I need a legal advice from seniors members and who has some legal idea :

Moderator , please delete this thread as I will take legal advice from a lawyer .
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  • Not much sure as I am not a legal expert but first thing I would suggest to get kabja on the plot (if its left vacant). Always keep some one on the premises as real kabja matters in all court cases. File a counter claim to keep the situation as it is until the matter is legally resolved. It will help you to have legal possession of property and no one can force you to be out legally. if possible, File a complaint in local police station too if you sense any illegal thing from A's son.
    Next point would be to see how the money was transacted between A and B. Was it through cheque/draft/etc? There should be mention in transfer deed/sale deed for it.
    Hire a good and trusted lawyer as soon as possible.
  • BTW, was it direct party deal or through broker? If broker was involved, get in touch with him. He may suggest some thing good too.