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Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders


Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

Last updated: August 29 2012
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  • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

    Totally agree to the this, especially the highlighted part .

    Bhai, media bhi bikta hai, paise pekhne ki zaroorat hai. We have seen this many times in the past .

    Originally posted by IMAKGUPTA View Post
    We as a responsible citizen do not want injustice with any segment of the society, be it farmers or those who booked their dream house/flats with their hard earned money.

    I wish, SC court beside giving relief to farmers had ensured safe refund for the common man who invested in the affected land.

    No political leader would say even a single word in favour of those who are on the verge of loosing their money, just because this wud get them as speaking against farmers.

    Only media can help to the common man. Media is doing wonder for past few years. I wish this would happen.

    Pls note that niether the builder nor the GN authority wud suffer except the common man you & me.
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    • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

      Very true. In this whole game, only the poor home buyer stands to lose. The farmers are very happy. The Builder has deep pockets and will make profit somewhere else; Govt will pump in money for GNIDA. So no none loses except the poor common man. However, I had great expectations from the Courts that they would look for an amicable solution to this issue rather than putting the common man in so much of trouble.


      • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

        Uncertainty Grips Noida Extn: Other Villages Too Will Move HC

        Taking heart from SC order on Shahberi, panchayat decides to reclaim acquired land
        A day after the Supreme Court upheld the Allahabad High Court order quashing state acquisition of farm land in Shahberi, farmers of other villages that make Noida Extension announced they too would move court against acquisition of their land by the government. This is likely to put a spanner in the works of major building projects already underway in the area.

        At a panchayat in Bisrakh village on Thursday, residents of Itehda, Bisrakh, Patwari and Chauganpur decided to approach the Allahabad High Court to reclaim their land. The villagers met at the residence of Ajay Pradhan, head of Bisrakh village.

        "Bisrakh alone can claim 500 hectares of land which was acquired by the Greater Noida Authority. We approached builders like Stellar, Arden, Earth, Paramount, Valencia and Supertech, asking them to stop construction as they were building on our land, for which many of us have not even been compensated," Pradhan said. Manveer Bhati of Bisrakh village claimed that building projects in one-half of Noida Extension would come to a halt if all villagers who have not been compensated were to approach the judiciary.

        Villagers from Patwari, which has 450 acres in Noida Extension, and Chauganpur, which has 200 acres in the area, are taking hope from the Supreme Court decision and plan to go to court. We will meet again to chalk out a strategy and financial arrangements before doing so," Bhati said.

        Given the nervousness and panic that has gripped investors following the SC verdict, officials at the Greater Noida Authority are exercising extra caution while commenting on the issue.

        "The majority of the villages have taken approximately 80 per cent of the compensation. We will abide by the Supreme Court order. We will comment only after we read the order," said Rama Raman, CEO, Greater Noida Authority. Bhati countered this, saying if this had been the case, the Authority would have compensated villagers of Bisrakh too and stopped further land acquisition.

        -Indian express


        • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

          Seems like SC decision is still unfinished. How can they think it is done when after making a decision like this 1000s of common man are screwed like this?
          The NE buyers association needs to file an extension to the SC order and please for an easy exit from this trouble.


          • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

            this is not the last we heard on Noida extn

            Noida extn will be frozen dead grave for the ambitions and greed of builders/politicians/bureaucrats/dealers and dreams of helpless unfortunate common man and the farmers.

            This would be the sequence of events that will unfold.

            1) Other villages who have filed petitions before Allahabad court will have their lands returned to them. Allahabad High court will simply take cognizance from the Supreme court judgement.

            2) Investors/Customers will form associations/groups and file PIL in court to get their hard earned money back.

            3) Builders will file case against Greater Noida authority to recover their investment and damages

            All of above will take years to resolve. With passage of time (Months) Noida Extn will go into oblivion.

            knowing all of above, no right thinking investor or customer will look at Noida Extn.

            10 Years down the line. Sun will shine again on Noida Extn. Noida extn will rise as "New Noida"

            For now, Ghaziabad is back in reckoning !!!!



            • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

              So what is the status of Yamuna expressway government plots now a days? They were selling at a premium of 5000 psm just 4-5 months ago. Also what is going on with plots of private builders on Yamuna eway? I am getting too many SMS now a days trying to sell Logix plots on Yamina eway.

              There is no news in media and no discussion in the forum about those plots. Are they still selling like hot cakes?


              • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                Thepunjabi - it will be very interesting to know about these...


                • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                  Originally posted by Mogammo
                  Several persons who buy in NE are really genuine common man but on the other hand several rich investor also invested in NE not only in one flat but in several flats. SC & News channels find several of such persons who's family members purchase 2,3 flats in NE. Now let me know seriously SC should given verdict in favor of Farmers or in the favor of investor who invested in 2-3 flats in NE while they already have his own flat to live in NCR at any POSH Colony. How a person which has 2nd home in NCR can be a poor common man, after investigating by SC & several news media more than 20,000 persons buy flats in NE just as a second flat in NCR and they already had his own flat to live in NCR.

                  In my opinion all the land of NE should return to farmers who are not interested so sell his land. Then government should investigate each and every buyer of NE and if any of the buyer actually purchased his first home in NCR in NE then builder will return his money in full with 12% ROI + Amount Paid as an EMI towards home loan. But after investigation if any buyer find to purchased his 2nd home in NE then search all tax paid money by him and if any thing wrong then all money of that investor paid toward his 2nd flats will be spread out to farmers. A person who invested in 3rd home as an investment in NE can never be a poor common man and take strong action against him and against all of his black money invested in NE under the name of COMMON POOR MAN.
                  Aisa justice sirf mogambo hi kar sakta hai .
                  But sad for people who are struck with NE.


                  • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                    Authority offers balm to buyers,woos farmers

                    Says Its Willing To Hammer Out Solution,May Renegotiate & Re-acquire Land Deals After Fair Hearing

                    Greater Noida: Two days after the Supreme Court order on Sahberi triggered a wave of panic among buyers in Noida Extension,the Greater Noida Authority has finally broken its silence.For more than 24 hours after the verdict,Authority officials were out of reach.But on Friday,they held out an olive branch to farmers,developers and individual buyers,saying its willing to hammer out a solution to the current crisis.While trying to soothe frayed nerves,the Authority is also keeping the option open to renegotiate and reacquire land from farmers this time after giving them a fair hearing.

                    Greater Noida Authority has finally broken its silence.For more than 24 hours after the verdict,Authority officials were out of reach.But on Friday,they held out an olive branch to farmers,developers and individual buyers,saying its willing to hammer out a solution to the current crisis.While trying to soothe frayed nerves,the Authority is also keeping the option open to renegotiate and reacquire land from farmers this time after giving them a fair hearing.

                    GNIDA CEO Rama Raman said the Authoritys first priority was to implement the apex court order.Raman said buyers who have already booked flats should be provided all possible aid.He urged developers to either refund the money of buyers or shift them to an alternate project.Also reaching out to developers,Raman said,If a developer wants to pull out of a project,it can approach the authority for a refund.

                    Raman also urged tried to assuage farmers,urging them not to storm construction sites.The farmers should understand we are equal stakeholders in development.Progress will ultimately benefit farmers, he said.He also appealed to farmers not to take law in their hands.If any farmer faces a problem with developer or if their land is encroached upon,he can approach the Authority,the district magistrate or the SSP for help, he said.

                    While the CEO maintained that the Authority is yet to receive a copy of the court order,sources said once the Authority returns land to farmers,it will opt for renegotiation to re-acquire the land.This time,they will give farmers a fair hearing and not invoke the urgency clause as it did in the past.

                    The Authority can go for reacquisition as per Section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act,offering villagers a new compensation package, an GNIDA official said.

                    Officials said there was a communication gap with farmers that finally escalated the crisis.The farmers need to understand that we have to acquire land in a contiguous manner to ensure continuous development of an area.We invoked the urgency clause to prevent unnecessary delay, Raman said.

