Govt promises to cut taxes for industries
Ayaskant Das, TNN | Apr 20, 2012, 02.32AM IST

NOIDA: The Uttar Pradesh government has assured industrialists in Greater Noida that the taxation regime for industries in the state will be brought at par with that in the neighbouring states to boost industrialization in the region.

The Greater Noida chapter of the Indian Industries Association (IIA) was given this assurance in its meeting with small and medium enterprises minister Bhagwati Saran Gangwar after IIA had put forward a memorandum of their demands. It has also been informed about setting up a dedicated facilitation centre for Greater Noida industries at the District Industries Centre (DIC) in Sector 20, Noida.

IIA had repeatedly told the government that industries in Greater Noida had been languishing due to the high rate of taxes. "This assurance has come after we put it in the meeting that industries have been shifting base to other states because of the higher tax regime in Uttar Pradesh," said president of IIA (Greater Noida), S P Sharma. "Minister of state Abhishek Mishra has assured us that the government would revise the taxation regime in Uttar Pradesh to either bring it at par with or lower than that of other states after a study. We have been assured that the revision would be made in a month's time," said Sharma.

The state government had imposed an entry tax on products like paper, burdening around 250 printing and publishing units in the region. The high rate of value-added tax (VAT) in the state has forced many industries to shift base to the neighbouring states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Industrialists say a model state like Goa be created by reducing VAT on fuel that would bring down transportation costs. IIA has also appealed for reduction in power tariff for the industrial sector.
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  • Greater Noida to have cell for industrialists
    Ayaskant Das, TNN | Apr 20, 2012, 02.31AM IST


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    GREATER NOIDA: In order to facilitate interaction between entrepreneurs of Greater Noida and the state government, District Industries Centre (DIC) will open a dedicated cell for industrialists in the city. The cell will function out of the premises of Greater Noida Authority's office and will cater to the needs of industrialists who now have to travel to Sector 20 in Noida, where the district head office of DIC is located.

    "The decision has been taken following repeated requests from entrepreneurs based in Greater Noida that a facilitation centre be put in place in their city, in order to reduce hassles for them in making frequent trips to Noida for works which need the government's intervention," said an official of DIC. "The date from which the cell will begin functioning will be decided in the meeting of Udyog Bandhu, scheduled to be held this week," said the official.

    The Greater Noida chapter of Indian Industries Association (IIA) had put forward this demand at its monthly meeting with officials of the department of industries in Lucknow last week. "We had also asked Greater Noida Authority CEO to allow us to set up a cell," said president, IIA(Greater Noida), S P Sharma.
  • Thats progressive and sensible

    They should also reduce the prices of diesel in U.P and bring it chepaer than delhi.

    if no 24 hr power supply..many industries are using generators to run their factories

    Also the present industrial sectors need a makeover desperately

    and having a proper railway station in Gnoida will boost industrial development

    From maal gaadi to labours , workers in factories.....overall gain will be good
  • Like in GOA new govt. has reduce the prices of fuel & increased the prices of liquor.
  • Adding to that have they started renovating the Dadri route any updates on this