Hi friends, as is a refrain often in these forums, plots appreciate more as compared to apartments. So, i would like to ask you are there any decent plot options available around 50 lakhs in Noida or Greater Noida ( near Pari Chowk ) ?

A friend is looking for a plot between 150 sq m to 250 sqm. Till now , he has been able to shortlist Swarn Nagri opposite Jaypee Golf course in Greater Noida. A 200 sqm plot costs upwards of 55 lakhs there as per brokers. Please evaluate this option as per upkeep and future prospects & list other options as well if you feel they are more suited.

Thanks & regards :)
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  • plot is a better option than flats nowadays.
    Swarn nagri has good location

    But to get good returns...u will be needed to be invested for next 5-6 years easily....as authority needs to wake up and be proactive in city's development
  • I also have the same query

    Dear All ,
    I was having the same concern which I want to share as below

    I want to invest my money in Noida , but I got confused whether to invest in Flat or Plots with abudget of 60-80 lacs . I have some concerns listed below :-

    1. Flats in noida - I guess flat are ovesupplied in noida as compare to plot so in near future rates of flat would not get appreciation

    2. Plots - Plots in noida are too expensive and I guess that would not come into my budget

    3. I would like to go for Greater noida nearby Pari chowk that will suits my budget also

    4. I have a plant to buy this property keeping in mind my budget , good location ( nearby school , colleges , approcahble to metro , mnc companies ) so that I can give that plot on rent or for self use or for PG Accomodation

    5. Should I go for noida authority Plots or GNA Plots safe investment and maintenance charges free point of view or should I go for reputed builders plot

    6. there is one more option for investment that is kundli which is super cheap then noida and GN this time , Please give ur opinion in that case also .

    Seniors members you comments and suggestion would be highly appreciable ( venky , zohaib , sbajaj , Manoja , Aam aadmi, ohnda bhai , fritolay )

    Thanks and Regards

  • Noida Plots will give returns within 1 year or so.

    Greater noida Plots returns will be around 4-5 years

    Kundli...I dont know

    But you need full amount payment which can be a risky business if you dont have patience...as sale of plots in newer cities like Gnoida can take more time.
  • What should be market rate for 200 square metre plot in Swarn Nagar ? Brokers quote around 60 lakhs for a good located plot over there in C block. Also , how are the authority plots in Sector 36 or 37 in comparison as well as Ansal Golf Link 1 plots which seem cheap considering the location. I know maintenance is bad, but it has some upside i feel in terms of appreciation.

    Thanks for participating in this thread & could you please recommend some Sectors near Pari Chowk which have smaller plot sizes, hence could be good for a tight budget.
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  • Swarn Nagri is one of the best located sectors..with no small plots..making it very good..BUT..it has low occupancy and a pretty bad maintenance of roads, etc.

    Brokers in Greater noida are all Villagers who took compensation..they all know each other very well....they monolpolise the rates of plots there...Plots in these sectors were bought at dead cheap rates and no maintenance..so investors can hold on...Untill unless they want to exit and invest elsewhere.

    Actual rates of Swarn nagri are 25-27k psm

    Ansal golf links has TOP LOCATION...Freehold property...BUT THE WORST MAINTENANCE.
    Rates...24-26k psm

    Any plot in Greater noida would need 4-5 years easily to get some appreciation

    Whereas Noida plots will appreciate much faster
  • Thanks for sharing true market rates Zohaib Bhai, my friend looks to be invested for 5 years at least and may even consider the place for end use if it comes up well during the period of 5 years.
  • Since swarn nagri is a govt. Sector...i cant say how better it will get....but here are a few positives:

    1. No small plots
    2. Operational GD goenka school in sector
    3. Right opposite Jaypee golf coure
    4. Sector market ready (but most shops closed)
    5. Shri krishna lifestyle hospital operational inside the sector
    6. Temple operational in sector
    7. Has big parks at entrance and also inside sector
    8. Grand venezia mall within 1 km
    9. MSX mall within 500 mtrs
    10. Pari chowk within 1 km

    1. Inspite of many positives...its very less inhabited
    2. Poor condition of roads...as per Greater noida standards...but compare to Noida...they are decent

    5 year margin...is decent enough

  • How do the members see the upside in Omaxe NRI as compared to Govt sectors or Ansals... the plots sizes are bigger though I guess
  • Delta III O block

    Originally Posted by zohaib2012
    plot is a better option than flats nowadays.
    Swarn nagri has good location

    But to get good returns...u will be needed to be invested for next 5-6 years easily....as authority needs to wake up and be proactive in city's development

    What is the future of o block.