I want to know about realty prices in Greater Noida, do you expect them to rise over nxt 3-5 yrs with the international airport coming there? Shall one think of investing in property of Greater Noida? Is it the right time??
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  • Hi. i am new to GN. Would like to find out the current status, rates and availability iof plots in the area currently from Investment point of view with a horizon to build after 5 years possibly for self residence. I'd like to know:

    a) Which areas to prefer - YEW or areas like P3, ANsal API plots, Swarn Nagri and Sec 36?
    b) Has there been a real increae in rates post F1?
    c) Which to prefer - gated communities or Authority land?
    d) Would like to use bank finance - up to what % is that available? Have no / little amount to put as non white amount...
    e) Any sources apart from cold calling property dealers that one can use?

    Request members with experience or knowledge about GN to pls reply.... Pls PM me as well if you have any information that may be sensitive for public forums....