I found Jaypee Golf course Project in Noida coming on Express way, amazing in term of plans, work in progress and prices. It shall be 3 to 4 years away when one can see a different place in NCR.
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  • Actually its the sorroundings on which JayPee is banking the profits. Beware for any JayPee projects, I have been reading so much bad in this forum.
  • Even Iam reading some bad thing about Jaypee group on this site.
    But all the allegations are worth less, and base less.
    Jaypee group is one of the most respected business group in India. It is just that they are new in residential construction. They have been making dams and roads (which are definitely tougher then making houses.) for years. So they have reall good experience of construction. The company is financially very strong and that is very important.
    I would request all the members please do not spread rumors and don't believe them.
  • we all respect jaypee for its contribution to real estate.people here are not biased towards jaypee..it just tht we all r sharing our experiences in this forum n btw how come u r soo sure about Jaypee...any comments on moon court...constrution still not started ....its more than a year...if jaypee is such a rich group ...then wers the answer
  • JP

    JP group is very reputed group of companies and I think he will give his project in timely manner.
  • We "wish" whatever written above is true since we've invested in Jaypee & it's also true many of our friends changed their mind at last minute and invested in much-hype sapphire & other builders recently. That added to our fears plus slow activity at project site. Though, knowing all, am quite positive that jaypee projects will be delivered in time.
  • Dear Friends,

    The Jaypee group have impeccable reputation in doing infrastructure projects like dams, roads, power plants,commercial etc. The huge growth in infrastructure in past decade have helped them with zooming growth.However, their foray into public housing has proven to be dud!!Jaypee got huge land in liew of Agra expressway they are building which incidently in only a km complete in last 5-6 years. This wish town is going to be mirage for another 10 years. Jaypee is a big group and finally it will come out of the rut. But only after some years as all their residential projects are in hibernation.
  • Can someone telll me the best value for money project in Jaypee Greater Noida? Do they have any 1BR service apartments?
  • Jaypee Sports City

    Jaypee group has launched Jaypee Sports city on the Yamuna ExpressWay. There's a proposed F1 track and a cricket Stadium in the township by 2011. It's an amazing property and is attracting a lot of madrush. And it's quite affordable as well.

    The f1 track would hold it's first race in 2011 and it's been signed. So because of the prestige issue atleast Jaypee is going to handover the project in time.
  • What is the memebership rates for different Golf courses in Noida/Delhi/Greater Noida

    Also does WT allow memberhsip to be traded further or its non-transferable