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Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders


Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

Last updated: August 29 2012
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    Very well said & i have almost ditto thoughts on this .

    Originally posted by SMJ2011 View Post
    Abhinav....u r missing the point.

    Farmers may be good, bad or criminals (every section of society has its share) but the fact is that they are "owner" of land and it is for them to decide what to do with it. It is their business if the do farming or just leave it barren. It is just like u and me deciding whether to use our flat, rent it out or keep it locked? Would you like Govt. to take way your flat just because you have kept it locked?

    Farmers are equally at liberty to spend their money as they like. Do they question us when we blow our earnings on partying, boozing and foreign jaunts?

    When a farmers demands land acquisition to be canceled, it means that he is in a position to refund the compensation (fact is that most farmers have not accepted) if at all he has received.

    Pls. appreciate that the fight on Government land acquisition is about principles and mighty powers that the Governments have been misutilising against the fundamental rights of citizens. It is farmers now. You and me could be the next.
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      Originally posted by bundolo View Post
      I absolutely agree with U. Farmers are poor says who ? Except maybe in Bihar, Andhra or some other poor states, the farmers of Haryana, UP, Punjab are super rich. I've got nothing against them, its their luck.

      SC seems to be simply prejudicial in its views in the sense that it is not ready to listen to any logic or reasoning from the State Govt. Farmer, farmer and poor farmer is all it seems to concerned right now maybe at the behest of the Alla Kaman. This LA Act has been in existence since 1894 and if the State Govt has acquired land as per the provisions contained therein, then what is the harm.

      The land in Noida and GN over the years must have been acquired under various provisions of LA Act 1894. The great transformation and development in N, GN and Gzb is all because of N, GN and GDA authorities and off course the private developers. If the SC had intervened then, N and GN would have remained agricultural or at the most full of unauthorised colonies just like Palam, Uttamnagar and many other areas like Delhi.

      The LA Act of 1894 is under revision. If the SC is so concerned, it should ask the Centre to finalise the amendment of the LA Act without further delay.
      It is wrong to blame courts including SC.

      It is Authority & UP Govt. who have bungled by applying emergency clause, which is grossly wrong in the present case.

      Again the same Authority/ UP Govt. erred by changing land use and overnight disposal of land to builders.

      Builders (Authority also) are guilty of selling flats to end users despite knowing pending litigation. Most have sold even before land registry/ land possession/ plan approval.

      The job of courts is to interpret laws and ensure their enforcement and they are doing just that.

      SC has allowed builders to put forth their say. If buyers/ end users want, I am sure SC will also allow that too. If that is done I have no doubt the SC will come heavily on the unfair marketing practices adopted by builders.

      It is not the job of courts to enact/amend laws. It is up to Parliament. Had it been other wise, we would have laws relating to Lokpal, Uniform Civil code, codified parliamentary previlages long ago....


      • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders


        Final solution to the farmer who has not taken compensation to be compensated by builder at the rate recently offered by Mayawati Governemnt or between farmer & Builders.
        But problem is, it will craete very bad precedent in country. Final solution only with new land policy which i think what Mamta Banerjee is proposing. I know, that UPA governemnt will not bring that new law.

        So a farmer will be pissed off, a investor (son of farmer) will also be pissed off.

        Noida extension will be cooled off but not the country. In every where this issue r burning.
        See Maharastra- jaita pur power plant where a congi government is in plce. Ans many has bee brutalised. RG n SC will be silent on it. Guess why?


        • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

          Originally posted by Totaram View Post
          Final solution to the farmer who has not taken compensation to be compensated by builder at the rate recently offered by Mayawati Governemnt or between farmer & Builders.
          But problem is, it will craete very bad precedent in country. Final solution only with new land policy which i think what Mamta Banerjee is proposing. I know, that UPA governemnt will not bring that new law.

          So a farmer will be pissed off, a investor (son of farmer) will also be pissed off.

          Noida extension will be cooled off but not the country. In every where this issue r burning.
          See Maharastra- jaita pur power plant where a congi government is in plce. Ans many has bee brutalised. RG n SC will be silent on it. Guess why?

          Very true !

