Got the latest inside news thats ITS CONFIRMED that Greater Noida metro stands Cancelled.

1. Gnoida metro was always planned as a PPP model and about begining of this year a Company was already decided..and deal was final. Gnoida authority and Noida authority had demarkated Huge parcels of land to be given Free of cost to developer. It was calculated that even with low ridership the company will Break even and generate profits within 3 years...due to Prime land given for free.
(something similar to Taj expressway....Jaypee got land free to make expressway)

2. Election 2012 were also taken well into it was expected that if govt.changes...then this project will be under scanner for Taj expreswway(which got stalled for 4 years)....But if the new CM targets this project then Public will get pissed off it directly effects them...which BSP thought it cud use against the New CM. And of course if BSP was in power again...then this would be used as its Huge achievements

3. What BSP didnt expect that Congress will pull the strings on allahabad HC and target Noida extension first......All expected Yamuna expressway area to be targetted....but Rahul Gandhi probably during his visits realised that its Not enough....and so Noida extension....the No.1 in demand region of Budget buyers in NCR and the Bread and Butter of GNOIDA authority was targetted.

4. When Rahul gandhi was in yamuna expressway region..... The 'Nearly appointed' developer of Gnoida authority started backing Mayawati had almost decided to approach the election commission to Hold UP elections in October 2011.....This meant that all formalities and paperwork related to Free Land along the proposed route couldnt be completed.....The developer started backing out

4. It was at this junction that just to save the face of the govt. ...DMRC was DMRC has nothing to do with Real estate so they didnt show any interest in this project. The Authorities were FULLY aware of it...but still they wasted time...just to help the Builders....who had a BIG involvement in deciding the Proposed Route.

5. The influnece of congress on HC took all by surprise and the matter is completely CLOSED.....

Now this is the Big issue:

- Its DECIDED by BSP that if it comes back in Power...then it will again take at least 1-2 years to even OPEN the Negotiations with propsed developer and Builders will be done again. But every 5-6 weeks...some hope will be given by authority to assist the builders

- If BSP doesnt come to power...then what the other govt. Does will be an issue.

So bascically its safe to conclude that Gnoida metro will Not be a Ground reality before 6-7 years.

My friend works very closely with ADM, Gnoida authority....and has been giving me a lot of info abt these projects.

Last time when i was in india....we were casually discussing this issue..and i asked him that with such a Huge land bank along the Noida expressway...Why authority cant start a BRT corridor..which will take max. 6 Months and is least expensive and excellent flexibility.
And in future if Authority wants to make money then start Metro project also..and remove the buses to use as intercity or interstate and keep the BRT corridor for some buses....and the reply....'Sarkar badalte hi ADM,DM,SSP,SDM...sab badal diye jaate hain'...every party has their favourite Bureucrats who work for them..and ensure their 'party funds' increase by the minute....sabke paas ek target hai....'maximum commison'.....BRT corridor main koi commission nahin....

Maywati has given targets to these DMs, etc to achieve..and they report to her monthly and even weekly...if they dont achieve these targets....They will be transferred in some remote, dangeorus place.

So all that interests them is the 'Money they make for CM'....nothing else.
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  • Valid post. Thanks AA.

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    Now since there is no Metro, no FNG on eway - Increase in rates on eway projects are still justified OR its just the builders who are playing with these hikes...
  • I hope this news will have some effect on the psf rates of affordable houses, which is already going sky high.
  • Please Note that this is NOT News...and will NEVER be accepted By NA or Gnida.

    This is Confirmed inside news...and the projects stands 'Cancelled'...NOT 'Delayed'...

    But all officials will say 'Delayed'...infact they have been directed to give some positive statement every 'Few weeks'.....with total collabration from Newspapers. I was even told that TOI was paid almost weekly by NA and Gnida authority to publish Positive News about these projects, etc. Other Media channels he wasnt too sure but TOI was 100% paid for a long time.

    This route was decided after rounds of meetings with Builders....and the company which got this deal and free land had good links in all were happy....It was like BARTER system....

    But they didnt expect Congress pushing the buttons in HC....This according to my friend..SHOOK they had all contingency plans for Farmers issues only on Yamuna expressway.

    Some expertss also suggest...that all the while Congress aim was Noida extension as Yamuna expressway is a cleared project by Supreme court...and with just few villages around there was not exactly a weapon to dent the 'infrastructure friendly' image mayawati was creating...... the Trips of Rahul gandhi to yamuna expressway were probably made to divert the attention of BSP to that side only.....and this worked Big time.

    Anyhow....Gnoida metro is totally cancelled...and Minimum 6-7 years before anything on Ground...that too Maybe...

    BUT expect articles in TOI that something positive is on its way.....

    The CEO who will give such statements would anyways be getting Transferred after elections.....

    They all have one aim 'Complete Target' given by CM......very ,much like a SALES EXECUTIVE !!!!
  • Originally Posted by silly_boy20
    My friend works very closely with ADM, Gnoida authority....and has been giving me a lot of info abt these projects.

    few months back someone claimed that project work has been distributed to contractors ;)

    Read my post carefully.....then you will have the answer.

