any idea about the next process after draw, construction status, possession, additional expenses etc.. if any body has any information please update us..

Thanks in advance..
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  • As far as I know they have launched this scheme at rates higher than in that area. I too have got one flat allotted in the draw but do not know what to do with this overpriced unit. My mistake that I went for it at the time of application.
  • Any idea about the growth rate of Omicron-3 and future plans by Greater noida Authority in this sector.
  • As of now, Omnicron-3 is bit far. Rates will appreciate once it will be connected by 130m road. GN may take 2-3 year more to become liveable.
  • What about XU-III area, the prices of the plots seems to be very high as even the builders will be giving the same developed plot area at the same price or even less.
    Also, what is the next step as the draw is already out when the allotment letter and the processing starts, any idea or update kindly share as on the site I haven't found much information for the same...
  • I have a Ground Floor 2BHK Flat in OMICRON-03. This flat was alloted by GNA(greater noida authority) under BHS scheme. I have paid around 4 Lakhs for the booking and the possesion is in 2 years. I am planning to sell it with in next 2 weeks. If anybody is intersted, please send me private message. This is a very good investment option for next 2-3 years.