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I have a query regarding eligibility of allotment in Greater Noida .

I purchased a plot in re-sale in a sector in Greater Noida through open market in 2012. Registered on the name of my Father, me and my brother.

My mother applied for a flat in Central Govt. Employees Scheme in builders area during same time and was allotted a flat through draw. CGEWHO does have their own laws which my mother fulfils . The CGEWHO land comes under Greater Noida Authority.

I was reading the lease deed of my plot , which says that husband/wife , son/daughter should not have a plot/flat allotted in greater Noida .

I need to know , is the open market purchase considered an allotment ? that will mean no one can purchase any 2 properties within a family ?

Also, for builders flats , for example suppose I have 2 flats booked in Noida 1 on my parents and 1 on my brother , will we able to do lease deed ?

Basically , can open market purchase considered an allotment or allotment through a draw considered an allotment ?
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  • No, this rule applicable only in "Allotment" done by G.Noida authority. Only one allotment can be done in case of spouse/Dependent childrens.

    You can buy multiple proeprties in open market (pvt, authority)...but only one allotment per family (spouse/dependent childrens)...