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Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

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Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

Last updated: September 18 2013
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  • Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

    It appears that the Project has been delayed by a year. Has anybody heard from the company regarding this?
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    Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

    Unitech Horizons delayed by 4 months at least


    I contacted Unitech's Noida office on the 15th January and was informed by a gentlemen called Amit Singh that the super structures for all towers have been completed and that appartment structures where on going. At this stage the appartments are 4 months behind the initial proposed date of April 2008; pushing completion to August 2008. I did ask if this was a conservative estimate but received no sensible reply. I would therefore suggest one take a view that completion is more likely to be by 4th quarter of 2008.

    What concerns me most is that a company like Unitech does not actively keep it's clients updated. If you are informed of project delivery status and such delays regularly it gives clients confidence, and some peace of mind.

    I would urge any investors in this project to call Unitech regularly and demand updates on a monthly basis.

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      Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED


      Have heard from Unitech directly that Unitech Horizons in Greater Noida is ready (November 05, 2008) and possession take up has started.


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        Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

        Unitech Horizon - Aggrieved Apartment Owners

        On behalf of apartment owners of Unitech Horizon, Greater Noida, would like to highlight the trade malpractices followed by Unitech which is considered as an esteemed real estate company of India. Unitech is taking its customers for a toss.

        1. Delay in giving possession of apartments by more than 1 year from the original promised date. Even after paying 95% of the cost of apartment, owners are at the mercy of Unitech.

        2. Possession letter comes with a shock of enormous increase in super area to already distressed customers. All of the sudden without any prior intimation Unitech has increased super area by as high as 68 sq. ft. at the time of possession. Not even a single sq. ft. of the increased area encompasses carpet area.

        3. Time given for the possession is decreased from 30 days (as per contract) to 21 days. I believe in such a time of crisis glooming all over world, Unitech is in a desperate need of money.

        4. Exorbitant increase in the maintenance charges from Rs. 1.25/= per sq. ft. to Rs. 2.50/= per sq. ft. Basic amenities for which the maintenance charges are given are not yet ready.

        5. Unitech is seeking advance maintenance charges for a period of two years, even though the contract says for 1 year.

        6. Society is in inhabitable state as no electricity is available from NPCL. Using power backup will cost as high as 200% to 300% of NPCL rates.

        7. No Service Level Agreement is provided for maintenance of the society.

        If you are also one of the Unitech Horizon apartment owners or any other Unitech Society apartment owner, I would request you to join our group to protest against these malpractices followed by reputed business houses -


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          Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

          hi ppol!!!!!!!!!

          Hello all,
          I've just joined this site
          There are some great posts here to learn


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            Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

            What is the current scenario in Unitech, we are planning to buy here as society looks good any suggestions about issues there or rates


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              Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

              what are the reviews now about Unitech Horizons? Any idea about the Prices?


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                Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

                i bought a flat in Unitech Horizon in aug...anyone interested pls call broker stays in UH and has some flats ready available...
                i have already given my openion on UH in my previous pls review and take ur own call....i found this place in GN the best among all proj....i did my R&D for 3 months before deciding on this......i am residing here since Spt i find this place great to live....all amenities in the UH estate are great till now....Alfa Com complex and Jagat Estate is aprox 5 to 7 km for all ur daily needs (, banks, groceries, home furnit, vegitable mandi behind Ansal Mall Pari Chowk, all kind of shops etc, ind, mugl, chinese restauraunts etc, 20+ schools....)...and WATER...a TDS of aprox 500 - 650 of tap water....fix a RO and the TDS comes down to skin has been glowing..and i feel young....soap and shampoo produces a lather that glows the bath....and the white cloths shine in washing machine using just 1TBS of Tide/Surf/Areal....
                so guys time to move to a locality of great feeling.....make ur move now....
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                Tower 5 - Flat 601
                Pi 2, GN


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                  Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

                  Guys...this may not be the correct place to highlight this issue....but I want all Horizon residents to take note of this....HEALTH WARNING....

                  Visit the pool at 6 am to take a look at how many insects / worms swim in the pool specially in all 4 corners of the pool

                  The TWO swimming pools at Horizon are infected / invested by water born worms / insects that are not dying down even after many efforts of the pool attendants. The lava / eggs of these insects are mixed in the pool waters and worms are born from them on a daily basis (24 hr cycle).....I have attempted to warn them (local Unitech Mgt @Horizon) of the possible health hazards and requested them to do a regular water change at least once every month...but due to some strange stubborn reasons...Mr. Rajagopalan (DGM) , Mr.Rohit (EM) and the team have not done any water change till date. They claim to treat the water with some local chemicals regularly ???? !!!!

                  I request all parents and their kids and others to resist the use of the pool till it's cleaned after a water change, else use the pool at your own risk. I have also realised that many of the regular users of the pool have stopped using it....good...including me and my daughter.

                  I am saying this as, I had a very bad experience in Abu Dhabi, my friend working with me and staying with me went to swim in the hotel pool and was infected by some virus/worm that went into his brain thru his digestive system, unfortunately he passed away within 48 hrs.

                  So please be aware of this SERIOUS HEALTH issue of the swimming pool at Horizon.

                  Request you all Horizon residents to make intelligent decisions.

                  Also pls join me in requesting the local Unitech mgt to do regular water changes of the pools.

                  United We Stand .....Divided We Fall.....
                  Suresh Ayyar
                  T 5 - 601


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                    Re : Unitech Horizon Project Delays, NOIDA- CLOSED

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