                    The Authority has also stressed that it works on a noprofit-no loss basis and as per the new compensation policy,the farmers are in a win-win situation.

                    They must realise they can become stakeholders in development as they are entitled to the developed plots.They also have the option of developing their land for industrial and commercial use.But if development work is stopped,farmers will also suffer, Raman said.

                    Authority officials also stressed that it will not compromise on development projects in the pipeline like Metro and road links and will come out with new schemes to tide over the revenue losses incurred due to the Sahberi denotification.

                    FARMERS HOLD KEY IN NOIDA EXTN

                    Mayawatis new policy on compensation for acquiring or re-acquiring land

                    1 CATEGORY

                    Land for infrastructure projects like highways,roads,power,irrigation will continue to be acquired in accordance with Land Acquisition Act

                    2 CATEGORY

                    In areas which have public undertakings like development authority,housing development authority or planned development authority,land will be acquired by invoking Section 4 of Land Acquisition Act.Under Section 4,land can be acquired only with farmers consent.

                    Category II has two options for claiming compensation

                    A- First choice is based on existing contract rules.Farmer will get compensation at the rate of Rs 960 per sqm to Rs 1,050 per sqm.And 7% of developed land will be given to farmers
                    B- Landowner will not get compensation,but he will be entitled to 23% of the developed land.Of this portion,landowner can earmark 50% for residential purpose,35% for industrial purposes,10% for institutional use and 5% for commercial use.(This recommendation is yet to be approved by Greater Noida Authority)

                    3 CATEGORY

                    For land acquired for companies,compensation terms will be same as Category II.But,25% of annuity or lumpsum (Rs 2.76 lakh) will be paid through company shares

                    In addition,category three acquisition will also get:

                    Farmers will also get a residential plot of 40 sqm elsewhere and monetary compensation:

                    A Equal to five years minimum agricultural wages

                    B Marginal farmers will get 500 days minimum agricultural wages

                    C Agricultural labourers will get 625 days minimum agricultural wages

                    D Displaced farmers will get 250 days minimum agricultural wages



                    • Re : Noida Extension Buyers Unite Against Builders

                      Assertive farmers spook homebuyers in Noida Extension
                      Noida/Greater Noida: Instead of settling down,the dust from the Supreme Courts Sahberi judgment is now beginning to whirl around in a storm,with farmers of other acquired villages in the Noida Extension area seeking restoration of their rights,making homebuyers run scared.

                      The increasingly assertive posturing by farmers was on display on Friday as village representatives from Noida,Greater Noida and Ghaziabad met to exchange notes on the recent legal battle in which farmers of Sahberi village regained their land.

                      We have invited representatives of all villages,including those in the Noida Extension area,such as Dundahera,Patwari,Gulistanpur,Surajpur,Roja Jalalpur,Bisrakh,Ithera,Chipiyana and Chipiyana Khurd.The future actions of the forum are being discussed.We will publicise the forum and try to get in touch with representatives of all villages to help them get back their land, said Sajid Hussain,former chairman of Dasna Nagarpalika and a resident of Sahberi.

                      When we started our fight,no one was there to guide us,but through this forum we will provide a platform to farmers where they can discuss their legal problems and find solutions, said Ishwar Pal,another villager.

                      Meanwhile,homebuyers appeared even more jittery on Friday.Worried investors rushed to the offices of property developers to demand a refund or a house at an alternative site.Our project falls in Yashpalgarhi,which is not disputed as of now.But I am extremely worried and hope things work out for us, said Manmohan Juyal,who has booked a flat in Mahagun Mywoods.

                      The builders claim that protecting buyers interests was their priority did not find many takers.When I asked my builder to cancel my booking,they sent me from one place to another and now I have been asked to come back after a week,as they have not decided how much of my money they would refund.I have already paid 40 per cent of the amount for the flat, said Mukesh Singh,who has invested in Amrapali Smart City.



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