....

    At the rate the water is pumped out from earth...for the future...may be after 10-15 years...there would be scarcity of water..

    so keeping in mind that...its better to start early...treat the waste water and recycle it so that the situation could be avoided further for couple of years...reducing the chances of scarcity...