    Begining 2011...the deal was final...eyewash tenders were to be floated around march-april.....the company was already decided....and all was smooth.

    Even with BSP losing elections...the new CM would think twice before targetting this project...and even if he did..the developer had nothing to lose....the land was his....and it would only appreciate with time.....
  • I think there are 4 propose lines, As per NA and GNA.

    One, The Metro connecting Sector 71 and City Centre will connect NH 24, clearing the way for Ghaziabad Metro to connect with that of Noida. It will connect Sectors 61, 66, 59 and 52. The length of this Metro route will be 7 km.

    The second route approved is Sector 71 to Sector 121, eventually connecting Boraki railway station in Greater Noida.

    Metro route proposal No. 3 is from Kalindi Kunj to Botanical Garden.

    The fourth Metro route approved will link Sector 94, Sector 124, Sector 44 to Sector 142. The fourth route will connect the Kalindi Kunj route to the Greater Noida Expressway,

    Where as 3rd route is officially announced for other construction work , others are in pipeline, I can agree upon delays ...

    So how much should we rely on your inner sources ? AA bhai ... you always try to grab maximum information but sometimes i noticed many others were also posted from different resources in different posts and later on .... many things were different.

    Buddy, If your information is correct then many Small Builders selling by saying the name of "Metro" and Specially inner part of Greater Noida Properties will suffer dramatically.


    " Never Love Your Builder .......... Always love Your Property "
  • Is this not a real big setback for GN ???

    .........or we always knew, that this is not feasible & is just an instrument used by Builders to attract customers ?
  • This is comparable to a setback because

    Builders were selling flats to common people telling them about distance from the proposed metro station
    Organizations were building up capacity expansion plans in that route seeking reprieve of metro services for transportation. Most of the s/w and BPO companies have started giving metro passes to employees to save cost.

    Who would like to stay in the village of the GN if there is no good connectivity option. BRT (not possible due to no commission), Metro (no news on confirmation), no railway network connectivity. With just few buses plying on route and limited industralization, I do not expect all these regions (NE,YE etc. etc.) created by BMW for her personal gains to fly off.
    They will stay remote areas for people for very very long time.
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    Is this not a real big setback for GN ???

    .........or we always knew, that this is not feasible & is just an instrument used by Builders to attract customers ?

    ManjoA bhai,

    There was a calculated boom in the property market after the announcement of metro rail in the NCR along with Delhi.

    I have huge list where Property rates rates got huge sky liner the project which were connected with Metro. And if you see yourself in Gurgaon, Prices of both residential and commercial properties doubled and even there are un limited inventories.

    Similarly, same theory was impacting in other parts of NCR such as Greater Noida.

    If we say, Line from Kalndi Kunj will connect with Noida as saying work shall start from the end of this year. everyone will be start hoping to connect with Greater Noida which means direct connectivity of Delhi from Greater Noida.

    If we see our previous years, if you remember 4-years-ago it was decided to take out metro from Delhi but later on plan re-fixed. That resulted in sudden fluctuation in the property prices of Noida.

    Actually if you see in deep Both Authority and Private builders improved the property rates. Authority had fluctuate the rate by 20 percent and private builders increased rates about 40 percent. :bab (38):

    Gradually All the plots/flats near metro became precious.

    Certainly, It would be set back for Private Builder and for any developing city like Greater Noida.

    " Even if we say Greater Noida is well planned or developing nicely but as a common man without any vehicle, Still it is very hard to communicate "


    " Never love Your Builder ... Always Love Your Property ":bab (45):
  • I know many people in NA and Gnida..and get info from them....But just see how many CEOs of this region were changed in this region in past 1 year...and you will know what i mean.

    I am not the CM who is putting a manifest here....The party in power has only ONE single make as much as possible....thats it.....projects will be launched, proposed, etc etc...for only 1 purpose....make as much as possible...thats it.

    When Congress hit the heart of BSP money minting area.....they changed simple as that

    Till march 11...It was 100 p.c sure that work will start before 2012 elections...all was planned....But Congress move of influencing HC changed the equation....

    As of now Gnoida metro is COMPlELETELY CANCELLED....and instructions have been given from lucknow to officials in Gnoida to keep giving positive media comments every once in a elections around 2012

    Dont be surprised if close to elections...very positive news will be floating around in PAID MEdIa NEWS


    1. as its not publicly will still use big deal

    2. How can u prove that its cancelled when the CEO will be giving press statements that Metro work will start soon....

    3. So its efffect on RE no one will ever accept that its fact builders will show u cuttings from TOI that its just round the corner

    4. AT GROUND LEVEL:.....Definate impact...metro is an excellent thing...and if its not there...its a negative..100 percent


    More than Greater will be Noida expressway which will have issues at Ground level.