          An unwise/impractical and politically motivated decision by SC can create unrest in the entire nation....

          This is not the time to create history.....

          SC talks about injustice to common man ....boss ...the 50000 ppl who invested in NE ....are they not the common man???


          • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

            Supreme court is biased against the aam he is of no relevance to the any case 33 p.c tax will be deducted from him and he will be made to pay all taxes....made to take loans...etc etc

            SC said.....Why were builders selling flats starting 10 lakhs with facilities like swimming pool, etc etc....

            Tell these jokers who have become judges that a similar sized flat in delhi is being sold by DDA govt. At nearly 30 lakhs...and in resale at 50 lakhs.
            Noida extension was the affordable segment area in proper NCR...where a aam aadmi cud actually own a flat without sinking deep in loans, etc

            But amazingly the SC doesnt want that...

            To sum it.....if the land acquisition policy was not ok (other states use it too)...then why its still there..why SC didnt act upon it????

            If villagers had filed cases in HC then how come authority issued land documents of a 'disputed property' to builder

            And why builder knowing the fact that this land has cases filed against its acquisiting thereby making it 'Disputed' sold it to end users.

            SC has no interest in asking these questions
            Nor its interested to instruct the authorities to issue a PUBLIC statement telling which all villages (sectors) are having cases filed against.

            But as i said before....SC has no interest at all....they want to make a Politically motivated statement in which the aam aadmi will be featured nowhere.

            Had a few sectors in Noida extension were given as co-operative plots as judges society, etc like on noida expressway, noida and greater noida.....nothing wud have happened to this area

            Waah re....Judicial system of India...


            • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

              किसानों को मिला बढ़ा हुआ मुआवजा

              नोएडा एक्सटेंशन में हाई कोर्ट के फैसले के बाद बिल्डर किसानों से खुद सौदा कर रहे हैं। मंगलवार को एक बिल्डर ने साकीपुर के करीब 80 किसानों को चेक दिया। किसान बिल्डर से बढ़ा हुआ मुआवजा देने की मांग कर रहे थे। किसानों को 2 लाख 68 हजार प्रति बीघे की दर से मुआवजे का चेक दिया गया। इसके एवज में किसानों से यह लिखित रूप में लिया गया कि वह भविष्य में जमीन पर अपना दावा नहीं करेंगे।

              साकीपुर के किसानों ने बढ़ा हुआ मुआवजा देने की मांग को लेकर करीब एक हफ्ते पहले सूरजपुर साइट सी के निकट स्थित एक बिल्डर का काम रोक दिया था। उनका कहना था कि ग्रेटर नोएडा अथॉरिटी ने जब जमीन अधिग्रहित की थी, तो उन्हें सिर्फ तीन लाख 11 हजार रुपये का मुआवजा दिया गया था। किसानों का कहना है 11 हजार रुपये प्रति बीघे की दर से अब भी अथॉरिटी ने किसानों के रुपये रख रखे हैं। प्रोजेक्ट का हाल कहीं नोएडा एक्सटेंशन जैसा न हो जाए, इस खौफ से बिल्डर ने अथॉरिटी के बजाय स्वयं ही किसानों से संपर्क साधा। किसानों से बातचीत के बाद दो लाख 68 हजार प्रति बीघा की दर से मुआवजा तय हुआ। कंपनी अधिकारियों ने प्रोजेक्ट पर ही कैंप लगाकर करीब 80 किसानों को चेक दिए। इसके एवज में किसानों से ऐफिडेविट लिया गया कि वह भविष्य में कभी भी इस जमीन पर अपना दावा नहीं करेंगे।

              -Navbharat times


              • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                SC: States using colonial law to oust poor from land

                State governments are taking advantage of the colonial land acquisition law to push the poor out of the development agenda,the Supreme Court said on Tuesday while hearing appeals against quashing the acquisition of village land by UP government and allotting it to developers.

                When the developers Supertech and Amrapali argued that houses were being constructed for needy as per the development master plan,a Bench of Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly asked,Development for whom Look at your brochures which say housing complexes will have swimming pools,spas,ayurvedic massage centres.Are these for the poor Even a horse will laugh at this argument.

