Doston Noida-Greater Noida route has been finalized as per final Master Plan 2031. Route is as it was. Old one..through Sec-50, 78, 142, Pari chowk....

New Metro route is same as published in various reports in leading newspapers...Jan-jagran... n all...
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  • However, overall they have shown two metro will follow existing from City Centre onwards... & other through Botonical garden...& via sec-44,96,97,98,105,, GN...

    sab dhokha hai yeh...
  • GN metro will come eventually - but nothing will begin before 2012 elections.

    Incidentally even YEA projects quote a "proposed metro" connectivity

    Originally Posted by LChand
    However, overall they have shown two metro will follow existing from City Centre onwards... & other through Botonical garden...& via sec-44,96,97,98,105,, GN...

    sab dhokha hai yeh...
  • YEA should start its own metro till Agra :D
  • metro dhokha hai

    only possibility could be GN to noida via expressway. rest all present sectors are 2-4 km from the network, a feeder bus is enough , no need to spend 120crore per km
  • This project is VERY EXPENSIVE...and was planned as a PPP Model by involving a Private company....very similar to Yamuna expressway where Jaypee got FREE LAND to make the epxressway....and UP Govt..didnt have to pay for it.....and Jaypee has already made ENUF PROFIT from the FREE LAND it got.....Toll, etc is just a By product.

    In the same way GN Metro was planned as a PPP Model in which a company would make the investment of 5000 crores and get FREE LAND...most of which would be COMMERCIAL....Meaning..even before the first rider buys a ticket...the company would be already made Profits through FREE LAND.

    Ticket sales, etc were just by products....

    But with Mayawati involved in Land scam issues...this issue has been kept at the end of the day...the "Commission" involved for this excellent oppurtunity was Very good....

    2012 Elections will decide the fate of this project.

    ITS 100% SURE THAT WITHIN THE NEXT 2-3 MONTHS YOU WILL READ "PAID" ARTICLES SPECIALLY IN TOI REGD "METRO PLANS" this is nothing but indirect campaigns for elections.

    And the reality is....that If BSP comes back in power..this project will see daylight...else chances are DIM !!!!!!

    As PPP Model was best suited for this..and other political partie are NOT VERY PPP FRIENDLY
  • Are we sure this is a approved plan 2031. Since as per website still it is a draft and not sure if been signed off????

    Anyway atleast it will provide some happiness to all the worried buyers in Noida.
  • its not draft version but final 2031 Master plan....

    Noida Master Plan

    Though PDF file shows (DRAFT)...but website doesn't show the same. I guess the draftsman forgot to change the status/purpose of document.
  • it seems metro loosing its charm. And now people are aware/convinced that no metro even in next 5 years. :D
  • Noida and Greater Noida authority have NO MEANS to Pay for this project as of now

    PPP Model was perfect choice

    BSP favours PPP Models...while other parties may have their own issues

    Election 2012 will decide the fate of this project.

    As of Now...Dont even think about it.

    Till this Noida extension and farmer issue was blown by congress....all the preparations were done to launch this project my 3rd quarter of 2011..and was to be used as a campaign factor BSP is treading very slowly.
  • This is Master Plan 2031, that means everything does'nt have to come up tomorrow.

    Nowhere in the world has a metro reached before being populated, why should Noida be any exception. Noida is a victim of its own high standards and expectations.

    As of now, only the Kalindi kunj to Botanical garden line makes sense, and it is being executed. To some extent, even city center - sec 62 also make sense and that may be next. The other routes on MP2031, the expway route, the sec 50 to 142 route and city center to Noida Extension do not make any sense today but may become a reality 10 years down the line when the sectors gets populated.

    That would still be great by any example in the world.
  • People have still havent understood the concept as to why Authority wanted to EXPAND Metro to Greater Noida.

    It has NOTHING TO DO WITH Ridership.

    This project was profitable from DAY 1.

    Reason: PPP Model...meaning all the money will be spend by a private company and in return they get FREE LAND..which was Prime COMMERCIAL Land....not one plot...but many plots

    If all this land was auctioned independantly it would cost a lot.

    This is waht happened in Yamuna expressway....Jaypee has already broken even and generating profts from RE...and become profitbale even before the first toll is paid by a car.

    Bringing Metro to Gnoida was a Win Win for ALL:

    1. Free commercial land worth Billions to be given to the Private developer of Metro all along the route..not in one sector..but nearly every other station

    2. No investment from Goverment

    3. Solid commission to authorities and govt. when approving the tender
    (in jan-feb 11..nearly 3,4 comapanies were in line for this venture and decision was almost made)

    4. Excellent election campaign material

    5. Builders would have used this factor to jack up prices

    6. A lot of Buyers would buy along the route

    7. As this was to be laid on barren emoty was expected to be ready in 3 year.

    Regd the ridership...DMRC conducted a survery and concluded that apprx 50,000 daily riders would use this route...specially all the way to last stations ..mainly due to many people working in Big industries in Gnoida and students

    All decks were cleared to start construction around 3rd quarter of 2011.....but the FARMERS and LAND ISSUE....was the reason why it had to be cancelled

    As it was somehow another land scam which could have been used by opposition to bring up against BSP.

    This Metro route is one of the Most profitable ventures for a Company
    not because of "TICKET SALES" but "FREE COMMERCIAL LAND" in the Best locations of NCR.

    Imagine..having huge commercial plots at literally every other Metro station !!!!!...
  • Originally Posted by cookie
    YEA should start its own metro till Agra :D

    Superlike :bab (59):
  • This is all just eyewash. Master-plans are made by the crooks sitting in the authority & changed anytime seeing the prospects for eating out money.

    Many examples:

    1. WTT towers (32 & 22 floors) being constructed at Rajnigandha Chowraha. This location was shown as multilevel parking in original masterplan 2012.

    2. Delhi One by 3C: coming adjacent to DND. This was shown as green belt.

    3. One more complex just opposite to 3C Delhi One. This space was also under green belt. etc etc.

    So, master plans are just to hint the builders about the land which they can fetch from govt by bribing these bastards sitting in authority & govt.

    Is there any way by which we can challenge the masterplans? No.

    Tell me even a single master plan by authority which is not diluted in future. So, all bloody eye-wash.
  • Whats the final Metro Route?

    Any one know what is the final metro route as of today? Whats the route.. what are proposed stations.. construction status ? If any one has a map that would be great :)
  • Metro would be a dream till the time elections are not over, don't even think about it if you buying something for the same reason.