Let me start this thread, where by old greater noida, I meant sectors near pari chowk and noida extension is new greater noida, and yamuna expressway means any property on side of taj expressway.

I can provide my personal view based on my experience recently.

Yamuna Expressway
Rates are pretty low in the start but after land alloted to private players, cost of land is more than worth. I visited the place and found it like land which you see when you travel on highway. It needs infra, commercial, residential all kind of developments. At least, even assuming aggresive growth, it will take 10 yrs for living purpose.
If someone has to buy after reviewing all properties, I liked 2:
Authority plots - Because they are authentic and backed by authority
Golf plots - BUT make sure you cross check and double click on all of promises

New Greater Noida (Noida Extension)
Excellent reach or connectivity from Noida, location is perfect. BUT BUT, there are villages and barren land, to make it livable villagers have to move and development has to be done. FEW THINGS WHICH ARE IMPORTANT, brokers or people having booked property in NE claims that tension is about to solve etc etc, but I talked with few villagers myself and learned that they got money BUT they need more money. It is like they get money, spend it and want more money, continous cycle. So, my feeling is that this tension will go for very long time. My guess it that to resolve the tension it will take at least 2014-2015, after that only development will go full gear and this place will be ready within 3 yrs after tension resolution, so 2017-2018
If someone has to buy, my recommendation is to WAIT, don't worry if prices are increasing, DO NOT put money until tension is resolved.
Authority plots and houses are good to buy, only once GN gives possesion and registry starts

Old Greater Noida (Pari chowk)
I visited multiple places here, like alpha, beta, gamma, sigma, Xu, Swaran Nagri, P3, sector 37, nri city, ansals golf link
First of all, this area was developed in piecemeal manner, you can clearly see that, some areas are good in terms of infra and location BUT because of various plot sizes, very difficult for people to adjust, I am talking about alpha, beta, gamma also called as khichdi sectors
Sector P3 and 37 are good, BUT prices are on higher side given infra, location, plot sizes. Brokers, financers are making ton of money and so promoting it heavily for not really meant for end user
Sectors like NRI city and swaran nagri are good location, infra and plot sizes and meant for end user, I saw people living there, although mostly students OR gaurds at the moment. But I think in next 2 yrs people will start moving here. BUT prices are higher.
Ansals golf link near pari chowk is awesome location and neglected sector but I strongly believe in next 2 yrs will become livable
Sigma 3, these are authority houses and only comment is that "Na isey tod sakte ho, na ismein reh sakte ho", so in case buying remember to put 5 lac -10 lac in renovation.

FOLKS these are my personal views and I would like to hear from others what they think. BROKERS, FINANCERS, BIASED OWNERS please DO NOT COMMENT.
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