                The courts angst spilled over after it learnt that the land use for Shahberi village,which was acquired for industrial purposes,was changed in a hurried manner in 2009 and the land was transferred to developers.

                Taking advantage of the colonial Land Acquisition Act,1894,the state is driving poor people to the wall.This is a sinister anti-people campaign started by many states including UP, the Bench said.

                In the name of development,the governments are acquiring land.Developers are constructing malls and multiplexes on it.The common man's right is taken away by instrumentalities of the state,which should actually protect them.We can understand if land is acquired for constructing a barrage,canal or road.But you are building malls,hotels and commercial complexes to which the common man has no access, it said.Indiscriminate abuse of the public purpose clause by state governments with impunity pained the court.It said,Public purpose means what Gandhiji had said it should help the poorest person.That is the concept in Constitution.You are taking land from the poor to give it to the rich.

                The court laughed at the Greater Noida Authoritys argument that it gave the acquired land to developers because it was being encroached upon.Persons who owned the land were encroaching This argument projects a sick mind.If there were unplanned development,the state could have stopped it, it said.

                It sounded a warning,In the name of globalisation,liberalisation and development,do not marginalise the poor.Why is there a proliferation in militant activities That is because the poor are being pushed to the wall.The governments are not taking care of the poor and they cannot come to the court to redress their grievances. The arguments will continue on Wednesday.



                • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                  I just would like to know what was the market price when the land was acquired? There was no road, no connectivity, no infrastructure at the place when GNA started surveying the area. The moment GNA started the survey, shrewed people got into action and started buying land from original tenure holder and original tenure holders were also happy selling their land and they also did not sell the land in so called "Market Place".

                  Many people became coloniser and started converting the land purchased from original farmers into small plot without making any provision for parks, green area , wide road. If someone purchased 2 acre land, it converted into plots Similarly, the other person converted wtever piece of land he purchased from farmers into plots and started selling it. If it had continued, a slum like colony would have developed very soon without proper infrastructure and then u would get to know what would have been the market price. For your kind consideration, some of the petitioners are:

                  -Modern Public School submits that School purchased the land in village Shahberi (in plot No. 131) on dated 2.4.2008 for Rs. 31.50 lac and has further purchased the land (in plot No. 137) Rs. 23.36 lacs.

                  -The 'Arya Sahitya Prachar Trust' has purchased the land on 28.5.2009 and transferred it to Petitioner Nos. 1 to 4. They have in turn transferred the land to Petitioner Nos. 5 to 18 and similarly Petitioner No. 5 to 18 in Writ Petition No. 6108 of 2010.

                  -Radha Swami Satsang Beas submits that the Petitioner purchased 0.926 hectares of land in plot No. 146 by sale deed dated 23.12.2008 executed by the original tenure holders.

                  Are they farmers?

                  You are very right in saying that land owner should have right of selling their own land but if it had been allowed then no development would have taken place. If individual people are allowed to sell land to individual builders it would lead to a total chaos. If it had been allowed, places like dwarka, gurgaon, noida would not exist at all. And NCR would have been a congested place only. I dont think any farmer suffered due to development of Noida, Dwarka, Gurgaon, they got only benefited due to the development. Otherwise, so called "Market Price" would not exist anywhere. The so called "Market Price" exists only when authority gets into action, acquires land as a single unit, makes a proper development map and then proceeds further. I have many friends who have/had land in Nazafgarh, Noida, Haryana and they know the fact that have become very rich due to acquisition otherwise, they were cultivating few tones of crops every year and sometimes losing it to due to adverse nature(lack of rain or excess of rain).

                  It is also a fact that farmers who had land in noida are very affluent now. Travelling in Bulero with huge houses though they are clueless how to spend the money properly and better get into modelling coz it does not require application of mind.

                  And if somebody is of the opinion that farmers follow principle of Upkaar's Manoj Kumar, then I beg to differ.

                  Any why only farmers' land be prevented from acquisitiion without being paid so called "Market Price", every individual should have right to sell his land/flat at his will.

                  Why the hell an individual sacrifice for public purpose?

                  Why the hell people lost their property worth crores for Metro? They even didnt get 10% of market price when their property was acquired. Is government so poor that it can not pay them compensation according to market price?