    While oublic transportation is easily available at pari chowk...there is None on noida expressway

    Condition of service lanes and sector roads are very bad and traffic issue will crop more...with more offices opening

    Maximum number of offices will open on Noida expressway ONLY...There is no other sector in Noida which will have so many the people working there will feel the service lanes and sector roads are pretty bad....and no option of Gnoida

    This is the pinch on ground without metro....and NOTHING to do with prices...Prices will continue to soar....metro will be shown on builders and u cannot debate with they have the statements from CEO and MLA on natioonal newspaper
  • The NE Route (till Boraki) was informed in the 4th week of May (by some of the newspapers). At that time also DMRC was not clear enough on this.

    Now a new update is here that the same stands cancelled, however the same is not there in the news.

    With due respect to the poster of this thread, just wanted to know if this NEWS is also published elsewhere or this will also end up like a rumor.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.
  • Noida to Gr Noida metro doesnt make commercial sense till 2015 till the time people start living in 7x and eway sectors upto gnida sectors.
    Btw authorities have a lot of money to construct it with their own equity but till elections all new developments will be put on hold.

    Currently(phase3) metro connectivity happens from-This itself will take 3 years for completion and is far more commercially viable-
    -sarita vihar to botanical garden
    -Noida city centre to Anand vihar/Vaishali
  • Originally Posted by silly_boy20
    LOL kamaal hai - aub aanken khul rahi hai - as someone used to say and I quote "ebtaye noida hai rota hai kya - aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya"


    Aage aage sirf Property rate badega aur kucch nahin.....when ATS reached 7000 psf from 1800 psf without metro.......Gnoida plots became 30000 from 5000...again without Metro......To ab kya faraq padega ???????

    Now with :

    1. Changed land a lot of imp. To farmers
    2. Inflation
    3. Some positive exposure due to F1, Taj expressway
    4.Not much residential good located land on Noida expressway

    Price will Go UP Only...there is No doubt about it.

    Builders are no 'parchoon waala'...they are the shrewdest businessmen.....they will use all means possible to jack up prices to recover whatever loses they had.....PLUS....influence authority to increase FAR....PLUS hold on to money on investors and delay their projects by using this farmer issue as the reason.

    Cant say about other regions....but from mahamaya to pari chowk...this belt has long list of positives coming up.....and builders will use it to puch prices further.

    The biggest reasons being now dont expect any cheap land from them....

    Dekhte rates ko ghuma denge....
  • AA,
    If Metro is totally cancelled and no chance in future,it is a very big set back to all the residents of Greater Noida.Once the Expressway projects ar given possession and the new commercials come up,what will be the use of Express way?No use as it will be always jam.
    And what is the news about the 130 meter road?will that be cancelled as well?
  • Originally Posted by priyadarshi06
    If Metro is totally cancelled and no chance in future,it is a very big set back to all the residents of Greater Noida.Once the Expressway projects ar given possession and the new commercials come up,what will be the use of Express way?No use as it will be always jam.
    And what is the news about the 130 meter road?will that be cancelled as well?

    1. Residentials and Commercials all along the expressway will NOT cause any issue on expressway as unlike other highways, expressways.....these reseidentials and commercials are NOT on the road.

    There is green belt....then service lane....then Green belt...Then 4 lane sector road...THEN you have these projects.

    It will be the sector roads which will have issues NEVER the expressway due to design advantage. Look at the begining commercial sectors of will alwyas see issues on service lanes..NEVER on Expressway.

    Pls study the expressway first and then compare.....luckily it was made at a time when NA was not so damn greeedy so service lanes, etc are made

    - Yes without a doubt....No metro in reality for next 6-7 yrs is not a positive thing.....metro could have benefitted the region a lot....but as of now...Its SCRAPPED

    - 130 mtr expressway too is stalled and most likely be remain so for a long time.

    - Gnoida authority is is thousands of crores of debt and with the new state policy making its role in acqusition very less....there wont be much earnings for this authority.

    - Neatly ALL infra projects will be effected...without a doubt.

    - Only BSP and Gnoida authority is to be blamed for this they wanted to sell everythung before 2012....and now have landed on their faces.

    - Only after 2012 elections....something can be said...till then be assured that Gnoida authority has no means to undertake anything...and will only make 'statements' in press to assist the builders in thw region
  • Those who counted on the metro to reach under populated greater noida through all those undeveloped, underpopulated and uninhabitated areas, in next few years, were just seeing the "mungeri lal ke haseen sapne".

    Metro extension plan is not viable at all for the next 10 years. After 10 years, Metro itself will show the interest to expand there.

    That is why, some 7.x sectors will appreciate more than the expressway because of their proximity (2.5 - 3.5 KMs.) to the City Center Metro station. These sectors already enjoy the advantage of being near to already inhabitated sectors, upcoming big city center complex, direct and short distance connectivity to NH-24 and Ghaziabad, totally encapsulated with the major flourishing economic activies around with Noida, Ghaziabad and Indirapuram. This location is unbeatable.