Hi Fiends,

I would like to know as to what/how is the construction going on in Purvanchal Heights Greater Noida. Also has anyone booked a flat in Purvanchal Height and what are the updates if any you have on the construction. I plan to buy a flat in Purvanchal Heights but would like to know from someone who has already booked in it....

Really appreciate you help in this matter.....
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  • Originally Posted by youngmoney
    Thanks for the advice. I will surely think about it.

    What do you think about these options in ATS Paradiso:
    1. ground floor 3500sqft + 1900sqft lawn listed at 2.5Cr on 99acres
    2. ground floor 3200sqft + 1000sqft lawn listed at 1.8Cr on 99acres


    3. Purvanchal Silver City-2
    ground floor 2150sqft + 1800sft lawn listed at 1.66Cr on 99acres

    Thr prices quoted on websites, etc are highly bloated.....there is huge scope of negotiation

    visit the properties without discussing rates....and if u find them good...then quote ur price

    ATS paradiso is a FAR better option than purvanchal heights
    there is absolutely no doubt in it

    if u consider purvanchal then u shoukd also consider stellar icon, nri city, eldeco low rise

    I would STRONGLY advice AGAINST.buying such a big ticket FLAT in a city likr greater noida

    go to noida expressway

    in gnoida go for only plots and maybr evrn villas (which arr not rtm yet)....

    and buying a big ticket flat just for a garden is simply a WRONG approach.

    remember .... all these societies have basement so u cant even sustain a tree / plant with deep roots in these gardens

    also oncr again....with flats above...GF always has issues

    also u can alsa have an approach of buying 2 flats next to each othet rather than buying a single unit.
    you will get a lot of flexibility

    my opinion woukd be

    1. Go to Noida exprrssway wity that kind of budget...

    2. Buy a plot or soon to be rtm villa in gnoida

    3. you can even buy a plot and get in constructed and keep living in gnoida on rent for next 2-3 yrs
    rent is dead cheap...around 15k pm...u will get own house...bigger in size...solid built...and enjoy proper garden...in same.budger...and far bettter appreciation

    4. If so desperate to buy a flat in gnoida..buy 2 units next to each other...or in case like low rise like eldeco...GF and FF also....u get 6 bdroom...balcony...and prettt big lawn in ur own budget...

    5. if u dont agree with above all options..then look for top floor unit in low rise in society like eldeco..this would be 2-3 floor...comes with huge terrace
    OR ATS paradiso 3200 sq.ft 1st floor (i will not recommend GF in flats...they always are a problem)

    overpriced Flats with basements are the last option...as usually people want basements to utilise them as offices, some.commercial activity, parking or even godowns...none of which would be allowed in PH.

    u want a garden...buy a plot facing a small green belt....and enjoynit forever....livr on rent ij these big flats in gnoida....till ut house ready....

    in ur budget u can even get 150 mtr approx plot in sector 105, etc on expressway...these are top locatied sectors next to ATS

    Gnoida is for people who cant afford Noida....as simple as that....
  • Zohaib Bhai in my opinion 'Narak ka raja' is far better than 'Swarg ka naukar'
  • So would it be better to buy a 500sqmt plot near pari chowk in societies like silver oaks etc...?
    on 99acres they are listed at 1.75Cr. What is a reasonable price that I should expect?
  • Originally Posted by youngmoney
    So would it be better to buy a 500sqmt plot near pari chowk in societies like silver oaks etc...?
    on 99acres they are listed at 1.75Cr. What is a reasonable price that I should expect?

    in ur budget

    1. best is to go to noida expressway plot sectors....best location...far better gentry....will appreciate much faster....liveable very fast

    2. in gnoida...in ue budget nri city plots or swarn nagri...nri city 300 sq.yard.would be approx 1.5 crores
    swarn nagri would be 1 crore for 240 sq.yard

    co operative societies are best for pure end use in certain limited budgets...they have transfer issues (not easily sold as not open) so have lowrr rates....in ur budget...i wouldnt recommend

    if i were in ur place...i would go straight to noida expresswat sectors....like 100, 105, etc.....pick a 150 sq.yard plot....and forget abt everything...
    even built up houses in sector 135 are far better than gteater noida

    Greater noida will ALWAYS remain poor cousin of noida

    thumb rule

    if u can afford noida...buy in noida

    Dont even look at Gnoida
  • In what size flats are available ?

    And at what price ?