                  There are numerous people who lost their precious property and got nothing just because of Metro.

                  Mr. Rahul Gandhi, you are a useless fellow. You know nothing except making politcal stunt which does not yield any gain for the party. You remain silent most of the time. You had also spent a night in dalit's home in UP and promised her that her worries will be taken care of but you never returned back.

                  If you had indeed been a person of calibre, people would see you partcipating in discussion of issues of national importance and getting suggestions from you.

                  Why are you allowing projects being developed along the stretch of Dwarka Expressway? Yo can ask Hudda to stop acquiring land in Haryana. Why does not SC put stay on all Dwarka Express way projects because their also land has been acquired from farmers and I dont think they got the market price as Haryana's land acquisition policy is not much better than UP's.

                  Why dont you visit Maharastra where many farmers commit suicide every year?

                  Media, you are another most corrupt pillar of democracy. You were criticising our PM till few days ago and when PM invited four editors who later on talked as spokepersons of PM, the very next day media was full praise for PM and published article of PM's 18 hours a day work schedule.

                  Honourable SC, if indeed rape and murder had taken place, then you can take Suo Moto action and bring culprits to the book.

                  SC is taking for granted that builders will provide swimming pool, spa and other luxuries in socities. We all know that such things will hardly be provided and we are also least bothered about such things. All we are intersted in a good place to live in and things like golf club, swimming pool, spa, are hardly of any interest.

                  And are flats being in crores? Flats are being sold for 18-19 lakhs only and it is impossible to imagine that a person buying a flat for 18-19 lakhs by obtaining loan from bank will be intersted in luxuries.

                  I have nothing against farmers. But let fair treatment be provided to all and sundry.

                  Originally posted by alokgarg View Post
                  I don't get this. it's the farmer's land, they are free to sell it to whoever they want at whatever price anyone is ready to pay them. how will you feel if govt asks you to sell your plot to them for 10% of market price.
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                  • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                    I am in agreement with most of what is being said here. I had invested in NE but had withdrawn as i didn't see much hope in it.
                    However, i disagree with the definition of aam aadmi/common man being touted here.

                    If, you are paying 30% plus in tax... your income is over 11 or 12 lpa(Some part is saved by HRA,conveyance and investments) You are not the aam aadmi. You are mostly that generation which has reaped the benefits of liberalization a lot.
                    The aam aadmi is the guy who is desperately making ends meet -- if you take the larger context of India. Most of us here are from the privileged class relative to what the actual aam aadmi is suffering. The class which gets a hefty discounted LPG cylinder at the same rate the "real aam aadmi" is forced to buy. The class which has no qualms about bribing the policeman to get out of a challan or submitting fake rent receipts/medical bills etc. The class that owns a car and still complains about being middle class. If a Raja or a Kalmadi is corrupt, its just a manifestation of what we all are, an inherently corrupt society with no respect for the law and ethics. Our extent of corruption is defined by our opportunities.

                    Can the real aam aadmi ever dream of owning a house in NE.... I don't think so. Harsh but true.
                    The SC, according to me, has taken an idealistic view. The UP govt has obviously done this whole drama (acquiring land for diff purpose, converting it to residential) to fill its coffers. By UP govt, i mean everybody from the peon(aam aadmi) to BMW and not just BMW. Funnily, whats inherently corrupted is now being justified by us because we are invested there.

                    Apologies if my post hurts anyone. Its not directed against anyone and is just an observation. No.. its not even judgemental.


                    • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                      very well said Mr.commonman...... agree to it that it is all politically motivated.....and SC is part of it.... they are simply complicating the matter.. if they are so confident that this was all wrogn then why just they don't cancell it all and put auhority officers and gov officials behind bars for doing wrong...why the they are making us suffer...
                      one thing for sure.... this issue has very simple solution that

                      ....either land acquisition can't be avoided in NCR...and just farmers should be paid more compensation.... they are simply complicating the matter...
                      Ask Parliament to frame a law that agricultural land can't be sold or purchased for any other purpose then farming and farmers will only do farming.
                      May be RG can get some votes from farmers this way but least his partywill loose equal votes from people like us


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?