Hello NEOMA,

Today we have received a invitation from Delhi AAJ Tak to join their special program on problem of Noida extension which is scheduled on Wednesday 13th July 2011.

Below is the content of mail received from Aaj Tak.

To whom so ever it may concern
We are planning a show on “Noida Extension Farmers-Builders Land Disputes” on 13th July 2011, Wednesday for our Delhi & NCR channel Dilli Aaj Tak. This show is discussion based show in which there are 4-5 eminent panelists and selected 40-50 audiences. And this time we want to invite members of your organization who are suffering in between.
Kindly let us know if 20-25 members can participate in our show.
Hope to get a positive response.

Kindly let us know who all can come and join the show. Please do reply via Email to adminneoma.in (admin"at"neoma.in) Please mention the subject line “Available For Invitation from Aaj Tak.

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  • Venue Detail for Tomorrow program

    Hello NEOMA,

    Here is the venue detail for tomorrow\'s program.

    Name of the show : Janpath
    Timing : 13th July 2011 wednesday 6:00 to 7:00 PM
    Location 2nd Floor, Ahimsa Bhavan, Rajendra Nagar, Shankar Road, Near Ganga Ram Hospital

    Contact Perosn from Delhi AajTak : Rahul Kumar Singh – 9873021885

    Please be there at the location, would request to reach at location ahead 1 hrs. It would help NEOMA people to collectively discuss the agenda and get enough time to make our self ready for the wonderful opportunity.

    We need to fully and effectively utilize platform to raise our voice...

    Also at that place we need some one who can lead the NEOMA group and can effectively put our points.

    I would request to all NEOMA to please send me a good nomination for the person who can lead the group in program.

    Here are few key points we have received from NEOMA people which we need to raise in the meeting.

    Please feel free to add any point that could be discussed.

    We need at least 30 people to be present. Please confirm your presence on the given time .


  • Key Points for Discussion

    Key Points to discuss into the program

    Q1 – What is the area in acres & %age of the total project area affected by the SC Order?

    Q2 – What does the word ‘AFFECTED’ imply? Has the SC Order stopped any further construction activity on the affected area?

    Q3 – Has the SC Order stopped further construction activity on the ‘UNAFFECTED’ area also?

    Q4 – Will the remaining unaffected area be developed or would the work stop, pending resolution of the issue pertaining to the affected area?

    Q5 – What would happen to the amenities / facilities that were planned in the affected areas, that were common to the entire project? In case, you are unable to develop those amenities / facilities, would we be compensated in monetary terms for the same?

    Q6 – Since all Project approvals (Registered Lease-deed, Possession Letter, Payment Schedule, Approved Building Plans, Commencement Certificate, Non-encumbrance Certificate etc) were for the entire 20 Acre (80000 Sq. Mtr.) plot, what would be the status of these approvals now? Whether they would remain valid and if not what would be the future course of action and expected time?

    Q7 – Will the existing lease-deed with GNIDA and other related approvals / sanctions cease to be in force or be quashed?

    Q8 – Will a fresh lease-deed be executed with GNIDA for the unaffected plot area?

    Q9 – Will all approvals be needed afresh from GNIDA?

    Q10 – Has GNIDA provided a NOC for continuation of construction activity on the unaffected area after the recent SC Order?

    Q11 – Would the project still remain bankable? Is Panchsheel talking with banks after this SC verdict and what is the outcome?

    Q12 – Whcih banks are still ready to finance the project and whether they are willing to finance a part of the project that is unaffected?

    Q13 – Is builder still negotiating with farmers of the affected areas? Is a solution expected soon or would it take a long time?

    Q14 – It is now clear that farmers would now demand additional compensation? Would this additional compensation passed onto existing customers like us?

    Q15 – What is the time period of delay associated with delivery of the project as on today?

    Q16 – What are the villages that comprise of these 20 acres? GNIDA has allotted land to builders sector-wise, whereas they have acquired land from farmers Khasra-wise (that may be spread across several villages). How will you guarantee that villages comprising the unaffected area would not file court-cases in the near future for stay on the acquisition of their land? It is learnt that there are 10 more petitions on similar lines as Shahberi filed in Allahabad High Court by farmers, which are due for hearing in July-2011. As per certain verbal communications by Panchsheel executives, the land falls under Itehda & Rauja Villages, for which Panchsheel has entered into direct agreement with farmers for acquisition / compensation. Is there such an agreement in place? It was also told that Chairman, Panchsheel Group had acquired 10% of the land directly from the farmers since he also
    belongs to the same village. Is this true? If yes, why this problem had cropped up?

    Q17 – Are there any cases pending in the Court by farmers, for the unaffected part of the project?

    Q18 – Has a purchase / compensation agreement been signed with farmers before, for the unaffected part of the plot?

    Q19 – Is builder negotiating with the farmers of the affected part of the plot? It is understood that GNIDA sold the land to builders at Rs. 8000-10000 per Sq. Mtr. and paid a compensation of Rs. 800 per sq. Mtr. to farmers. Is Panchsheel negotiating with farmer leaders for an amount somewhere between 800 to 10000 for re-purchase of the land? Farmer Leaders have indicated that they are not against development, but want a decent compensation. We cannot wait for builders getting their money back from GNIDA and then paying farmers and finally securing this project. It is a very long time for us.

    Q20 – Has the affected part of the plot being cordoned off and is visibly separated? Has it already been handed over to farmers or GNIDA?

    Q21 – What is the final Layout plan now? When would it be approved?

    Q22 – How many flats have been booked in the project (absolute number & % age of total flats)?

    Q23 – What are the options for investors whose towers are in the unaffected areas? We can’t possibly wait for years for resolution of the issue. What are the exit options for unaffected people? We too would seek shifting our investment into similar projects in your other areas or want complete refund of our money with interest, in case we don’t opt for shifting to your other projects.

    Q24 - Why builders are not giving anything in written to ensure investor interest.

    Noida - Noida Ext Owners and Members Association
  • Great fritolay_ps Bhai, now u need to get guys who can forcefully ( & in real short time ) put across valid & strong points, which have the maximum affect .
  • Public notice (pdf is also attached)