I am unable to understand, why SC/HC is in so much hurry to give decision in favour of farmers. Is farmers the only party who is affected by this?
While giving the decision, why the so called Honerable SC/HC didnot even bother or consider to look at the > 1 lakhs buyers who has put there life long saving in these flats.

I donot know the whole laws of India, but know that while giving decisions by either SC or HC they much look at all the party who are involved in the case. But for this case SC/HC donot bother to look at the inocent buyers. I just can't believe that SC/HC donot know that how much buyers are involved in this case.
SC/HC just give the decision to return the land back to farmers, but what about those who are doing all these wrong I mean the authority. Not even a single person from the authority is held responsible by the SC/HC. If they are doing justice then why can't SC/HC give order to catch those authority persons who are involved in this and put them in bars.

Now after this decision, what is happening is that, even Noida farmers who has got there compensation 10-12 yrs back are showing there greedyness and asking for more money. Now what SC/HC do, do they also cancel the whole noida land and give back to farmers.

To concluce, this so called Honerable SC/HC, must also do some homework before giving any decision in favour of somebody.
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