Hi All,

This is the thread for the buyer of Gaur city-2, 12th Avenue. Please post your experience and concern/query here. Please do not get confused between 12th Avenue and Galaxy North Avenue 2. Both are different.

Lets get started.

I have inquired by myself about the loan. HDFC is for sure ready to sanction. There was news that SBI is also giving loan as it was evident from their website but I wrote email to them, then they confirmed that they are not sanctioning any new loan against gaur city-2.

I have received a confirmation for corporation bank also. I shall proceed with corporation so will keep posting the further updates.

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  • Sorry state of affairs in accounts section of Gaur

    Originally Posted by abhi150783
    I booked a flat in 12th avenue gaurcity2 paid 40% (10% at the time of booking + 30% 1st installment). But they are asking for the interest on the late payment on the demand at the rate 12% pa.
    But this is the scenario and from my side this is illegal.

    1. Flat Booked on 2nd Feb 13 from netambit paid 10% booking amount. No communication after that from netambit or gaur even after repeated calls.
    2-I mailed Gaursons on Fri 22-March-13 asking for allotment letter and after that the allotment letter and demand letter was prepared by them. This is clearly verified by the date on the demand letter that I got.
    3-I got a call from gaur corporate office on 25-March-13 that my allotment letter has been prepared kindly receive it from the office but at that time I was at my home town for holi holidays and I clearly reply to the calling person that I can receive it from your office when I reach NCR.
    4-I reached the gaur office on 31-March-13 and receive the letter and asked him about the dates on the letter that how can this first demand of 30% has been set to 10-march-2013 if you never communicate me about the status of booking until 25-March-13 and that too on my request of allotment letter for the processing of loan. Then he said and allow 15 days for the processing of my loan from 31-march-13 the day I receive the allotment letter. I wrote the same on the builders demand letter which he takes from me after my sign.
    5-I process and disburse the loan amount. The demand has been full filled on 18-April-13. Only three days exceeding the time granted by gaur that 15 days extension time I receive from gaur at the time of receiving an allotment letter.

    Now they imposed interest on late payment and that too from 10-March-13 to 18-April-13.
    Suggestions are welcomed here from anyone facing this issue or recover from this type of situation in past.


    Hi Friend..
    I can understand your frustration. They did almost similar thing with me.
    They provided the allotment letters etc so late due to their own mistake or my Brokers mistake God knows. When i used to call them they used to say " Sir hamara office shif ho gaya hae indrapuram me bla bla and becasue of that we are not able to prepare the allotment letters and stuff in time. "
    Plus mera broker bhi mujhe kehta raha ke sir hamare bande jaate hain vahan par docs taiyaar nahi hain. Later Gaur guys told me that docs taiyaar they but koi lene hi nahi aaya aapke docs.. I dont know whom to believe.

    Anyway I had to pay a penalty and they didn't listen to any explanation whatsoever. When I said how can i pay by 10th march when I receive the allotment letter on 11th march.. and then apply for a loan , disbursement of which i get in a month etc.. They told that " Agar aapke docs time pe taiyaar ho jaate aur aapka loan pehle process ho jaata to aap bank ki kisht bhi to bharna chalu kar dete na.. Ab samajh lo ke vo kisht aap yahan penalty ke taur pe bhar rahe ho " !!! how lame is that. Arey bhai bank me kisht bharte to loan amount to kam hota na.. Yahan to pura penalty is going nowhere !!

    anyway I hope u had a not so rough time with those guys
  • Yes SBI Noida Branch is financing

    Originally Posted by bhanu001
    is state bank of india is financing for the 12th avenue, gaur city project.?

    Yes SBI Noida Branch is financing.
    Contact them. The branch is located near the Rajnigandha Chowk

    Good luck in financing
  • I have also booked in 12th avenue tower D.. got good price... made booking on 10th June..but no allotment letter till now.

    I have one confusion...will bank give loan on the basis of allotment letter or BBA, are both same?
    I tried with SBI ggn but they they are disbursing loan.... not trying again with SBI noida..pata nhn these ppl will be able to process loan on time or not ..else i may suffer with penalty... so going with HDFC which has almost same rate...
  • is there any group for the ppl who have already booked in the 12th avenue...??
  • You will recieve BBA & allotment letter at the same time when you make 10 % booking amount payment. You can apply for loan basis Application form.

    What rate did you get ? & which floor
  • thanks mayank.. but i havent got BBA & allotment letter even made 10% payment 8 days bk...although applied for loan..but dont know how much time will it take...

    I booked on 18th floor.. got 3100 bsp approx...
  • i am looking for buying in resale , if anyone is selling , please contact me
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  • You should get it in 7-8 days post clearence of your booking amt....check with Gaur as at times they might be unable to reach you
  • any one knows who is the contractor for 12th avenue?
  • Originally Posted by mitulrastogi
    thanks mayank.. but i havent got BBA & allotment letter even made 10% payment 8 days bk...although applied for loan..but dont know how much time will it take...

    I booked on 18th floor.. got 3100 bsp approx...

    Hi Mithul,

    How much is the discount in the market right now??? And u got 3100 thru a broker or directly from the company???
  • it was directly thru company.. knew somebody in my n/w
  • is there any google grp for the buyers of 12th avenue ?
  • Gaur Sons playing with alottment letter/BBA

    Guys I had a booking in 12th avenue on 16-june, cheque was cleared within 3 days.
    So far after 15 days, I am following up with Gaur Office for allotment letter. They are giving execuses like "director is on leave", "it is not yet approved in system"

    When i escalated this issue someone Mr. Brijendra senior manager told me to wait for 3-4 days, and in the mean while to apply for home loan.

    Today I got to know that Gaur is not giving Open car parking that is why allotment is not yet approved. The executive who called me, told that "sir open parking abhi kuch din pehel hi band hui".

    If my chque got cleared then they must have calculated 10% as booking amount.

    I am confused what is this all crap?

    Anyone else suffered ? What should we do in such case.
  • I have heard that there are other developers working on developing projects in Gaur City 2.
    Can you please let me know if GC-12 is being constructed by Gaur or by some other builder ?
    I've just this doubt as I'm also planning to buy an unit 2BHK + ST in GC-12.